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  1. A German regen called Fabien Kramer. He had established stats for a DM, was a legend for Dortmund by the age of 25 and i splashed £50 Million to bring him to the EPL. Great flop, averaged just over 6.5 over 3 seasons but managed to sell him to Inter where he is a star player!
  2. stadium name after you

    I'm gutted. Just took over Real Madrid in 2027 and they're planning to build Mourinho Stadium.
  3. Can anyone please help find a good gfx card that I can use that will not require a new PSU?
  4. http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/14958786/XFX-ATI-Radeon-HD-5450-1GB-PCI-Express-2-1-Graphics-Card/Product.html Is it that GFX card? Would i need to upgrade PSU or anything, might this GFX overheat the PC? Sorry, im a bit of a PC noob, can anyone help?
  5. Will it be able to load 10 leagues though? And a Large database.
  6. I'm in desperate need of a new PC. My old one is a bit shaky and looks like it will die very soon. I used to play FM on it and got to 2026 until it started lagging a lot. Basically i don't want an intense gaming computer as i'll only be playing FM or CM on it. I need a computer that won't lag in the latter years much and i want to run a medium-large database with quite a few leagues loaded. So far i have found one computer: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/186618 My budget is £400 and that suits it well i think, i just need your opinions on it. Yes, the graphics card isn't the best but i'm planning to upgrade that soon. Thanks
  7. In FM 10 are some regens previous footballer's sons? For example, say David Villa has a son, 20 years into the game could a regen produced be Villa's son and have him as favored personnel? If not I think this would be a great feature for future installments of FM.
  8. FM 10: Franco di Santo

    Guess what, Steven Gerrard took over Newcastle as manager and completely destroyed Di Santo LOL
  9. FM 10: Franco di Santo

    I'm not Newcastle Utd. He is AI controlled, I manage Man City.
  10. He currently plays for Chelsea and is a fringe player for them in my opinion but in FM 10 he is banging the goals in for Newcastle after a £2.6M move. 3 times England Player of the Year in a row now; his stats aren't impressive yet he manages to find the back of the net time and time again.
  11. Hi, back in FM 09 and 08 I downloaded this player value column add on for the FM skin which allowed me to see roughly the value needed to purchase a player. Can someone please redirect me so that I can download this for FM 10. Thanks
  12. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    Thanks for this mate!
  13. Steven Gerrard, Mr. Consistent.
  14. Real Madrid payed £53M for a 29 year old Goran Pandev. I just do not believe this game sometimes