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  1. I was under the impression contract extensions like that could only be triggered in the last year of the current contract. Is this not the deal ad you should be able to trigger it at any time as long as it doesn't exceed 5 years?
  2. I had a simular experience, can't remember the team off the top of my head, but got sacked in 5 games, 3 of them were wins too!
  3. I would like, when a player complains about whatever and it gets to the point they want to leave, to have the option to say 'put a transfer request in then' and relevant options further down the line if other players talk to you about that transfer/ other player complaining etc. Things like , well he put in a transfer request so it became hard to hold onto him, or, he didn't want to be here, so I sold him so we could make some money before he left on a free.
  4. 2517 hours on fm 15, up to 212 on fm 16 so far, I do let it idle a bit though....
  5. usually bottom right of the report in your news there is a cancel task option, click that.
  6. Another thing, it would be nice to have the questioning in an interview that the team approaches you for, reflect that in some way. Rather than almost questioning my ability, if you approached me you should know what I offer to some extent.
  7. When scheduling friendlies at the start of the season, it would be nice to have a menu for required friendlies, ie from transfer clauses and affiliates. I find it hard to keep track sometimes and this would make it easier to sort out these friendlies before you get prompted.
  8. Changing the colour of loans out or loans in, I know they are different shades, but I struggle to tell them apart sometimes.
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