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    I enjoy: listening to music (mogwai, sigur ros etc.), playing fm, and relaxing!

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    Bedfordshire, Uk

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  1. Lee Cattermole

    In previous saves I've had Jack Cork from Chelsea train up really well, also he's two footed from memory so maybe check him out.
  2. At the moment he plays in my Man City side as a DM, I give him a fair ammount of creativity, medium passing mentality, lots of closing down, very defensive, forward runs high, and through balls high. He plays v.well! But I completely agree with the above that you can get away with giving him simple structions and let him play, he's great!
  3. Alan Dzagoev

    Hey, i've just checked this guy out; my style of play wouldn't really allow him to play as an AMC but would he be as well suited in a CM position, attacking lots and forward runs etc.?
  4. Gabriel Obertan

    On my Chelsea save at the end of 2010 Bordeaux want 20mil or so! But he is a great player whenever I've had him in the past Get him forward as much as poss. see if you can up his crossing with his training schedule because he looks like he'd be great running with the ball at defences, and if he's like on mine he "runs down the right". Hope this helps..
  5. Artem Milevskyi

    So far for cheslea side he has scored 6 goals in 6 games, 2 assists and 2 MoM awards. Very good purchase especially with Drogba being injured so much!
  6. Sofiane Feghouli

    Cheers for the help and fast reply! Shall keep looking then
  7. Sofiane Feghouli

    Hey, i'm on the original patch, I was just wondering what he's like on there? Is he worth getting for the future? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I know the "should I buy or sell thread" but I thought that asking here was more appropriate - Inter Milan have just offered 40million for Van Persie (straight cash, and un-negotiable), should I accept? I would like to keep him, but that is a huge sum. How good does he get? He has been great as a partner for Adebayor, but he is "considering his options". Any idea's would be fantastic! Thanks.
  9. I agree with BigBillyBob about having a staff shortlist, that would be extremely useful! Also, I wouldn't mind seeing half time injury and player information. For example whether they are feeling confident, nervous etc.
  10. French Youngsters?

    I've never bought Ayew myself, but have thought over doing it for a while, his stats look okay, and i'm sure he will improve - sakho and saivet become pretty good later on in the game. What team are you playing? Also, who else do you have that can play in his positions?
  11. Signing Lubos Kalouda

    Thanks, huw1990 and Jimbola, the info is much appreciated! I might buy him at some point, I guess i'll wait till the closed season.
  12. Signing Lubos Kalouda

    I've heard a fair bit about kalouda, and scouted him quite often too, but my scouts always return saying that he isn't worth signing? I usually play as Arsenal, is he worth signing for a top side? I like being in control of my finances, and for those kind of prices he sounds great.
  13. Most Enjoyable Long Term Career

    Other - Arsenal F.C.
  14. Walcott

    When I've played as Arsenal Walcott has played okay, he's had some bad performances, but he has also had a few astonishing performances. He's scored some amazing goals! Creating a chance out of nothing, that's off the bench and from the start. Although he hasn't ever played anywhere near well enough to hold down a regular place in the team.
  15. akinfeev or Lloris

    In most of my games, I buy Akinfeev, and he has always been amazing; never making a mistake, infact the defenders are those who make them! He is expensive, but he's young, adaptable to other countries, and has a really good personality for a Gk. I've not had much experience with Frey or Lloris, but hey, why would need to! Get Akinfeev!