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  1. The star system should be used only to mildy sort players at a glance. If you put any type of true valuation into the star rating of a player- you are doing it wrong.
  2. Did you just write a break-up letter to a video game?
  3. Using Chester in League 2, I signed a 17 year old fullback from Spain thinking I would develop him in the reserves and play him a handful of games as a backup. I had terrible injury problems that year and he played extensively and performed great. Sold him at seasons end for a club record 300k (which could climb to 450k+ after appearances). Not bad for a free transfer.
  4. Did you submit the bid or just hit suggest offer?
  5. Just because something is in the news doesn't mean it is true. Most of the time there is no merit to the stories at all.
  6. Yikes. I've seen AI teams in the lower leagues only lose 2-4 games all year but nothing like that. What team are you and how did you fare when/if you played them?
  7. That's a pretty cheesy way to play the game. Very exploitative.
  8. You're going to sell him anyway, right? What's the big deal?
  9. You can't have too much of a difference between them. A model professional and a slack will never work since there's so much disparity between the two. Having a tutor who is balanced with a high determination is a good starting point for a young player who needs to be adjusted over time. Also, players who are volatile or confrontational aren't very good tutors as most players won't get along with them.
  10. That's perfectly fine. Just don't say the reason for not accepting is you feel I'm trying to force you out of the club.
  11. 15 players without a work permit? lol what a mess. Try to set up a spanish feeder club and send them there. It only takes two years for South Americans to receive EU eligibility in Spain.
  12. Player asks to be sold so he can go somewhere else to play first team football. When I can't find a buyer, I will offer mutual termination. Player rejects it and says he feels I'm trying to force him out of the club. wtf?
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