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  1. tedthelabrador

    Is there any point in loaning players out?

    But I thought you said that the stars didn't reflect the player's PA?
  2. tedthelabrador

    Is there any point in loaning players out?

    Why do the rating change when you ask coaches with better JPA then?
  3. tedthelabrador

    Digging a small club out of debt.

    Just focus on bringing high PA youngsters on free transfers. If they play well, you can sell them for big dosh. Recently, I sold 3 players for around £500k each and they were all brought in on free transfers (admittedly this was in the SPL, so you'll probably be earning less than that) and we're in a big profit at the moment despite our income from other sources being awful.
  4. I've sent a lot of players out on loan and they never seem to develop at all and often come back half a star lower in PA than when they left. Is loaning players just a waste of time?
  5. This isn't true. I've had a number of low tempo + work ball into the box tactics and all of them have had big problems with long shots (despite having better options available)
  6. Long shots are out of control on fm18. I've decided to give up playing the game until SI sort the problem out.
  7. If you have good youth coaches and scouts are JPA, JPP and Working with Youngsters unimportant for a HoYD? Should I just focus on personality?
  8. Just an update, I've changed my formation in order to create more opportunities in the final third but the problem still persists. My new formation: GK WB (A) CB (D) CB (D) WB (A) BWM (D) IF (S) AP (S) SS (A) IF (S) F9 (S) TIs: Shorter Passing, lower tempo, work ball into the box, play out of defence, low crosses, roam from positions. Long shots are still a problem despite the fact that players having a wealth of options (at least 4 other attackers!). Very annoying that long shots weren't at least reduced slightly in the last patch.
  9. Yes, there are plenty. It's often my CMs who do the long shots and there are at 3-4 players ahead of them. No, none of my players have that ppm.
  10. does work ball into the box actually work on FM18? Or is there a bug?
  11. I've got work ball into box, slow tempo and retain possession on but my team repeatedly shoot from range! I've recent gone from a 4-1-2-2-1 to a 4-2-3-1 formation to see if having a CAM helps, but it doesn't. At the moment, if I go a goal down it's a complete lottery whether we'll equalise as I have to hope and pray that 1 of the 20 long shots my team take manage to magically go in. If anyone has a solution to this problem, I'd be very grateful. I'd even be interested in a mod which actually makes "work ball into the box" work, if anyone knows of one.
  12. The problem is is that he keeps missing loads of chances he used to score. We were having a problem where teams were countering the high press effectively and obviously he wasn't scoring much then but now we have changed tactics and are creating tons of chances and he just missed them all
  13. I've got a 19 year old striker who was scoring for fun earlier in the season but since January he has only scored 2 in 10 and seems to fluff all his chances. I've tried talking to him and he's said he'll try to pick things up in he next few games but hasn't scored in the last 3. He didn't even score when we won 5-0 and even the left back scored there! Is there any way to get around this? Also, will this bad form carry over into next season? I don't want to replace him due to his potential, but I'm going up to the SPL next season and I can't afford to have a misfiring striker up front!
  14. I've got a striker who has 5 star potential and has the attributes to be a good target man but I don't want to play with a target man as I always find that tactics with them don't really work all that well. What are the chances of me retraining this striker to play as an advanced forward? He's 20 and has 10 pace, 9 acceleration and 8 Off The Ball but I'm worried that, at this level, I won't be able to get those attributes up high enough to make him effective.