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  1. I can’t submit any offers for any players? Anyone else having the same issue?
  2. It doesn’t show the 2018/19 season for my players and lots of other players but not all players..?
  3. This game is actually becoming unplayable right now. I have money burning a hole in my pocket and can’t sign a decent player because the wages are so low. Please fix this problem ASAP.
  4. Yeah it’s frustrating as hell, missing out on players because of this problem! 😡
  5. I just installed the new update and it has wiped all player stats from the previous season. The season still occurred and the records set by players are still in the clubs history but their stats are completely gone. Any fixes for this problem??
  6. I am having an issue with the board only allowing me a maximum weekly wages of £120k even though I’ve a lot of money in the bank and lots of money in wages. Any others experiencing the same issues? Any fixes?
  7. Yep, happy to. Can you tell me how? Having new issues with offers apparently being made for players that are on the transfer list but it says that I have rejected them even though nothing was received.. Starting to get ridiculous.
  8. Players are not with expiring contracts. I just wanted to sell them off but after a phantom bid comes in the player gets locked up and I can't actually sell them. It says a club name under future transfers, no value and not used as an exchange. The player will stay like that for a long time, on some occasions a full season..
  9. Having issues with transfer deals being agreed for players but no bids received. A fee will be agreed for a player without my approval or knowledge then the transfer does not proceed locking the player out to legitimate bids. Causes issues within the team. Unable to offer player to clubs. Playing FM15 handheld, version 6.0 Any help would be great Thanks
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