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  1. Totally agree, media interviews are a chore, and not fun at all. The limited pool of questions makes the questions you face become far too repetitive too quickly. It completely puts me off wanting to play the game. The types of tone which you can use in order to respond to questions are very limited and unrealistic too.
  2. i enjoy turning everything on, runs slow as hell - On the flip side though I get loads of ironing done....
  3. Can the scouts/coaches still be wrong once they have 20 ratings for judging player ability and judging player potential? Thanks for the advice about skins, I'll give that a try, though I think the players would still be ranked in order of ability when you look at a particular position wouldn't they? I know that you can get some variation from scout/coach ratings, but taken as an average (and especially at a top club where you have a plethora of scouts) I do feel that they give me far too much information, and leave too little for me to do as the player. I like the idea of a scout gradually revealing a player's stats and attributes, to that end I like how scouting works in the game now, but I want the judgement of how good a player is to be my own, not something that is just given to me without me needing to do any work. In older versions of FM the part of the game that I most enjoyed was those decision you had to make over whether player A or player B was the better choice to play, now it just feels too easy to go with the player that has the higher rating.
  4. Cheers, much appreciated :-)
  5. It's not necessarily about the level of match day attendances that determine whether or not including women's leagues within FM is viable or not. TV Audience is also something to look at, and in that respect women's football is becoming more and more popular https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/07/tv-audience-england-womens-football-lionesses. There's also a significant number of girls actually playing football, within the UK alone there are currently 147,000 according to the FA website http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/policies/equality/womens-and-girls-football But beyond that, FM is a game, and within gaming in general there are people who like to play games where they can identify with the characters in it. SI have clearly recognised this, else you wouldn't be able to create a profile as a female manager. Women's leagues is a next obvious step, and I personally believe that beyond the clear moral argument for including women's leagues within the game, that the addition of women's football to FM would sell sufficient extra units to cover the financial cost based on the good publicity which doing so would generate alone - never mind that increased audience that FM would be reaching.
  6. What is editors hideaway? - Sorry, I've been playing the game for a long time, but only recently found my way to the forums.
  7. It's a nice idea, and salary is certainly pretty meaningless at the moment. It'd be nice to see a leader-board somewhere of how much salary you have earned in comparison to other managers in game (and maybe some legends). I wonder if there could also be a way of using your salary in the game itself, perhaps as a means of developing some skills and abilities for your in game son?
  8. Please forgive me if I'm missing this and the possibility is already there. It'd be really nice to be able to turn off the star rating system that shows you a player's current and potential abilities. I used to love how this wasn't in the game and that you as a player had to work out for yourself how good your players were based on their match performances, and by monitoring their changes to attributes over the season. I feel like the game is presently making identification of the best players all too easy for us now by just giving us these ratings in the form of star ratings within coach and scout reports. I'm aware that I could just never scout a player, and never ask for a coach report, but I do think it was/is a nice thing to get your staff member's opinions on different players, I just wish it was a text based and subjective opinion rather than an absolute rating that for makes it too easy to select the best player for each position/match and to always find a new player that is going to be better than the existing players in your team. I don't feel like I'm needing to make any effort to figure out these things, I'm just reading reports and then grinding. To which I'd like to have the possibility to turn the whole star system off from within the main game settings somehow and see if I can still spot the best players in the game for myself by inference of their match performance and by actually watching what they do during matches. I guess it'd be what you'd nowadays call 'ironman mode'
  9. Maybe a good solution here could be a system that combines the one we have at present with the system being suggested by the OP: Allow PA to dictate the the limit of the ability of any given player, I think it must, but also allow PA to fluctuate based on a second background factor. That second factor could be a combination of things such as hidden talent, coaching facilities, how well that player's personality fits with his manger's, his coaches, his team mates, how well the playing system suits him (Vardy plays well at Leicester because the system suits him, in FM his PA and therefore his CA could be greatly raised by that, but transfer him to another team that plays differently, and he might not be nearly as effective) quality of opposition (a championship player, to an extent, learns how to play in the premier league by playing against other teams in the premier league). I think at present the problems with CA are chiefly: That there is a degree of banding within the game, and so it's nigh on impossible for a league 2 player to ever play in the Premier League, but by the same token it also shouldn't be possible for every League 2 player to play in the Premier League, just because there are one off players that can, doesn't mean that the rest of that league can too, and just because some players have improved with their teams as those teams have risen through the divisions, doesn't mean that every player in that League 2 team was able to step up as their team promoted each season, some do reach a ceiling at which point they have to be replaced in order for their club to progress. PA is just too easy to see within the game, once you have good scouts and good coaches, you know with almost 100% accuracy what the potential for any given player in the game can be. I think it needs some kind of hidden factor (that can't be in anyway scouted) in order to have some surprises happen that the player simply can't ever see coming. That progression of a player is linear - A player can have PA of 200 and he either will or won't reach that limit. Another player can have PA of 100 and he also will or won't reach that limit. In real life it's not like that; as stated above, some player come into their potential a lot later than others, in FM it's always a race to develop them as far as possible before their 24, because there's no chance of any improvement after that. By the same token, some players reach a high potential very quickly, but then go off the boil just as quick; Lee Sharpe being a prime example; he had bags of potential and ability up until his mid twenties, but from that point on his career nosedived. In FM that wouldn't happen, he'd reach a ceiling and then stay there. So for me progression of a player's ability is too linear at present, where it's based on just CA and PA, it needs something else that will allow it to act like a quadratic equation instead where there can always be a (slight) chance of a late blooming superstar, or a good player who plays for the right system at the right time, or the opposite; a kid who just goes in the wrong direction due to attitude or injury or bad coaching or whatever else.
  10. Cheers Cal (and Dave) I appreciate you taking the time to explain - I don't think it sounds like my cup of tea though. The way I used to play, was to literally turn on every single league and competitions, manually handle everything at the club, and then play a long long slow game where I'd start unemployed and see where the game took me - I was playing FM11 until 2016 when my last laptop broke (I think I still would be if I could get the save to work properly on the new one). Even then I was disliking the social interactions coming in, but I was hoping that it'd be a one off trial thing which would then get abandoned (like the training above) I can't believe that seven versions later that it's still here and becoming more of a focus within the game. The other I wasn't liking as a 'recent' development (recent given that I've been playing the series for a couple of decades) was the whole star rating system. It really bugs me that the game is basically telling you who the best player at the club is, and not only that, also who will be the best players in the future. I think that takes away a lot of the onus on the player to actually spend some time looking at their players in order to work this out for themselves. I used to get a real kick out of watching a player's performance over a few games to see whether I'd found a gem or not. I really enjoyed checking out the youth squad too, checking through all their stats to see how and where they were progressing and then having to decide for myself who to promote to the firs team and who to let go. To that end, I was really happy when I saw how scouting was being changed this year, I thought it might be a step back towards putting the onus back onto the player to work their own team out. Instead, you not only now get a star rating for each player, but the game also tells you what role and position to best play them in... so what exactly is left for the player to do? Oh right yeah, you can just keep on signing any player that's better than those in your current team, and in between transfer windows just keep responding to endless inane and repetitive social interactions... I guess there's always 2019...
  11. I've tried looking for a decent post or link which gives details of the difference between touch and the full FM game. Is anything like that available to view? In the absence of some concrete information I'm working on the assumption that Touch is designed to be played on Tablets, is that right? As such I'd expect it to have cut down features in a number of different areas as compared to the full game. If so then it's not something that I see as being 'beneath' me, but by the same token it's also not the game that I'm interested in playing. I like my strategy games to run deep, I'd imagine that touch has cut down tactics, cut down training, cut down player info, and so on... If the only difference is that social interaction is removed then wow that's great, but given the difference in price tags, I'd expect there to be a lot more that's been cut out.
  12. For me that's the big problem here - In my day job I man manage people all day long; I do it by getting to know each individual, building rapport, showing empathy, giving respect to them, building their confidence and esteem, finding ways to help them develop their own careers, within a conversion I'm reading body language and facial expression, I listen to what people have to say, and I question them to find out about what really matters to them. At the end of the day I interact with people on a human level which has degrees of complexity far beyond what can be modelled within a computer DB. In FM I select 1 of 5 pre-generated options and hope for the best... If FM is trying to be realistic in its social interactions, then I'm sorry, but real life social interaction is nothing like that. I think when social interaction started to appear in FM games around 11-13 SI were saying at the time something along the lines of 'Yes it's simple now, but it's a new feature we'll make it more sophisticated as we develop it' - It's not really getting sophisticated though, it's just becoming more prominent.
  13. If you think that's good, just wait until you get your hands on the FM Paul the Octopus Prediction Game....
  14. From a financial standpoint it certainly depends on price point and demand, and there will be an optimal price point, I wouldn't be surprised if SI have already done some modelling for this. I think personally I'd pay around £10 - £15 to update the DB of a older version of FM, and I know that any given version of FM will eventually drop in price to under that amount in any case. https://www.steamprices.com/uk/app/482730/football-manager-2017 I'd certainly pay money to get a DB update in September when the summer transfer window closes, in effect I'd actually be prepared pay more for the DLC update than I eventually do on new version of the full game, and in updating the database yearly I'd also be making a purchase more often. There are also a couple of other factors affecting this: Any game where players perceive that a developer will provide long term support is attractive purchase as compared to a game without that long term support. At present each version of FM is effectively abandoned a few months following release. You'd eliminate a proportion of the negative steam reviews from players who don't see value in purchasing a full update of each version of the game. You're usually looking at around March time until there's a final x.3 'patched' version of any given release, which only gives a few short months between a finished version of the game, and that finished version remaining up to date. If a player intended to get a new version of FM either way, then you've still got a reason to buy a new version for the updated features, but you've also got something to be excited about at the start of the new season when that database update DLC turns up. If the new features are that good, then they should attract players to buy a new version of the game in order to experience those features - But if people are just buying the new version in order to get the new database, then really, that new version should be just appearing as DLC for the previous version of the game.
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