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  1. Some advice, if you please. If a person is trying to learn this game, along with the little idiosyncracies that are football, would you start with a lower league club, which has its own set of challenges, or would you start with a top club, which has its own set of challenges? Just wondering.
  2. When Will You Buy FM 2010?

    just pre-ordered through Steam.
  3. LOL.....I was referring to the word change from football to soccer. *sigh* Sarcasm doesn't do well on forums. LOL.
  4. I can't believe the amount of whining that goes on over 3 or 4 days delay. I personally laud SI for their efforts to make FM more user (read: dumbed down) friendly for all the bonks in NA. it's all you ***** that give the NA crowd a bad name. SI: KUTGW!!!!!!
  5. They must hate the Yanks. Maybe Barack Obama can do something that Bush couldn't regarding this travesty? After all, why should the mighty Americans be forced to wait? *sigh* There's no justice in the world of FM / WWSM. Sorry, forgot the smiley that means I'm just joking around.
  6. I've been playing the WWSM version for several years now, and the game is no different. And I'm sure they have to call it WWSM because some Americans and Canadians aren't smart enough to figure out that a game called Football Manager isn't a game about the Seattle Seahawks or the Calgary Stampeders.
  7. I had no problems at all, aside from not receiving a confirmation email. But I was smart enough (*cough cough*) to print out the confirmation page when ordering (*hint hint*). Thanks SI....you've retained my loyalty. this canadian is happy with his new SOCCER game (*dig dig* at the 'elitist'*)
  8. One question for you, Marc. I've downloaded the game, and it puts it in a 'Boonty' folder, along with an ini file. I don't want to install it right now, as i am at work. Can I take this folder home, and install it there, or will I have to download it again?
  9. Downloading as we speak....Thank you to all involved.