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  1. Regens I would like to see an improvement for developing youth players. I feel a little irritable knowing that there is not a darn thing i can do about improving their potential. My idea regens should be created at the age of 11 or 12 with a potential from 0 - 100. The potential of these players can then be improved by your youth system. ie top youth academy will drastically improve a kids potential compared to having no facilities. employing a 'head of youth department', staff member can also have an influence on potential. Then at age 15-16. You can choose to either promote them too your under 18s or release them. After you have promoted them their attributes are revealed. From this point on you can no longer develop potential only current ability. This will allow you to have a great control over players. I also get sick to death of young strikers with finishing 1. All strikers should have at least a rating of 5 for this field. I have several times had a great player for all striker stats but their finishing been below 5. This is far too unrealistic.
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