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  1. Hi! Sometimes when your team plays really great (f.e. kicking Dortmund out of the stadium with a 6-2 when you are the underdog) or abysmally bad (f.e. trailing 0-4 at home after 20 minutes when you are the favorite by a mile) you don't have the appropriate team talk options. There has got to be a way to go mental on their lazy behinds (f.e. Ballistic -> "I regret that the rules won't allow me to substitute all of you." / Ballistic -> "Are you competing for the top spot on the not needed list?") or praise them like there is no tommorow (f.e. Thrilled -> "That was the best performance I have ever seen by a football team."). I'd really like some more extreme options, not just these streamlined lines you hear each and every week in every interview concerning football ...
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