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  1. Interesting thread and it confirms what the stats tell us; that it's a marmite feature. Some people love it, some people don't want to go near it. Which is fine. The nature of an open game means that we need to cater for scenarios that you may never experience in your game. But someone somewhere will do and it's important to us in the way we make our games that we have that covered. In terms of modding, some of you may remember we experimented several years back by releasing an editor which allowed people to edit and add in-game media comments such as manager mind-games. It was a different system to the current conference module but similar in the sense that each new comment needed logic rules applying so that it would appear in exactly the right scenario. This naturally and understandably put a lot of people off I think. Take up was not high as a result. For those interested, there are between 1500 and 2000 individual questions in the game. As many have pointed out, variation is key and we're always looking to increase the variation so that amplifies this number even more. Moreover, and Miles may have hinted at this in the FM15 features video, there is scope to more closely define when and how often press conferences appear in FM15 and I'll be happy to elaborate further on this after release.
  2. Spot on. With any takeover, it may not be the initial interested party who ends up taking control. Any takeover can fall through at any stage if the talks with the current board go badly. Sometimes the media get the wrong end of the stick as to who is interested and it turns out to be someone completely different. Tycoons are, unsurprisingly, a mixed blessing from what I read on here. Some people enjoy the seemingly unlimited cash for players aand facilities. Others prefer the challenge of taking a club forward without the extra help.
  3. This was in FM14 (possibly earlier, I can't remember). Obviously rare that you will be allowed to though.
  4. Stay or go?

    Thanks for raising this. Fix checked in.
  5. Valid_takeovers_only

    That is correct. You will have to start a new game for your edt change to take effect.
  6. Great players in FM that never made it irl

    This would have been my shout!
  7. The pre-match report issue is a known bug which is being looked at.
  8. aplomb

    I remember the testers complaining when the word 'alacrity' was in the game!
  9. Clubs in or near a city that has had a stadium built have the potential to move into that new stadium if the board deems appropriate.
  10. That sounds like a bug to me. Would you be kind enough to post details of this in the bugs forum so QA can look into this please? Link here: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/247-Other-Issues They may ask for a saved game although it sounds fairly easy to recreate.
  11. Scouting

    The discussion on this issue is here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279461-Changes-to-Scouting-FM12
  12. What we always say is that patches are saved game compatible. For best results we recommend starting a new game but you are fine to carry on your game from the demo.
  13. Changes to Scouting - FM12

    The scouting system is based on recommendation so obviously the players that your scout has reported on are the ones he recommends. A scout's knowledge reduces as the game progresses so you could send him out again at a later date and he may recommend other players if they impress him.
  14. Using media source/journalist EDTs with new editor

    I've asked one of the lead QA guys to write a short read me on this. I'll show him this thread and if there is an issue with this, we'll look to address it. The purpose of adding this functionality to the editor this year was so that people didn't lose all their hard work from previous media packs with the edts no longer being compatible.
  15. Changes to Scouting - FM12

    This is due to the scout having 100% knowledge of the nation you've sent him to and so he doesn't need to scout further as he already has all the information he needs to report back to you. The news item doesn't explain this and that is something that we'll fix.