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  1. Work, Kids .... but more significantly my Laptop performance. I’ve always found I struggle to fully enjoy FM when im not getting a good performance from my hardware. Ive tried to fine tune my HP Pavilion dv6 as much as my knowledge allows but its just too laggy when switching around the different screens, and thats will running 2DClassic on the match view also ... just kills the fun for me very sadly
  2. I had same issue. I disabled, and then reenabled, my Radeon driver via Windows Device Manager and this has fixed the problem. I didnt search for an updated driver, i just disabled it and then reenabled it and bingo!!!
  3. Doncaster Rovers No squad pics currently added. Will these be in place for full release?
  4. Rotherham, Barnsley and Celtic ..... due to me supporting Doncaster and Rangers.
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