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  1. one of my coaches failed hos course for 4 years, so I thought I'd let his contract run down and then 3 weeks before his contract runs out,he completes the course so I have him a new contract
  2. Has anyone got to the year 2070 let say, where in game time, your getting on a bit, what happens? Does your age just go up and up and up? Or do you have to stop at a certain point?
  3. I have England, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Scotland, USA, Holland, Portugal loaded with the bottom leagues and large database
  4. I'm currently in 17/18 season and I've seen some weird manager changes, these are just a few; Brendan Rodgers at Burnley Jose mourinho at West Ham AVB as England manager Wenger at Stoke (Stoke are in championship) To me these would never ever happen, has anyone else had weird manager movement?
  5. It won't even let me offer him a new contract, it just says the player is currently unhappy at your club
  6. My star striker, 35 goals in 24 games has said he feels like he has achieved everything at my club and wants a move, I just left it and rejected any offers for him, hoping he will change his mind but he hasn't (been about a year now) and he still wants a transfer, will he eventually change his mind or will he just run down his contract and leave?
  7. Is there any tips anyone could give me to find the best regens preferably before they get snapped up by the bigger clubs. cheers
  8. Hi all, was wondering what the genie scout is and any details you can give me about it? many thanks
  9. In the past four seasons on my save the world golden ball has been won by; 14-15: Luis surez 15-16: ballotelli lol 16-17: Pogba 17-18: Neymar Messi has only been in the top 3 the first season
  10. I've just started my fifth season with Norwich, after winning the fa cup and coming 9th in premiership the club offered me a contract of 29k, I was currently on 24k but I have managed to up it to 37k so I got a wage hike of 13k which I think it very good, just want to know what other peopeles biggest wage hike?
  11. So I started my game off with Norwich, after the first season I signed Gary macay-Stevens from Dundee on a free, after 3 seasons with Norwich I decided to sell him as I had better options at the club, I offered to clubs for 12.5 million (his value) and I got a couple of clubs (Swansea and everton) bidding for him, as he was about to sign for everton, man United offered 110 million for him, he eventually signed for United and I got 110 million for someone worth 12.5, was just wondering if anyone else has had anything like that before?
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