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  1. I don't understand this ME anymore. I am sick of conceding goals from headers. Marking is so poor, my defense is so passive...
  2. Same tactic for home and away games ? What about IA getting use to it ?
  3. Very good tactic :O Should I sell Pastore ? He does not play anymore.
  4. Can i play Pastore as a DMC in the last tactic ?
  5. I agree, we need a defensive version for away games against stronger teams.
  6. This tactic is still very powerful at home but I'm having trouble in away games since 12.1
  7. Why is creative freedom so low in this tactic ?
  8. hey, great tactic ! What can I to avoid too many long shots from my midfielders ? I have Van der Vaart and Riquelme ... Even my MC are trying long shots too often. thx
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