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    Born in Albany, NY in 1970 I came to FM late in life, only overcoming my birthplace handicap in 2013 and am currently making up for lost time.

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  1. Aaaah.. I have to say, reading about Owain is always a pleasure. Thank you for reviving and continuing this story!
  2. This was a strange time for me to log back in- I will throw my hat in with almost everything others have said already - video posts are all the rage these days.. adulthood severely impacts the ability to be creative and find time to post.. those and all the other factors mentioned make it harder than it looks to publish the kind of serial, epic stories that I think we all enjoy… and those of you that have been so successful doing so over so many years should understand you really do have a special gift that people like myself truly appreciate. For me It is nice to see many familiar faces here still - I am bad at communicating emotion in person and probably even worse online… Interpersonal skills are definitely not my strength.. but while I was posting my one mildly successful story here years ago I found the people in this forum to be some of the most genuine, friendly and supportive people I have ever come across.. You are all welcoming, entertaining, and funny… basically what I feel an online community should be and I was very happy to be a small part of it. Personally, my life has entered another chapter- my gaming/writing time completely disappeared when I remarried and moved. Now however, things have settled into a nice routine and my wife and stepdaughter have acquired a horse (yes... a freaking horse...) which keeps them busy and gives me some free time- which leads to me being here posting again so, no guarantees, but I am hoping to contribute again soon. In the meantime I see some interesting stories on here that I’m excited to dive into! Sorry for the short novel… I do tend to be overly wordy... might be why I like it here! Cheers all!
  3. I don't argue that point at all, I think you are 100% correct. In fact it is in both of the major parties best interests to keep the rules of the 'game' unchanged. The way it's played now they all always remain in power it's just shifted to one or the other by degrees - degrees that matter greatly to those on the inside but have no real effect on the people they are supposed to be representing. And that being the case isn't it a good job they are doing of distracting the masses with their big smoke and mirrors show. To be fair I think many of them believe their own hype and PR, but in the end they are all insiders (even President elect Trump) working together and the only real difference is which group of entitled rich are suckling the larger share off the public's..... well you know.
  4. Well said 10-3. That sums up the whole fiasco fairly well. I'll just add that two of my personal pet peeves with our society right now are people's willingness to believe everything they are spoon fed instead of thinking for themselves - and people of both 'sides' are equally guilty of that. (I mean, if you don't want to think for yourself that's fine - but then you ought to acknowledge the possibility that you might not actually know everything...) And secondly the need to always win in today's culture, it seems like the concept of having honest disagreements while still respecting each other is long obsolete. We don't have political discourse anymore, we have a red vs blue football game, and if someone isn't on your 'team' then they are the devil.... Which leads me to my final rant, both parties are complicit in creating the environment in this country that has led to this because they have been focused on nothing but total victory at all costs for decades now at the expense of listening to their constituents and, you know, actual governing. Alright that ends my personal rant. Sorry everyone.
  5. Sooo.... has anyone ever bought something online and found out it wasn't what they wanted at all? I mean aside from 58 million Americans that is.... Sums it up pretty well. In a related story I see the Canadian immigration site crashed - maybe they are the ones who need to build a wall
  6. Exactly that, I'm happy if my players have an 8 in the important attributes - but since training this tactic the football looks wonderful.
  7. It is working very well in this year's version for me. I had been struggling mid table with my club - in the Norwegian second division - for a couple seasons, and looking at the squad I had decided to go with three at the back. So I gave this thread a re-read and modified some of the roles and PI's to fit my squad.... and it was like flipping a switch. Instead of having to play defensive or risk getting cut open we now control play in nearly every game and generate so many more scoring chances than the opposition that even when playing bigger clubs the lack of quality in the squad becomes moot. I haven't had problems with crosses yet, I don't know if that is because I've got the wingers set to close down more and mark tightly, but whatever the reason so far so good.
  8. This is my second year pre-ordering, I like some of the 'new' features, I'm already thinking of how I can use a few of them for story elements. Last year I used the beta period to test my story and narrative idea and my 'test save' just carried on for the whole year. I have another idea or two in mind this year that I'm looking forward to testing once the beta is out, hopefully it works out as well. You see there's this bloke named Steven Lewis I know that's getting tired of sitting around inside the house (aka my head) and he's dying to get to work....
  9. What a game against Wrexam! Hopefully form will hold for the last match and Luton Town town can stumble. It's never fun to need help on the final day... Great stuff as always!
  10. Things do seem to be coming together, that's a nice goal differential for the daggers there. Looks like it's going to be an interesting last five games or so in the league too; there's a lot of teams within four points of the last playoff spot.....
  11. In my 'main' save in FM14 I was sacked 8 times before finally holding onto a job for a few years.... in Slovakia. When I had success in '15 and started getting job offers I wondered if it might be a new feature....
  12. Whoa - every good story needs a struggle... right? A new CFuller story in our future? I can't wait to see what happens! And 10-3 - It definitely isn't the golden age for Minnesota sports at the moment but I can almost understand how you are feeling. I grew up in New England in the 70's and 80's and the only sport I didn't like was basketball. Which was a shame because the only team worth anything was the Celtics, the Red Sox were still cursed, the Patriots were a joke and the Bruins were the Canadien's whipping boys and just good enough to make the playoffs and then lose. The most successful team I had for years was the UMaine baseball team - which routinely made the CWS only to get knocked out in consecutive games (usually by a 21-2 score or so.) Of course all of that preordained failure meant that anyone following those teams was watching because they actually liked the sport, not just winning. I still get a kick out of watching all of the idiotic sports fans running around here now who have no idea just how entitled they are.
  13. I don't know what to make of this team yet - but there certainly looks like there's a chance they could pick up momentum as the season wears on. I'll be cheering them on as always!
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