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  1. Further screenshot proves, The problem could be on my side, but I do have all drivers updated, highend pc etc. Hard to say, just reporting it anyway. Screen: https://gyazo.com/320dcb3e815515a89f99b3f05a536288
  2. Hello, Ive encountered a ingame visual bug of player visuals. It seems that somehow players took over refree jerseys? It is a first time this happened to me during my save, season date is roughly April and I watch every game I play. Bear in mind I do use custom graphics jerseys, but It seems odd since this is a first time it happened. Screen: https://gyazo.com/3a2ee8276bc1e5ba18b781aaab3e5180
  3. Alright thank you. The same determination spikes should not be present in new saves amirite? As far as I know you guys patched that? Its normal for bugs to occur, thats why im still holding on long saves for a bit.
  4. I do get what you are saying, Its just the chance seems rather high and I do no belive this issue is what you guys intended. Say If I just go to a scouting center and I put in determination search value to 1, the number of players in a regular save seems rather high and It aint connected to only youngsters, but older players aswell. Screen: https://gyazo.com/d0ea26ca279918672a6eccd39aa399cc Players like Borja Iglesias, Marc Roca, Longstaff or even proven wonderkid like Ihattaren, all spiked randomly to a set value of determination of 1. If that is a intended mechanic, then my apologies, but I dont belive it is.
  5. @Andrew James Ill provide screen to mention issue by @Chocoyo . Happened to me too, It was a existing save which was supposed to be fixed in 20.1.4. I mean Ambitious with 1 determination sounds about right :P https://gyazo.com/9086dd475a70b25bd79d91786905e127
  6. Hello I am not sure whether this has been reported or not, but this bug tilts me to oblivion I have tested this with multiple teams and players/staff, but as of right now and only in bonuses & clauses you cannot input numbers manually with keyboard + enter command. The numbers after a enter command always roll down to absolute minimum. Also the game reads sometimes numbers differently, meaning say I input 3 using a numpad, game reads number 4 instead. The same issue does not happen in base contract negotiations. (Can provide video If neccessary) It aint much of a problem in lower tier contracts but If I have to click plus or minus 3453854 times, Its rather annoying. Also a suggestion: The menu of current offer,existing contract and Previous offer is completly unintuitive, I am sure a lot of players, me included, compares numbers during deals to get the best deal possible and the obligation to always go through scroll menu is unecessary as seen on pic: https://gyazo.com/05d3f90ebfe95977604909dad27a31ce , would be thousand times better to just ditch the menu and spread all the options next to each other, there is enough space for it. Thank you in advance. Yours casual FM player
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