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  1. How would you finish this team with 1 mil coins?
  2. We're terrible but we're actually playing Barrett, Robinson, Quickley and Knox (and hopefully Toppin). That's an improvement tbh
  3. Base Riquelme out if the base/mid pack for me
  4. Can you save the Elite 3 TOTW packs for later weeks? I usually just use them straight away but no one that really fits my team this week so might as well keep.
  5. The price differences for higher rated informs are rarely worth it. Goalkeepers even less so I would say.
  6. It's not a setting anywhere, it's down to the player you are controlling. In the team above, try not to manually control Hernandez/Akanji (the CBs) until your opponent was in a position to shoot close to the goal. You would only control Mbabu/gunter (FBs) when the opponent had the ball with the winger the fullback is marking. At all other times, control Delaney or Lainer and chase the ball. Try and stay goalside of the ball wherever possible and pick your moment to tackle. Only press the tackle button when you think you are in a good position to win the ball, otherwise just try and run in
  7. It may be worth starting with some squad battles against the AI. Build up slowly if you are a complete newbie. It'll also get you some coins to improve your squad. You can get this whole team for basically discard, 10k total: Laimer and Delaney as a defensive minded midfield should help a lot. Pace on the wings and up front.
  8. I can't complain about pack luck again, because I've just picked up an untradeable Mbappe! First million coin player I've ever gotten in Fifa after at least 10 years in ultimate team - previous best was a 900k Hierro in 2019
  9. It's hilarious that they seemingly only realised this half an hour before WL was supposed to start. The only way I can see it working is if the Rivals reset happens on Monday, immediately after WL finishes.
  10. I used Sterling for the Jota objectives, really enjoyed his dribbling. If you're in any doubt about building a team though, Bundesliga is the way to go. Sabitzer/Laimer/Can midfield is amazing value for coins.
  11. I'm mostly enjoying the game, it's better than last year. Two big things they need to fix though: long range through balls and the ridiculous auto blocks. It's way too easy to thread a pass from deep in your half, and once everyone gets better defenders the auto blocks will be next level. I've hit Div 1 now, much easier this year than last year when it took me most of the year. I'm not seeing much reason to stay there because I struggle to fit in 30 rivals games during the week, but I'll stick around at least till the first weekend league to practice against better people
  12. I've burned my whole club in icon packs, 18 in total. I'll put out this team for champs this weekend and then that'll be it for me: Van der Sar Roberto Carlos Baresi Campbell Zambrotta Petit Lampard Rivaldo Giggs Kaka Lineker Great team in real life, think it's going to struggle in champs though 5 mil worth of fodder for a best player of Kaka
  13. With all the guys that build up slowly, I go straight to 3-5-2 from my usual 4-3-3/4-2-3-1, it gives you an extra player in the front third. Switch play when he collapses on one side to give your opposite winger space to get behind his defence. And as ridiculous as it is, sometimes I just stand still on the ball between the centre circle and 18 yard - if you bait one player out then you can usually play off the back of that
  14. 22-8 again for me. My own fault in the last game but jeez I got fifa'd in some of the games before
  15. The only one I currently have is Rashford, so this is a new player coming in. The rest of the front four are Neymar, Eusebio, TOTS Mane
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