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  1. And still the same after update4 :-(
  2. Any update on this? Still the same in the last update
  3. Any update on this? Still the same in the last update
  4. I have had booth 3 and 4 game bans. Booth removed efter my apeal but still.. But only after the last update.
  5. FYI My ipad1 starts up side down if i have the home button to the left but then rotates ans is corect when the meny is loaded... Ios 5.0.1
  6. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/246281-iPhone-Touch-Donkey-Fly-s-Attacking-4-4-2 works like a charm for me, a good TM is all that's needed, (heading and strength)
  7. Can you please hava a look at how the ofside rule is used when one player takes a shot at goal and a other player is offside but not affecting the play. Now the goal wont stand because of offside.
  8. thanks for the feedback, hope to see a fix for this in the next update
  9. have this been tweaked for the 3.1 patch? seems to be a bit more random now but still way to much extra time, in particularly in the first half
  10. I play FHMi 2012 on iPad 1 and the same issue that was on the 2011 version is still in the 2012 version and that is that there is way to much extra time.. every match have to much extra time and in specific the first half, 4-5 min of extra time in every first half and this happens even whit no injuries. the same extra time is added to the second half, this can of course be more realistic,. bur not in every game. I mean more realistic would be 0-2 min in first half and 2-5 min in second half... some more random numbers can happen when players get injured
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