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  1. Offside rule

    And still the same after update4 :-(
  2. And still the same after update4 :-(
  3. Update 4 - Out Now

    any update on this?
  4. FHMi 2012 sorting in columns

    Any update on this? Still the same in the last update
  5. Any update on this? Still the same in the last update
  6. Offside rule

    Any update on this? Still the same in the last update
  7. Update 4 - Out Now

    I have had booth 3 and 4 game bans. Booth removed efter my apeal but still.. But only after the last update.
  8. Ronaldo is natural as a winger, What wrong with that? he have played most if his time as a winger, In real he have played more as foward but that don't change the fact that he is a winger, a few season on a new position dont change the natural position, that our research rules, things like this should be discussed in the data forum for Spain/real as FMH uses the same DB as FM.
  9. On my save in 2021 they have only won one time.. 2015... Liverpool, man u and sunderlandnwas dominating the PL until my woking team took over. :-)
  10. FM 2012 on iPad 1

    FYI My ipad1 starts up side down if i have the home button to the left but then rotates ans is corect when the meny is loaded... Ios 5.0.1
  11. Strange, i have no problem selling my unwanted players, and i have bids on my best players. But i never ever transferlist them. Just offer them to clubs.
  12. Global Ban

    i think i have to look at the online transfer tool and search for %punch% as that sounds fun :-)
  13. I have seen the first own goal after playing 20 season on fmh2011 and now 7 seasons on fmh2012. The missing own goal issue is something that yoy know of. My problem whit this own goal is that the highlight started with one of my defenders having the ball on own half without any pressure. He then just turns and shots the ball at his own goal and scores a owngoal....
  14. A fix is to promote them to the first team and offar a new contract. They sign, or at least negotiate it. Then you can demote them. I never found this problem on fmh2011