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  1. Or SI can just fix this issue in the next patch....
  2. Hi, Tax on player's salary is very high. Not sure if this is a league issue, or a game issue. How is the tax calculated? Alot of players are taxed over 50% which is not possible in Norway, and players with low salary is also taxed around 40%, which is not common
  3. Hi Stephen, Game file has been uploaded "Sindre Nordhagen - Brann.fm" The specific player I looked at is Runar Norheim (Brann). Seems to occur when a player is supposed to be from a local academy, but does not have 3 years in his history, and is not a newgen. Newgen's that come up through the academy is registered as developed in Norway
  4. Young players are considered as foreign even though they have been developed only in Norway
  5. This was as issue for me in season 1 (start May 2020). Loaning players to the top 2 divisions was wasted as the clubs never registered the players and could not use them. In level 3 (2.divison), players were registered and used I was afraid before season 2 that this would happen again, but luckily, it seems to be fixed now. However, players were not registered and used in the first round, but now after 2 rounds, they are all registered and played the match as hoped.
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