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  1. Absolutely, I get that mistakes will happen, was just trying to think longer term about finding upgrades in the summer etc. Were playing better and the results have picked up the last few games. I'll give an update abit later into the season. Hopefully creep back into the top half! Is there a list or link on the forum that has suggestions on good PPMs for different roles or could you recommend any for any of the roles?
  2. I must have stopped it at the wrong point, he plays a one two with 21, when he gets it back he plays the pass to 6. With regards to lacking the passing and technique to execute the pass. What would you say my team could do with to improve in terms of personnel to implement the style more effectively?
  3. Thanks for the link i will take a look. Yeah definitely, playing some tidy football. Just played Man City and lost 2-0 however one goal was a penalty and we created a few chances, so it's starting to look promising. Some smart recruitment in the summer should do us good. Do you have any recommendations on which positions you would improve in this team? It was a ball into feet. I know what you mean but it would seem less risky that the longer pass he attempted? What do you recommend to try and beat the aggressive press? As requested, screenshot of Samide :).
  4. Having looked at the heat maps and passing combinations from a few of the previous games, these are typical outcomes. It seems there's a disconnect between the striker and the AML, MCL or the striker and the right hand side. I'm not sure what to do about this/ is it necessarily bad thing? Lot of our play if focused down the right and the DLP is rarely involved in the play. We've increased the number of key passes into the opposition penalty area however, still not many. Am i reading too much into this, as the results in the last few games have picked up. Also @Experienced Defender, i captured this screen shot earlier as example of what i see what happen from time to time, less frequently now play out of defense has been removed. The LB Samide on the ball plays a pass to number 6 who is tightly marked and it's intercepted. What could be the reason for that? as 21 is available for an easy ball.
  5. Yeah I'll take a look at my set pieces see what I can make alterations too. Do you have any advice on this? For example, entirely zonal or a combination of zonal and man marking? I shall remove the play out of defense and see how that goes and experiment with balanced mentality and the full back. Yes, these have been on since the start, I think I included that in the original post, apologies if I didn't. Should these be removed? My reason for having this instruction was to try and encouraging movement and ensure an option was available for a pass. I didn't think this could clash with the be more expressive instruction. There's plenty of time to turn things a round. A couple of decent results and we can get back up the table.
  6. Its good that you've spotted it and found something that works for you! Yeah definitely, I think you could get it to work, would just need to make sure the the team is suited to it, that's where I'm trying to get to now. Along with the right instructions, mentality, roles and training etc.
  7. Hey @olegmelnikov, during the matches did you notice it happening a lot? I'm not sure on the answer but it could because of team/player instructions. I'm really not an expert, trying to learn things myself. What were the players like playing in those positions? As you raised i thought it would be good to focus in on this and see what sort of patterns i'm getting. This a game against united i just played. These are a few examples from the first 15 minutes of the match and i could've easily included more where in my opinion the mezz and IW take positions that are close to each other but not too close. A couple of times it lead to some really nice inter play between the two players. I'll keep an eye in other games and observe what happens.
  8. Fair enough, that's good to know. I've learnt so much from this thread.
  9. Apologies, please see the screen shot below, it now includes if the games were home/away. In terms of the reputation, i've just checked our rep is higher than all of those teams apart from United, Arsenal and Villa. I've been alternating between play out of defence and distributes to cb's and fb's. I'll stick with the later for a few games to see how it goes. I'm open to playing offside trap or putting a cb on cover, i'm think i'd opt for safro due to his stats being well suited to it. What do you think would be more suitable? I'm not sure how to upload clips of the goals but the goals we've conceded: Wolves - Penalty Newcastle - Countered down our right flank, players beats the WB and crosses to the far post. United - Man united in possession inside our half, their play maker plays a ball over the top of my right WB and rodrygo cuts inside and fires home. Southampton - Set Piece then cutback from their left winger against my right WB to the edge of the fire and fires home. Arsenal - Set piece then CB tries clearing the lines from the edge our box, goes straight to their left back then he sprays a ball into the box, my left back gets caught in possession then their player scores. (Mistake from LB, and poor clearance from LCB). West Brom - Mistake fro CB who plays attempts to play a ball to my number 6 but it's intercepted and he plays in their number 7. (Mistake by centre back and mezzala?). We've also been conceding these goals really early in games. Three of the goals have come down our right flank, two from set pieces and two mistakes. What are your thoughts on this? Split Block - I've got the striker, AML, AMR, MCR with Roam from Position and Close down more. I am thinking of removing the roam from position instructions. We're expected to finish in the top half and this is the current league standings:
  10. That makes sense, for example you wouldn't go from playing with a positive mentality to defensive? How about up or down one notch to balanced or attacking if it called for it? Or as you said with minor tweaks it's not really necessary? I'll certainly give this a go. Even then its still requires having an understanding of what to change based on what you see? I think that's what I'm lacking and will need to work on. Do you have any advice about identifying suitable changes or links to any articles/posts perhaps? I think I can see why you've made those changes. DLF (A) ensures someone acros the front three is still trying to be more penetrative. The cm(a) gives those forward runs from midfield however is less aggressive than the mezzla and obviously doesn't drift wider. Then the WB roles changed to more Conservative rtavie full back options however the fb on attack can still provide the width and support to the inside forward and a passing option for the dlp. Have I understood this correctly? I appreciate that, thanks for taking the time to go through all of this with me. It's good to understand the changes that you would make. Against bigger teams, chances will be alot loss frequent therefore you want to move the ball in a slightly more direct manner, by adjusting the passing, the tempo increases slightly and removing the other instructions should help get the forward quicker and be less patient in trying to get the ball into the box. The full back on attack should still provide a decent amount of support and encouraging the overlap could be an easy target for the opposition to counter. The counter instruction will get us on the front foot when we win the ball back. The small split block will ensure we still press the opposition without giving them too much easy ball but reduce the potential gaps left by the pressing players. It's that a fair way of looking at it?
  11. Here is the current tactic and the results over the course of these 8 games. I completely agree. I wouldn't expect results against teams like united or Arsenal however, Wolves, Newcastle and West Brom i'd expect to be doing a little better. Starting to worry that i'm going to sacked if this keeps going ha. What are your thoughts on it? Or am i over reacting to the last few results? If you would like me to post screens from the analysis sections or in-game clips let me know.
  12. So far, we've played 8 games. I wouldn't say that's enough time to judge it on. I'll try and provide some screenshot and examples when I get more time. We are creating more chances however we seem to be making a few individual mistakes at the back at that's costing us. Out of the 8 games, we've won 3, drawn 2 and lost 3. The two out of the three we've won however have been against much weaker opposition, we've beaten Red star in the europa, Southampton in the league and Wrexham in the fa Cup. Draws against wolves and Newcastle. Defeats against man United 1-0 (acceptable). Arsenal 2-1, mistake from the samide at lb led to a goal, and a 1-0 defeat against West brim with a mistake from a centre back trying to play a pass to the mezzale whose marked tightly. Not sure what to make of it really. Will provide more info later.
  13. How do you find that affects the team when attacking? Are there other changes that you make? I think this is where I struggle, knowing when to make changes and what changes to make. I have read through the examples from @herne79 in his post and he provides useful info on it. Do you have any tips/advice on in match changes? I know you provided a couple of suggestions in your previous post. In this case then, you'd only really consider adapting tactically from the start against the typical big teams, Liverpool, man City etc? As we're a well established Upper mid table team. Would you mind suggesting an example of alternative secondary tactic for this case? Or is it too soon as I've not provided an update on how the main tactic is going.
  14. I have only had a chance to play 4 games, once I've played a few more Ill give an update on it
  15. Thank you for taking the time to explain these things to me, it's really useful. Hopefully other people will be able to learn from it too. What do you do when you play against other teams, do you analyse them prior to the match change the system at all to exploit potential weaknesses? Also how do you go about setting up your plan B and C, for example do you have a main tactic and two other alternative formations based on the same principles, an altogether different style or 3 of the same formation with subtle changes to the roles/instructions? Hope that makes sense. Against a stronger team say a Liverpool, it will be difficult to implement the same game plan if you were to play against a Norwich.
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