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  1. I downloaded the file and opened it in the editor to make sure everything works but there are no nation rules. What gives?
  2. Domo arigato. What a great way to kick off the soon to come updated db with a full set of Japanese players.
  3. I know you're putting a lot of work into this but I'd still like to see the FM 2011 version. Even if it's just the player and staff db with no playable league structure it would be fun to buy players from J-League 1 and 2 to clubs I run. Good luck with your 2012 project.
  4. For me J-League and, more importantly, the ability to import/export chunks of data from on db to another (i.e. I always fiddle around with cities setting weather and whatnot and it annoys me to no end to do this after every patch. Now if I could just export cities from my edited db to the patched one that'd be gold)
  5. Speaking of which... I know that Konami has exclusive dibs on that but I'd like to know when does their J-League (and JFA) deal expire so we can get them back in FM. Anyone in the know?
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