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  1. And to add to this, after discussing with people on #WeStreamFM Discord, that there's no clear indication what the board actually expects here. It just says "Improve Overall Confidence". That's not super clear or actionable per se. Thanks!
  2. Steps to Reproduce: Go to Scouting Click Players Click Edit Search Click any position (e.g. Central Midfielder) Notice the Role's displayed for that position is displayed. Select one (e.g. Box to Box Midfielder). Click Ok. Click Role. Notice that ALL roles for ANY position is displayed even though the original position (Central Midfielder) is still selected. Expected: Only display the relevant Roles for the previously selected Position. Video attached and screenshot attached. d287711b6eacec8710a1c8cf767582f6.mp4
  3. Just noticed I opened this in the wrong bug category. Apologies!
  4. Scenario Team. 1. FC Koln Season 1 position: #4 After Season 1 I ask my board to buy the stadium. They reluctantly agree after the following conversation: Promise to perform better: https://gyazo.com/5f572029d2ecfe9c617069a3b8384c4e They reluctantly accepts: https://gyazo.com/e5f9ff87b783a252728dd5851e3b941f In short, I promise to increase board confidence AFTER it's almost maxed out. I don't think too much about it until later. The season 2 expectations are: League: #6 (I originally ended #2 but for testing purposes I reloaded an old save and ended #1 and the below still happened) Champions League: Group Stage (made it to 1st knock out phase) Cup: Quarter final (made it to quarter final) So overall doing better than expected. Even winning the league in this case. Regardless of the above I STILL get fired at the end of the season. I have a feeling it has something to do with that I promise to do better when the board confidence is almost maxed out (let's say 98%) and I am forced to be better than that (so 99% or 100%?). Board Confidence 1 day before I get fired: https://gyazo.com/8a41dd73090bdbf620b1daadba69ee52 (95% maybe?) I understand that the code probably checks on multiple variables that then generates the Job Security / Board Confidence, but I personally feel this is too extreme. I get fired flat out, no warning or anything - even after winning the league and almost maxed out Job Security. So it all leads to this (fired): https://gyazo.com/b2608bbe4cba868c231fb7dedbb450c6 If you want to see this LIVE from my Twitch stream, please see: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/224430734?t=03h52m06s (wait 10-15s and it happens. Sad times. Even my viewers are like "What?!" ). I hope you understand this is not a post whining about getting fired. I do think this situation shouldn't lead to firing and might be something you could look into? I'll gladly share the save if needed. Thanks!
  5. Steps to reproduce: N/A - happens randomly. It happened twice in 2 days. Each time it occurred when I used the MOUSE5 button to go on screen back. Crashes uploaded to FTP: (norbak) FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.12.06 14.24.39).dmp (norbak) FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.12.07 17.44.20).dmp Save Game uploaded to FTP: (norbak) barnet.fm
  6. But the workload is still 30% of the players training - even if match prep. workload is low or high? Or am I mistaking?
  7. Definitely an issue is some cases. You'll assume that you'll always have a chance to make a counter-offer. Though, I find it unrealistic that the staff 99 out of a100 times always accept your offer if you raise his salary just a fraction from his current one. Needs to be revamped.
  8. This system have been there since the beginning of SI's first Championship Manager - beginning to change this will change the whole conceptual understanding of how the users of the game rate players. Though, I believe that a bit more dramatic changes in the stats could be an idea or another factor which shows how the skill of the player suddenly increases/decreases based on his current form or if a player hits a mid-twenty breakthrough in his career. Because the current system really limits the possibility for players to SUDDENLY become a bigger part of the team and vice versa. Meaning, it is easy to see if the a young player is going to be a star player, first team, rotation or back-up already when the player is in the beginning of his twenties or earlier. It really limits the possiblity for mid-twenty players to become a key player later in their careers (e.g. Drogba and Bullard (if I remember correctly)). So instead of doing a whole new system, I would rather see more dramatical stat changes IF the player suddenly starts to shine. Or better yet, introduce a new factor or feedback from coaches which tells you that the player have improved significantly and should give the player a larger role in the team. I know, this is already semi-implemented but the current system within this area seems a bit too static when it comes to player development over time.
  9. norbak

    Finances - Chelsea

    I've been playing an online game where my mate managed Chelsea. He ALWAYS got his dept covered by the board after each season + a new huge transfer budget in the beginning of the new season, so he 'didn't really care' about the ongoing debt throughout the season. Oh yeah, he also got a new 5xxxx seat new stadium at the end of the first season. But to avoid having debt after every season it requires to clear out all the heavy waged backup/rotation players and maybe mutual terminate some of the heavy waged staff. Good luck.
  10. SI uses the rand() function to create these scenarios JUST to annoy the user Or as the other guys implies: bad tacs, over-confidence, other team is 'fired up', players are affected by media comments etc. etc. - annoying yes, but it helps you keep you on your toes. Good luck For me, this is what makes the game awesome
  11. norbak

    shirt sales.

    Even though Beckham is one of the most well-known players in the world, it is not only because of his skills as a football player but more likely because of his ability to promote himself through PR/commercials etc. - I don't assume that FM takes that into consideration, and they shouldn't. It's FOOTBALL Manager, not Football/PR Manager. Therefore, as a football player, Beckham does not have "boost of shirt sales" potential.
  12. I really don't care about the original transfer value. I look at the player and think for myself: "How much is he worth?" - If they want ridiculous transfer fees, then I find another target or start a long negotiation. Of course, the best players in the world are crazy expensive and the clubs probably just set an unrealistic value. I guess Man Utd did the same with Ronaldo - and they probably got surprised when it got accepted
  13. In FM09 I got a new stadium of 52xxx seats with Sheff Utd. I had approx. £220M-240M in my balance. After the season of 2020(?) I finally got a new stadium So yeah, an awesome balance is a necessity