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  1. I don't understand this ME anymore. I am sick of conceding goals from headers. Marking is so poor, my defense is so passive...
  2. Same tactic for home and away games ? What about IA getting use to it ?
  3. Very good tactic :O Should I sell Pastore ? He does not play anymore.
  4. It must be a very good tactic, I wil try with another team. I'm sad I can't use it now in my save with Paris
  5. Can i play Pastore as a DMC in the last tactic ?
  6. Sorry, this tactic does not work for me. I'm playing with Paris SG. How can I make Pastore play as DMC ? I can't... Also defence on corner is poor without tweaking it.
  7. I agree, we need a defensive version for away games against stronger teams.
  8. This tactic is still very powerful at home but I'm having trouble in away games since 12.1
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