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    Milton Keynes, The home of MK Dons. MK Dons = Football Failure!!! R.I.P MK City(blame MK Dons!!!)

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  1. When everyone in your house has gone to bed and you are staying up to download the demo and play it just to see what the 3d match is going to be like on your computer which has no graphics card.
  2. 1) Make up chants for your players and when they score you join in the celebrations. 2) Cancel Meetings to play your relegation battler to decide if you get relegated out of the game as you didn't load the league below as you never thought it would come to this. 3) Cry when you get relegated or promoted. 4)Your supposed to be doing important work and if you do not do it they will consider your job but there is a problem...you are playing a rival so miss the deadline of the work and get the sack. to make matters worse you lose the game and threw the laptop out the window in anger. 5)fail you exams as FM is far more important. 6) buy the team shirt you are managing and get the player you have signed printed onto the back even though he is a Regen.
  3. the tactics work but sometimes they dont so if ure in a top of the table clash on the last game of the season and you lose the leauge
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