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  1. Steps to reproduce: N/A - happens randomly. It happened twice in 2 days. Each time it occurred when I used the MOUSE5 button to go on screen back. Crashes uploaded to FTP: (norbak) FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.12.06 14.24.39).dmp (norbak) FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.12.07 17.44.20).dmp Save Game uploaded to FTP: (norbak) barnet.fm
  2. But the workload is still 30% of the players training - even if match prep. workload is low or high? Or am I mistaking?
  3. Definitely an issue is some cases. You'll assume that you'll always have a chance to make a counter-offer. Though, I find it unrealistic that the staff 99 out of a100 times always accept your offer if you raise his salary just a fraction from his current one. Needs to be revamped.
  4. This system have been there since the beginning of SI's first Championship Manager - beginning to change this will change the whole conceptual understanding of how the users of the game rate players. Though, I believe that a bit more dramatic changes in the stats could be an idea or another factor which shows how the skill of the player suddenly increases/decreases based on his current form or if a player hits a mid-twenty breakthrough in his career. Because the current system really limits the possibility for players to SUDDENLY become a bigger part of the team and vice versa. Meaning, it is easy to see if the a young player is going to be a star player, first team, rotation or back-up already when the player is in the beginning of his twenties or earlier. It really limits the possiblity for mid-twenty players to become a key player later in their careers (e.g. Drogba and Bullard (if I remember correctly)). So instead of doing a whole new system, I would rather see more dramatical stat changes IF the player suddenly starts to shine. Or better yet, introduce a new factor or feedback from coaches which tells you that the player have improved significantly and should give the player a larger role in the team. I know, this is already semi-implemented but the current system within this area seems a bit too static when it comes to player development over time.
  5. Finances - Chelsea

    I've been playing an online game where my mate managed Chelsea. He ALWAYS got his dept covered by the board after each season + a new huge transfer budget in the beginning of the new season, so he 'didn't really care' about the ongoing debt throughout the season. Oh yeah, he also got a new 5xxxx seat new stadium at the end of the first season. But to avoid having debt after every season it requires to clear out all the heavy waged backup/rotation players and maybe mutual terminate some of the heavy waged staff. Good luck.
  6. SI uses the rand() function to create these scenarios JUST to annoy the user Or as the other guys implies: bad tacs, over-confidence, other team is 'fired up', players are affected by media comments etc. etc. - annoying yes, but it helps you keep you on your toes. Good luck For me, this is what makes the game awesome
  7. shirt sales.

    Even though Beckham is one of the most well-known players in the world, it is not only because of his skills as a football player but more likely because of his ability to promote himself through PR/commercials etc. - I don't assume that FM takes that into consideration, and they shouldn't. It's FOOTBALL Manager, not Football/PR Manager. Therefore, as a football player, Beckham does not have "boost of shirt sales" potential.
  8. I really don't care about the original transfer value. I look at the player and think for myself: "How much is he worth?" - If they want ridiculous transfer fees, then I find another target or start a long negotiation. Of course, the best players in the world are crazy expensive and the clubs probably just set an unrealistic value. I guess Man Utd did the same with Ronaldo - and they probably got surprised when it got accepted
  9. In FM09 I got a new stadium of 52xxx seats with Sheff Utd. I had approx. £220M-240M in my balance. After the season of 2020(?) I finally got a new stadium So yeah, an awesome balance is a necessity
  10. I've been thinking of somekind of "Fan Popularity" among the players and the manager. Players like Raul, Gerrrard, Terry, Giggs etc. are players who are faithful to their respective clubs and would probably never leave the club's side. Of course, the Informatation tab offers" favoured personel/icon/legend but doesn't really give a picture of _how_ popular the player/manager actual are among the fans. Fan culture is definitely are huge aspect of football and being able to combine this with being a manager, manage the team, the economy, the player's amibition etc. could maybe create some chaos and hard decisions as a manager. Whereas fans just want to keep their favourite players at the clubs the manager/higher management maybe have to think about other aspect outside the football pitch. This could maybe turn into a "fan riot" if trying to sell a player to raise money for the club's bad economy. Or if the player leaves due to "wants to move to a bigger club" the fans maybe feel disgusted by the player (and could maybe give him a hard time the next time he plays against his former team). To make it short, I believe FM needs more fan interaction and feedback than just "happy/disappointed with the win/loss against X" or "Fans happy by new signing". Of course, fans does not have any real power, but they can utter their opionions on transfers, club take over, tactics (e.g. Barcelona/Real Madrid fans wants entertaining football) etc.. This could really make your decisions harder to make and maybe create your own "love for the club" instead of thinking financial just because you get a £60M offer on Gerrard. Will the fans love you... or hate you?
  11. Am I the only one who.......?

    Same. Also happens a lot, when entering tactics --> pressing the arrows left to each player, this way showing the personal instructions on the right side.
  12. Torres to Spurs in FM08 - 77M.
  13. Fifa 10 vs FM 2010

    You can't really compare those two games. VERY different kind of games due to gameplay differences (turn-based vs. real-time) Would be like comparing Civilization and StarCraft But yeah, as mentioned earlier: the obvious choice on this forum? FM!