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  1. I found it there, for some reason it was just named 'George' and was a different kind of file, when I changed it to .fm and started up the game I could load my save manually, but I did have to create a new profile at the start though. I am also able to manually save now without getting the error I got before, thanks for the help!
  2. I'm having some weird issues with FM19 and I hope there is a fix to this besides reinstalling windows like one page suggested. I recently reinstalled Windows 10 and downloaded Steam, I installed FM19 and I first noticed none of my old saves from the cloud were present, I also had to create a new profile but wth, I didn't get far in my last save so it's no big deal. I created a new profile and started a new save, I played for about an hour before I wanted to quit but I kept getting an error 'save game failed', I tried various ways to save but the same error message came up, I thought I got a lucky break when I pressed to quit and the game asked if I wanted to save before I quit, I pressed yes and the game actually saved, I know came back to continue my save but i'm asked to create a new profile again and my save is gone. I tried validating the FM19 files through steam and there were no issued with the files, I tried reinstalling the game as well but I keep facing the same issue, even if I quit the game now and start it up again i'm asked to create a new profile and my save is gone. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you fix it?
  3. 1. I never criticise the referee because I know it's a 99% chance the decision was right and criticising will only get me punished, I was just curious why there is never any change, like irl you have players getting sent off when they shouldn't, got blown for offside when they weren't, a hard tackle that injured your player and the opponent didn't get booked or only got a yellow card, it's always about an offside situation that according to the media a lot of people are angry about but 999/1000 in the end it turns out the referee made the right decision, just makes little sense that it's the same thing over and over and over again, imo either change it up or remove it completely. 2. I noticed that, every time I start a save even after only 1 season some of my players are already 'favoured personel', guess i'll have to pull off a SAF and stay there for 27 years and maybe then i'll be considered a legend.
  4. Like the title states I have a few questions about different things, as this is not a bug (at least I think it's not) I hope i'm posting in the right place. My first question is about offsides, I play a match and an offside situation happens that turns out to **** off my players and other people calling it a bad call by the ref, of course I get asked about this after the match and for safety I always respond neutral to those questions because I know 99% of the time it will end up with 'replays did seem to indicate the referee made the correct decision', so I wonder why all the outrage over a decision that was right and why do I get the chance to slam the referee after the match when most likely you will get punished because the ref made the right decision? My other question is about retirements, I notice this mostly with staff but it happens with players as well, in my current save I have Fernando Torres as a coach and he's been a coach for 1 and a half seasons, his contract has 12 months left on it so I wanted to offer him a new one but he doesn't want to talk about a new contract because he's considering retirement but it says nothing about it in his information page. This happens mostly with staff but it has happened with players as well who are up in their 30's. Also how does one get a bigger status in the club you manage? I'm currently at Milan having been there since I started my save and I've done pretty well, won the league, Champions League and several other trophies, earned a lot of money on player sales and still i'm only at 'favoured personell' while players who have been here for 2 seasons are Icons and even Moise Kean who's only in his 4th season is now considered a Legend of the club. Granted he did have an amazing season last season with 25 goals and 20 assists in the league but still, being ranked as a legend among the likes of Maldini and Van Basten after only 4 seasons seems like a huge stretch.
  5. Just found a different post on Steam's forum where a guy experienced the same as me so it's clearly not just me it's happening to. http://steamcommunity.com/app/231670/discussions/0/613937942859962986/ Guess i'll just have to find a way to spend the money before it goes away I guess :/
  6. No editing done at all, the only 'cheat' I use is a staff calculator so I know how many stars I get in coaching from my staff so I can better train my players. Like I said I don't know where the influx came from, I didn't say I got a billion from player sales but I did have Alexis go for £78 million + bonuses to Man Utd, Emre Can went to Real Madrid for £65 million, Romagnoli was sold to Tottenham for £60 million and the rest of the transfers went for £40 million or less so yes I did earn between £250-300 million from sales that one transfer window but that was cause all my best players were sold, the only 'star' in my squad that wasn't sold was Andre Silva. Think i'll just give this game up, the game was a lot more fun before they came with all these damn agents and other stuff, I mean if a team irl earns $10 billion over a period the money doesn't just get taken away for some bogus reason, or 15 year olds agents demanding £40k a week with a load of bonuses and a yearly wage rise on top of that. Thanks for the help though!
  7. The billion influx i'm not really sure how happened, at the start of the save I signed Emre Can, Alexis Sanchez and a few others on free transfers which is why my budget was a little depleted cause of the sign on fees and agent fees but I managed to get some income without losing any important players (luckily) and kept a nice balance, then after I was hit with that financial crisis in October, I had no idea that happened I just noticed some of my players were concerned and it said they were willing to leave to club if it helps the club financially, that's when I checked my finances and saw I was in trouble, I wasn't sure why this happened because I didn't make any huge signings, I signed 3 youngsters for a small fee and Pietro Pellegri cost me around £9 million with some bonuses. Edit: These 4 signings were done in the summer of 2019, October 2019 is when the first financial crisis hit me. The next transfer window (January) I sold a lot of my players, Emre Can, Alexis, Romagnoli, Rodriguez, Andre Silva, I was able to keep some players so that my team ended in a pretty decent position and qualified for the EURO cup at least, that helped my financies and not long after I was suddenly in a pretty good financial position that made little sense to me but I was happy. The following summer transfer window I again signed some players on free transfer to strengthen my squad a bit so I have a good enough squad to deal with the coming seasons challenges while not going over my budgets, it was all nice and dandy until again I noticed players because concerned over the clubs finances so I checked and again in October there was a major expense, after looking at my finances the only thing I can see that makes any sense is the Dividends because no other expenses have such a high number, not even combined which is why this dividends thing annoys me. Right now I feel like 'cheating' and using the editor to make AC Milan a club with no shareholders so I can avoid the freaking dividends completely. What confuses me more is in the older FM games I remember doing pretty well one time and I won the Champions League 2-3 times in a row which gave me a lot of income, I was lucky in finding several good youngsters so I sold some of my older stars for a nice fee which gave me a huge income, back then I remember the board using those incomes to pay off loans and improve the stadium, training facilities etc even when I didn't ask them to, but so far in FM18 I have not once seen that happen even when my finances are good. Think i'll try some totally different team tomorrow in a totally different league and see what happens, not sure which other clubs have shareholders except for like the EPL clubs and some clubs in Italy, think I'll search around and see what I find, just to see if this happens to me with any team I use who have shareholders and pay dividends or if there is something limiting it to the Italian and EPL clubs. I would also like to add that even though these financial problems have happened more then once I still haven't gotten a notice about limited transfer budget, transfer embargo or that someone wants to buy the club to solve the financial issues.
  8. Sorry for my late answer but I have been busy with work and stuff, I tried making another new save with Milan but again I had trouble. I took some screenshots, as you can see the finances have fluctuated a lot, I brought several players in on free transfers so my economy did take a little nosedive cause of agent fees and all but in general the finances were alright, then suddenly around October 2019 my finances took a complete hit cause of Dividends being paid out and I was in a bad spot so in the winter transfer window I had to sell off players, luckily I was able to raise the prices of my players so I got good money for them and ended up in a good financial position. I got some good players in during the summer, not too pricey either, and started rebuilding my team, then again in October the Dividends are paid out and I take a financial hit, in the screenshots below you can see how my finances are just really messed up now cause of these dividends, yes I have some income, right now I have around £15 mill income per month with £7-8 mill expenditure but I really don't think that's enough for those large amounts of dividends being taken out. I checked a little closer in the FFP window and it says there if I don't stay within the limits that are set I will be banned from the tournament for a season (I assume it's the Champion's Cup), i'm allowed to have a loss of £4.4 million but right now i'm projected to have a financial loss of £1.4 billion. Screw it, I might just give this game up or just use an editor to keep my finances in check because this is just silly, if this keeps up i'll end up like Parma and start from Serie Z by 2022 lol.
  9. I get that, but what I don't get is why the dividends being paid out are so large that I go from being in appliance with FFP rules to failing them just because of these dividends, I understand the investors want their money but why take such a big piece of the pie that I can't keep up the good work, instead i'm set back a few years and that leads to the investors not earning, maybe even losing money, because my team can't compete. I know it's a game and maybe the game doesn't think the same way but still, if they are gonna implement something like that they should make it actually work properly so us players don't get screwed.
  10. I'm on my 3rd save now thinking my previous two were some kind of mistake on my part, but it really can't be a coincidence when the same problem occurs on 2 different saves. My first save I played with AC Milan, I played through 3 seasons with the first season going fine, managed to keep a good financial balance and qualified for the EURO League, but the next 2 seasons I kept falling under the FFP limit because, surprise surprise, a **** load of dividends were paid out which lead to me getting punished for not following the FFP rules which again led to me getting sacked after 3 seasons because I had to sell players to keep a good balance but then I couldn't compete well in the league. I thought the problem was that I sold players like Bacca, Calhanoglu and Conti for well over their value and earned a lot of money while bringing in good players on free transfer and the earnings from those transfers led to dividends being paid out, I started a new save and decided to not sell a single player but I had to sell Romagnoli because he wouldn't stop causing havoc in the dressing room about leaving to join Man City so I let him go for £80 million, but again on this save as well from the 2nd season a lot of dividends get paid out and it puts me in a bad financial position which leads to me having to sell players to maintain a positive balance. This really pisses me off, I get that those who invest want to make some profit off their investment but it's just insane to take out so much money that it puts the club in a bad position like that causing bad results, and therefore earnings to drop, just cause fat cats want more cheese, is this a bug in the game or something? Like I said I get it that investors want a profit in return but can't they at least keep the dividends to a reasonable number so that I don't have to sell players like a maniac, I mean investors do want their investment to keep making profit, why then ruin it if it can keep going and make money for them instead of ruining it.
  11. Hey all Just wondering if FM18 has an option to see which players have retired? I am pretty sure I remember in FM17 if you go to World-Transfers then in the list there among all the different transfers would also contain the players who retired, I just checked but there was no retired players to be seen, I tried checking if there was maybe a different list or somewhere else where you could see which players have retired but I found nothing, does anyone know where you can see the players who have retired or is that option gone now in FM18?
  12. Yeah I've noticed that as well, saw there were a couple of threads about that here so I didn't wanna get into that, I just thought maybe it would be fun what kind of players others have come across that demand a ridiculous wage based on their current ability.
  13. I did a little search and couldn't find anything like this so I thought maybe it could be fun to see what the rest of you have come across. As the title says i'm wondering who are the most greedy players you've come across, mostly i'm thinking about over the top players who are in decline or close to end of their career but still ask for a pretty high wage if you try to sign them. I can give an example just to make it more clear what i'm asking but since I've barely had time to play FM18 most of my examples will be from FM17. I was trying a save where I started at a national team, I picked Denmark cause I knew they have a few good players and I figured it could be fun new challenge for me, after finishing among the last 8 in the knockout stages and losing to Italy 3-2 in overtime I was offered a chance to take over Arsenal (Wenger had retired and I don't know why they picked me) so I signed for them. I did a quick little look at players who's contracts were expiring/expired and I noticed Adebayor was a free agent, I thought for laughs let's see if he would wanna come back to Arsenal, at this point he was 35 and his best stats were Finishing and Off The Ball which were at 16, don't remember the rest of the stats, but anyway he was far from being a solid EPL striker, but when I went to discuss signing him he asked for £62.000 p/w with a lot of bonuses and a signing bonus of over a million with his agent asking for more. I figured no way am I paying that and thought maybe it's just him so I tried to approach Berbatov who's contract was expiring but was older then Adebayor and playing in the French 2nd division earning 3k a week, but also he wanted high wages, he wanted to go from 3k p/w to 66k p/w and then there was the bonuses, the sign on fee and agent fee weren't as bad as Adebayor but still pretty high for a guy close to his 40's. Those are the examples that come to mind right now, hopefully someone else has examples of players who are over the top or at the end of their career who still ask for high wages.
  14. I just asked why a small unknown african club wants 15 million for a player who is 15 and unknown when in real life it's not like that, look at the two Nigerian players Man City recently bought, didn't even cost 1 million and they are counted as 2 of the most talented young players in Nigeria, or Alen Halilovic, didn't cost much either and he's one of the most talented young players in the world, now if you can't do anything but give snarky comments back then you can 'sod off' whatever the hell that is. Not once have I said that I must have this players or that I don't look at other players, I just said my scouts found 3 talented players who are barely worth anything but their clubs won't accept any offers below 15 million and I wondered why, think really hard and you will realize it's not such a hard question after all
  15. I do target others but it just doesn't make sense why an unknown African or Croatian club would ask 15-20+ million for a 15-16 year old player, how often in real life do you see a club paying that much for an unknown but talented player?
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