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  1. What about using Malaysia don't they have strict foreigner rules so you'd only be able to sign players of your nationality??

    Yeah you're right Malaysia allow no-foreigners in their league, the only problem is I don't know whether foreigner restrictions are tied to the nationality of the club, or too the nationality of the league. I don't really fancy giving each player a second nationality of Malaysian, but that would be an effective way of keeping the clubs together. I might do a couple of tests and see what i can work out

  2. Cheers for the positive feedback guys.

    That's a cracker of an idea. How many nations did you have in mind?

    I was looking for a league with no relegation from the bottom division which, as far as i know, is Scotland, Holland, Australia and the US

    Australia and the US are out for obvious reasons, so that leaves Holland, which would give total of 38 nations, or Scotland with a total of 42. I was leaning towards Holland, cos it only has two divisions as opposed to Scotland's four

  3. Alright, so with uni about to finish i thought i'd make a signup game to kill some of the time in between getting well...drunk constantly.

    So the idea is this. With the popularity and strength of the various champions league around the world, in particular europe, and the continual club vs. country debate, is international football becoming obsolete? Ashley Cole once said that Arsenal would beat England, and Paul Scholes claimed he scored more for Man U than England because Man U had better players. So FIFA want to increase the attraction of International Football by creating a "League Of Nations" with involves international sides playing in a league structure.

    What it is:

    A League Structure with one club representing each nations national team.

    Each forum user will select a 23 man (or thereabouts) squad from their selected nation. I will tie each player to their nation-club for 4 years by giving them a future transfer at the end of the 4th season. So it'll be a four season tournament. At the end of each season i will allow time to make changes to their squads.

    I was planning on replacing the dutch leagues because there is no relegation from the bottom league and 8 sides in the second division enter the promotion playoffs.

    What i'm worried about is what effect will having a future transfer have on the players motivation + performance?

    And if anyone has any ideas or suggestions than feel free to let me know, particuarly on the league to be replaced choice

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