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  1. There are certain players i cannot have bids accepted for (besides £200 million bids - not something id go through with), every game Bale, Ronaldo, Pogba and Vidal are the same ones, i dont think ive ever been able to get a bid accepted, unless im doing something wrong?
  2. steve mc, how did you manage to get Bale and Pogba bids accepted for such small fees? the clubs wont even entertain selling usually to me?
  3. Personally, in my save i have Ter Stegen as my clear number 1. my number 2 is Butland, who plays the league cup, no matter what round, the FA cup early stages and Champs league 6th game if already qualified. As for a third keeper, generally i buy a 18-22 year old as well and loan them out with a recall option incase i get an injury of any decent legngth to my other 2 GKs. then theres a 16 year old in the U18 team.
  4. Very few wingbacks

    So basically patrice Evra.
  5. Bilbao tactical help

    you have no attacking movement in your team except for the RW. everybody is supporting. if I was you id have my target man on attack duty, and have one of my CM on attack duty with the shout to get them forward as much as possible, supporting the target man. otherwise who is he going to be holding the ball up for?
  6. Your most prolific striker?

    My most prolific striker is a guy i have bought this season, a regen named clementini from Juventus. I had a striker with 20's in all the important positions, but he just didnt fit into my tactics and only got 20 goals per season (which for my only striker isnt alot), but now in January 2025 clementini has been here half a season and has 33 goals already... IM man utd BTW
  7. wow terrible idea, very very very bad
  8. Spain - breezy and wet

    San Sebasitian, id expect no more than gusty and cloudy. Its right by the bay f biscay, known as one of the choppiest passages of water in the world (that doesnt happen without strong winds). Also its up the north of spain, not far from andorra area. ive been there a few times in july and its been snowing.
  9. just seen the league get a hell of a lot easier, Hazard has joined my united revolution. chelsea finished 10th in 2017, sold hazard, oscar, mata among others, only left with reserves now as every player wanted to leave ! sweet, never seen this happen before.
  10. New feature for FM 14

    Terrible idea. whats the point when you know who historys best players will be? no unknown newgens required, just players who actually come onto the scene, people would just buy the worlds greatest when they are 16, utter garbage
  11. im ashamed to say £375K a week for messi at man utd.
  12. Thought id add the transfers ive been allowed to do since having no debt and a great transfer chest, in Jun 2016, trying to wrestle the premier league from chelsea. So far i have Wilshere, Ramsey, Valdes, Balotelli, Zouma, a few of those bought this summer. Also got a old Ibrahimovic in as his stats were insane still and he would play with rooney and RVP uptop, but RVP wanted to leave, rooney got injured for a long period and Ibra retired in June (despite not saying anything and being happy to join) Now im stuck with just ballotelli and no more transfer funds.
  13. I had a english businessman buy out the glazers in 2014 too. All debts wiped out. makes summer spending alot more fun
  14. latest patch in 2016, hes just left spurs on a free and joined barcelona. he didnt conclude that deal until may though, and in april i offered £3.5Million (his current value) for bale and spurs accepted. only thing was, my transfers id already lined upwere to move my team to a narrow formation, bale wouldnt fit in, so i pulled out of negotiations. Being welsh i couldnt sign bale only to let him rot on my bench.
  15. Didnt you set up your team to counter a lowly team who would be expecting to lose to you and park the bus? probably not.