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  1. Apologies if this has already been asked or if it's in the wrong part of the forum, but I have two issues. Firstly, I started up a Sunderland save, first couple of seasons was abit of a struggle but now I've got a decent side, won the Europa League and qualified for the Champs League 3 out the last 4 seasons, the problem is that now whenever I play a weakened side even if I win, hammered Boro 5-0, the fans are "disappointed to see a weaken team". In all my years of going to the football if we beat a rival by 5 goals, the last thing on my mind would be to be disappointed about the team fielde
  2. I never said he wasn't, just after 11 years you'd think a person would let it slide.
  3. At least after 11 years you're not bitter about it or anything....
  4. Any chance you could show a list of Champions League and Europa League winners?
  5. Player X, World Cup winner, Champs League winner, Europa League winner, has winners medals from the English Premiership and La Liga etc etc..............still 'looks nervous' when playing at home in a League Cup match against the team who is bottom of League Two. Started a new Sheff Utd save, my striker Marc McNulty went 13 games without scoring, tried reassuring him, tried telling him if he didn't start scoring he'd be dropped, nothing worked so eventually I dropped him. Few weeks later a message pops up about how we wants to talk about the lack of first team football, I say 'last time you
  6. I'm having this problem too, a quiet game for me I've committed maybe a dozen fouls, a bad game, you can be talking mid to high 20's. Have been picking up far too many bookings despite instruction my players to stay on their feet. Also had 6 straight reds last season, all for mad lunges Worst thing about the red cards, none of them where anywhere near a danger area when you could maybe understand a lunge.
  7. Ah, I see. Silly question, so does that basically mean my player could break down running only for me to be told in a message to the inbox that he's brought his leg following a challenge?
  8. I've noticed this happening in previous FM's and it appears to be a problem again. During the ME, "Player A is shaking his head and calling to the bench, he'll need to come off. It was caused by Player B's challenge" Get to inbox and I have a message saying "Player A is out for 3 or 4 months with a hamstring injury, after attempting to sprint for the ball". Same thing has just happened in my current save, though this time I actually rewinded the ME to see the foul. Basically my player is standing in the opposition box with the ball, opp player puts in a challenge, my player is gubbed and
  9. Tried both of them, didn't work. It's no big deal really, just more of a slight irritation.
  10. Aye, I tried that but all it did was put the positions in order with the players underneath all mixed up. Cheers anyway mate.
  11. I know this sounds like a petty issue, but when in the tactics section I clicked something, haven't a clue what, by accident and now my players aren't in order, I.E it's not going GK,GK,DR,DR,DC etc etc, but ST,AMR,ML,GK,ST,DL. Like I say, I know this probably sounds like a petty thing but its bugging me ha. Does anyone know how to fix this? Cheers. Paul.
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