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  1. Could something like this work? DLF (S) / F9 IF(A) IW(s) (stay wider PI) DLP (s) / bbm mezz (a) Half back / DM WB (s/a) CD(d). BPD(d). IWB(s)
  2. Thats really helpful thank you. I get what you're saying about considering tactic as a whole and not just bits of it in isolation its something i am definitely guilty of. I also think i panic after a couple of dodgey results. I forget were plymouth argyle and not Liverpool or united etc. So shouldnt expect to be beating everyone. Perhaps abit of patience is needed as well.
  3. We score the majority of our goals from crosses which isn't a problem however, i feel as though i would like to try and create goals via other methods as this can make us more unpredictable dangerous going forward. If the opposition can nullify our threat from putting crosses into the box then we'll struggle to score. What would people suggest trying to do this or how do people go about doing it in their saves?
  4. That makes sense. Do you think that area of the pitch could be overcrowded? Ill try and include some examples later on but from what i see sometimes in games is that my two centre mids are really far apart. Could this be an issue? Also do you think the instructions could be an issue?
  5. Thanks for the advice, can i ask why you would make those changes? Keen to understand peoples thinking behind the changes/tactics.
  6. Hey All, Currently in 10th after 14th, really thought we'd be doing a little better. Scored the 10th highest amount of goals and conceded the 6th most goals. Here is the current tactic based, i'm not sure how to change it, with the firepower in the team i'd really expect us to be scoring more often than we are. In terms of players the only real changes to the team are in the CM slots. I feel the two players there are upgrades on the previous players. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. That something i might have to try. Thanks for the advice.
  8. That's odd then, I'm not sure how to explain that 😂! Yeah pretty well, we had a tough start to the new season, first 3 league games were Liverpool, man United and man City! We got pumped 4-1against Liverpool and 5-0 against man City, but only lost 1-0 to man united after player with 10 men from 10 after my striker got sent off so we did well in that game. It was abit of naivety on my part, I didn't make any tweaks to the tactic at all, I just wanted to see if we could compete at that level but we're still some way off. Our squad is still so young. I think the oldest player in the startin
  9. It's really cool that you've managed to get the team to play in a way you're happy with! I'm not sure why the BWM would play better than an anchorman, is it the same against bigger teams too? My guess would be that because you dominate teams the anchorman doesn't really have much to do and is quite a static role. The BWM can go hunting for it as soon as you loose possession to win it back quickly for you? Obviously other people with more knowledge maybe able to answer that for you.
  10. This is something I feel I can definitely get better at. I know exactly what you mean. Some games it just doesn't click due to the opposition and its knowing what to change. For example if we're struggling to get shots away I'll remove work ball into box and sometimes use shoot on site. I'd love to hear people's thoughts and options on what they're looking for when they decide to make a change.
  11. Absolutely smashing it! Great set of results, does It produce the football you want to see? It's a very similar set up to what I have now. Producing tidy stuff, need to work on producing some more goals next season
  12. Thanks for the advice, i will assess the squad over the close season and look at what positions we can improve in. It's possible we need some more experience in the team in a few key positions. From looking at my squad, what positions would you have said need improving? We play some nice football. I'm happy with how the tactic performs, just struggle to break teams down to create decent quality chances. It's something i'll look at in pre-season. That's the right attitude, it's good to try things out. That's cool, it sounds promising whats your current tactical setup?
  13. Would you say that is due to the level of opposition we played in the away matches? Draws have killed us this season. Admittedly a lot of those were from the start of the season before i came onto here for help and advice. I would like us to score more goals than we do, statistically we have scored the 11th most goals in the league with 41 after 37 games and created the 15th best amount of chances with the 3rd best shots on target ratio at 52% and 12th best conversion rate at 8%. Defensively we've got the 5th best defense in the league. 8th most clean sheets. and we've actually not done b
  14. I would say we dominated against Norwich, West Ham and Valencia, should've won those really. We got lucky against Leeds, they played us off the park. We did it! Won 1-0 then it went to penalties! In terms of players to upgrade i'm not sure. It's difficult as we have the youngest squad in the premier by a good couple of years and alot of our players have potential to become better so i'm tempted to give them time. Barrera playing AMR IW (s) gets quite low ratings and i don't seem to get much from him but again it's he's only 21 and his first season in a new countr
  15. Managed to get on the laptop and grab a couple of screenshots: Away Results: Home Results: Any advice on this on this would be very welcome.
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