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  1. Just for info, I'm playing on FM17. I've been managing for 20 seasons with my current side and all of a sudden I'm starting to get players who are 'Unhappy' or have 'Slight Concern' over transfers despite not talking to me. This is never happened before and I can't see any change in my Staff Responsibilities. Is there any reason why this is happening?
  2. I don't expect my rep to skyrocket or for me to be a high reputation club. I do, however, expect to become more attractive than a Conference or Cambodian side. I should be similar to FC Sheriff Tiraspol, another team who dominate an obscure domestic league but are able to sign African players because they play in Europe regularly (giving the African players a chance to showcase their talent to bigger teams).
  3. Just a quick update. I have now won the Northern Irish League for the 3rd season in a row and got through to the Europa League first knockout round yet I'm still only 1 and half star reputation! Basically, I'm considered to be less prestigious than some teams playing in the Conference and Cambodia despite being a Europa League regular! I really don't get how this is realistic.
  4. I'm on FM17 and I'm having a big problem with tutors not improving players determination. I bring in a lot of older players who have high determination to tutor my younger players but they seem to, in approx. 60-70% cases, to have no effect on their tutees. The only ones who seem to have an effect are the ones who are first team regulars, but I'm not sure if there is a link there. So, my question is: Do tutors need to play regularly? Or have I just been unlucky?
  5. I'm managing in Northern Ireland on FM17 at the moment and have managed to get my team from half a star to 1 and a half stars. The problem is that we've been stuck on that reputation for 2-3 seasons now and I don't see how I can increase it. I've qualified for the Europa League group stage twice in a row and I thought this would significantly increase our profile, but it hasn't. This is starting to cause problems as it's becoming increasingly harder to replace key player (which has always been a bit of lottery, given that our previous rep was obviously even lower). My long term plan for a while now is to hoover up talented regens from Africa and then sell them on for big bucks. However, I probably need to be at least two stars in order to do this as that is the rep that a lot of African sides are (I do think the reps of some countries are a bit ****ed up tbh, as I've had 2 seasons of Europa League football and am a proven springboard to bigger clubs, yet I'm viewed as worse than some team in Cambodia!). What can I do to boost my rep by at least half a star?
  6. Cool, thanks for the response! I'm in the Europa League group stages atm, so hopefully my rep will rise soon! My long term plan is to get to the point where raiding Africa and, eventually, South America for regens is feasible (which is all to do with rep, as getting work permits on appeal is easy in Northern Ireland) and then I should be able to construct a pretty formidable side.
  7. Hi, I'm managing in Northern Ireland at the moment and I'm struggling to get my reputation above 1 star. What is the best way to do this? I know reputation is gained by cup and league wins but I doubt NI cups/leagues will get me much rep. That just leaves the Europa League/Champions League and I don't think I'll have much of a chance of winning them! Do you get big rep gains for playing in the group stages of these competitions?
  8. TNS are a good one if you fancy dominating domestically from day one but also want room to develop. Turning them into a European powerhouse is tough but rewarding!
  9. Thanks for the response :) and phew that's a relief! I won't bother training him out of it then!
  10. I've just sold my top scorer for big bucks and his replacement is a hot prospect with some pretty good physicals (which makes him very well suited to Northern Ireland, where I'm currently playing). The only problem is that I've just realised that this new striker has the 'Static Target Man' PPM and I'm not 100% sure what this does! From what I've read, it's sort of a goal hanger style PPM which wouldn't be too bad, but other sources have suggested that it also reduces the chances of the player running onto balls as they prefer the ball to be played to feet. If the latter is the case, it is a big problem as my tactic does rely on a striker who's a sort of Jermaine Defoe style player; an out-and-out striker who's willing to run onto through balls and loose balls. Will this PPM make this player unsuited to the role I want him to fulfil? If yes, is it easy to train a player out of this PPM?
  11. But I thought you said that the stars didn't reflect the player's PA?
  12. Why do the rating change when you ask coaches with better JPA then?
  13. Just focus on bringing high PA youngsters on free transfers. If they play well, you can sell them for big dosh. Recently, I sold 3 players for around £500k each and they were all brought in on free transfers (admittedly this was in the SPL, so you'll probably be earning less than that) and we're in a big profit at the moment despite our income from other sources being awful.
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