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  1. Seeing as they have released the new patch now, would this need to be tested again or would the release be exactly the same as the Beta?
  2. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, and if this should even be directed at SI or Microsoft, but I've had to reinstall the game 3 times now, as when i take a break, or like tonight come on to load the game up i get errors saying icuuc59.dll icuin59.dll openal32.dll & vpxmt.dll are missing and a reinstall may fix the problem. Which it does do. But i don't really want to be uninstalling and downloading the game every time i want to play. Any advice guys? Or should i go mither Microsoft?
  3. Alright Rosler! Just a quick question. When leading or trying to keep a result would you recommend changing to a more defensive mentality or would you say just stick with it. Purely because i seem to not be able to keep a lead regardless of what i say to the players during the match. It could be the ME but just wanted your opinion. Oh Also using this tactic got me promoted with Chesterfield in the first season, So Thanks!
  4. Please don't dredge up a year old post to comment speculation. If he does post a new tactic he will do so in his own time and when it is ready to be released.
  5. Was it you who did the spreadsheets? I seem to have a mental image of spread sheets proving that. Also have you brought it up anywhere else, seems to me to be a little bit more than just the way the ME is build, e.g. a bug
  6. Yeah pretty much a ghost town around here nowadays. Even fansites seem more active, but that's for another discussion. Look forward to any tactic you bring out, a portion of it is the top quality names you give them .
  7. Oh there is no doubt that the correct players definitely help the tactics, its the same with any though. I manage in the Norwegian Tippelaegen, and have decent players for the league, but the issue, that i see anyway, is that the AI teams regardless of your own players convert a higher number of chances over the season regardless of player quality and that is where the issue is. I think it's the match engine that makes AI teams more prolific in terms of goals scored.
  8. Getting my hopes up there pal. I've always enjoyed the 4231 formation..
  9. For me, this seems to happen quite a lot with any tactics whether downloaded or self made. I'm leaning to the fact that the match engine and AI team just convert more chances this year.
  10. That's my biggest problem at the minute, scoring. I need to out score my opponents as for some reason they always bury their chances. Whether that is with their only 2 shots on target to go 2-0 up or what. I almost exclusively use your tactics now, i have done i think since '14? When i managed to get my Grasshoppers to the champions league final. So looking forward to whatever you put out next, and as always thanks for everything you do.
  11. Been trying this out from just before the summer break in Norway with my Tromso side. The first game i used the tactic with was the highlighted Haugesund match. I've obviously not played it til it is fully fluid (especially now after my 5 summer signings ). Once again its just getting my players to gel together and with the tactic. The only downside is how sloppy the goals are, even with decently accelerated central defenders. BUT i cant argue cause I'm 3rd. But as always, i will be sticking with it to give it a majority of the season.
  12. I cant seem to find the place to change the location on my computer in the preferences from withing FM. Any idea?
  13. That was my first port of call and i couldn't find the league to add in there.
  14. i'm wondering this too, i have a large database and the major European leagues up and running. Obviously i cant find a Egyptian league to run otherwise i would do that. So what do i need to do to find these players?
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