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  1. I'm seriously starting to get annoyed with this issue. I've tried seeing if it was a hardware problem or if it had to do with the drivers but it doesn't. The issue only happens in the game. For example, let's say if I wanted to check "Competitions" I would left click it, it would work, however it would also hold onto the tab I click and drag it, sometimes when I'm reading inboxes in the game it just goes through them asif I "read" them when infact I haven't. There are times where when I do click a button, for example in the loading screen after selecting the leagues you want to load, I would have to frantically click and fight my mouse for control in order to finally make it progress into loading the leagues. And also, as a test, i hovered over the league start dates and just let my mouse hover over it to see would it would do.. As suspected, it would open the window, close the window, open the window, close the window over and over, sometimes the cursor would flicker. I do use Hotkey's for other games but I definitely make sure that those programs are not running while playing FM19. This issue NEVER happens outside the game, the only time it would happen is when I bring my mouse onto my second screen without clicking into a window, and it would pretty much "Select All". I've tried searching for updates for my drivers, all of them are up to date and there is nothing wrong on the hardware aspect of things. I can't figure out what is wrong.
  2. Hey guys, I'm going to keep this short and simple so it's easy on the eyes and you wouldn't have to read an entire wall of text. Basically after going through a couple of saves testing out what team I liked and what I didn't, I decided to finally try and play my favourite team in real life, Fenerbahce. I am a Turkish person who can barely speak the language properly, can understand some of it so whenever I watch guides of Fenerbahce, it's never in English and always in Turkish and it frustrates me because Turkish is a foreign language for me, despite being bilingual, I can hardly understand what majority of the words mean in English whenever I see the language in the game. For those that know football in Europe and are aware of many different clubs rather than the big boys, you may have heard that Fenerbahce, well, the big clubs in Turkey are riddled with massive debt, as a club we can't afford to buy anyone but rather get loaned players or free signings. I want to try and bring my club's stature up and make it a scary team to come up against, it doesn't have to be invincible (as much as I want them to be like that IRL) but I do want to build it into a club where even in Champions League, we are always considered favorites to win each year. The most I can do with my club is nothing but get players on loan and free signings, however I want to change this without editing, but what could I do to help my club get rid of it's massive debt within a reasonable amount of time (5-10) years? In real life they have a debt in the billions.
  3. And what's the harm in asking for assistance? Last time i had a save with Arsenal a few months back I played attacking football, I wish to continue playing attacking football with Arsenal, I always use 4231 as my formation.
  4. Can someone recommend me signings? I'm gonna make a new save with Arsenal after months and i dunno what's the go-to-signings are now (new computer). Players that Arsenal actually WILL BENEFIT from and actually NEED.
  5. This is really really good, I shall follow your advice and will follow you guys up when i get to mid-season.
  6. Somewhat yes, I don't think my frontline would have trouble scoring and busting through defenders with their blistering pace, guess i could sacrifice possession.
  7. In my fm 15 Arsenal save i used to like them playing aggressive attacking football, given the budget that arsenal had as well I covered the squads weak points and trained players and added PPM's according to the position i prefer to play them in, it worked all good and it was a very good feeling knowing that i only lost 2-3 games every season (excluding UCL). But FM 16.. I don't know what it is i just can't simulate anything, hence why i'm looking towards others to help me build a tactic from ground up. I want to simulate Ozil the way he plays in real life, I do prefer to play with wingers as well but I wouldn't say they are the focal points. A 30 goal a season striker does not sound bad at all but Giroud is pretty good in this game so I don't think i'd need to get anyone for 2 seasons or so unless he ends up receiving a broken leg then i'd bring Berardi in. To sum it all up though, I just want a scary goal-scoring frontline and want to simulate playing aggressive attacking football.
  8. I can't seem to make a suitable tactic with Arsenal.. Can anyone help me out with team instructions/player roles and advice as to why it would work out etc? I wouldn't mind player recommendations either, I know we need an LB and a Striker but Giroud seems to be netting in goals for me in previous test saves.
  9. I'm suprised to see that noone has done a Valencia thread O.o I enjoyed playing with them last year because of the FM 15 thread xD I hope that someone can pick Valencia and put up a guide, would appreciate it heaps!
  10. Nation: UK, Germany, Italy, Spain Division: Premier League, Bundesliga etc. European Competition: n/a Media Prediction: top 5 Board Expectation(s): top 5 Transfer Budget: I can't really decide, I don't want it to be too small but i don't want it to be ridiculously high either. Wage Budget: A good decent amount Finances: Secure/Very Stable Other: I have a habit of quitting saves because i feel like i'm missing out on playing a certain team.. I just want to stick to one save for now and just have fun with that certain team.
  11. I'm playing my 3rd Season at the moment, just finished my second season.. You get a good flow of prospects that are decent.. But my god, the amount of players that want to leave wanting to win the UEFA Champions League is too damn high, I can't help it if i get pummeled by Real Madrid
  12. I just finished my 2nd season with Valencia, came second first season and 3rd this season -.- But it depends on who you bring in and how successful your team is during the competitions etc. I'd look into upgrading facilities first but as of now, I'm assuming Lim gave me this budget but half way through of season two he gave me 47 mil euros, i don't know how but it just happened. Same thing could happen for you as well, i wouldn't know.
  13. I'm gonna make a save with Valencia. With the budget they have now, the amount of talent you can bring in.. pwoah. I'm just thinking, i don't know who to necessarily bring in with Valencia with the 15.3+ update, things being changed etc. One player i always buy is Romero, number 1 is always Lucas Romero, i could bring in Balanta but the budget is abit restrictive for those two, even if i get a good price for Feghouli but i would want to hold onto him for atleast a season or two. Can someone give me very good recommendations of wonderkids that i should buy that would suit Valencia? Romero and Balanta are obvious.. but dat budget doe.
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