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  1. Thanks for taking a look but I had already figured out that it was some competition new to FM20. I didn't find it before as it didn't come up when I searched for USA competitions as it's a North American one but when I searched for "leagues cup" it was easy to fix. And thanks for finding that last setting. I probably wouldn't have ever noticed that.
  2. Having recently bought FM20 I have been trying to update my custom database in the 2020 editor but I'm having some serious problems and finding it impossible to verify anything. The database's advanced rules worked fine in the 18 & 19 editors so in theory there should be no reason that they don't work in FM20. However, when I tried to verify the nation rules in the 20 editor I got the error message "new stage 0 for leagues cup can't find enough teams to be created. 4 teams found, 8 needed". But I don't have a "leagues cup" so I have no idea what is causing the error or how to fix it. I tried reverting to basic rules and starting from scratch with the most basic settings. I have 3 divisions with four sub-leagues at each division level. When I tried this at the most basic level possible, no promotion/relegation, no cups etc then it verifies ok in basic rules. However, when I try to start a new save game with this editor data file then FM20 tells me that it needs to be tested and verified in the editor and is therefore unselectable. So I've tried changing back to advanced rules in the editor and verifying it this way but it comes back with the same "new stage 0 for leagues cup can't find enough teams to be created. 4 teams found, 8 needed" error. I'm at a complete loss at to how to fix this as the error seems to be coming from a ghost competition that does not exist. I have uploaded my file in the hope that someone can make some sense of this for me.
  3. All of that I think is doable except you may not be able to get the continental qualifiers to work as you want. The bolded part you can do on "group settings" via the "fixture plan rules"
  4. On the league settings tab you can change the number of points for win, draw & loss. Maybe set all three for the same number of points and then in league sorting rules have goals scored as the first option.
  5. In theory, yes something like this should be possible. Set the competitions first stage as a cup stage. Have every team play in the first round (round 0) (sort teams by reputation or random or however you want). Set the index of next round for winner to "1" for the next round. Set the index of next round for loser to "2" for the round after. Then for rounds 1 & 2 have half the number of teams from round 0. Repeat this for the next few stages. For round 1 (the winners from round 0) set the index of next round for winner to "3" and the index of loser to "4" and again have half the number of teams from rounds 1 & 2. Do the same for round 2 (the losers from round 0). By doing this you can have a competition with multiple rounds pairing teams with identical win/loss records up to that round. The total number of games a team will play will depend on the total number of teams. An 8 team tournament would see all teams playing three games but a 128 team tournament would see teams playing seven games. Basically each round a team plays halves the number of teams from their previous round until there are only two teams remaining in the round. For example the 128 team scenario would have 64 separate rounds for each team's final match. Therefore, although technically possible, this probably wouldn't be much fun to try and create in the editor. The important final step is to create a 2nd stage, this time as a league getting every team in the competition entered into it. Have this stage create no fixtures (untick "create fixtures" on the "league settings" tab. Then go back to stage 0 and on the general tab "process results into stage 1". This will mean that every result in the cup rounds will update the league table, making it possible to see every team in the competition ranked from 1st to last. Hope this helps you create something similar to what you're looking for.
  6. This is a known issue. I posted it in the FM19 bugs forum so hopefully SI will fix it for FM20.
  7. Something is very broken here. Even "get specific teams" ends in a totally random number of teams.
  8. So I've fixed the original problem just by going back to basic rules and changing the season update date to 4th July and going back to advanced rules. Strangely this fix did not work if I changed the date to the 2nd or 3rd of July - this editor is a fickle beast... And now I have another problem, I'm having a real bad day with this. I have a group/league competition which draws teams from a number of divisions and randomly assigns them into groups, meaning that all teams play cross-divisional games. This worked fine in FM18 but attempting to recreate it in FM19 has me stumped. Originally the competition should draw 120 teams from 12 leagues. This is done by "get all teams from divisions". It verifies fine but when I play in game the competition does not get scheduled and the rules tab gives a random number of team and a random number of matches. There seems to be no logic to it, different saves have given me 224, 112, 80, 32 etc teams. My rules should also have teams in a group playing each other once, eliminate draws and have silver goals and penalties if needed. These changes appear to be ignored by the rules tab too. I have tried getting teams by other methods "use team pool" "get league stage teams" and using fewer divisions (even trying with just one division) but the competition still appears to be choosing a random number of teams.
  9. I've just started working on the nation rules for a league structure that I created in FM18 but needed rebuilding from scratch in FM19. I've done all that I can in the basic rules and verified it as working. However, once I've changed it to advanced rules I immediately get the error message when testing "season update day should be between 2nd July and 15th August". I previously had the season update day as 1st July so changed this to 2nd July on the "nation" tab and every competition tab but this did not fix the error. I tried changing the "base year for dates" and "year" to 2018 for every competition. Doing this makes the error change to "should be between 4th July and 17th August". I have also tried changing the "mode (debug version)" to "overrides rules in code" for every competition as this was defaulted to "fixed format rules". I can't see any other setting that needs changing that could be causing this error, and as far as I can see the nation rules that I have edited so far are exactly the same as they were in my FM18 league structure. I'm at a complete loss for what else I can do to fix this, does anyone have any experience of this issue?
  10. Having checked again I can see that my competition logos and trophies work fine but club logos and icons do not work.
  11. I am trying to copy some custom graphics (logos mostly) from FM18 to FM19 but I'm having some problems. When I look at my documents folder for FM19 there is no graphics folder, in fact many of the folders that are in my FM18 documents folder do not exist in FM19. I have created a graphics folder for FM19 and copied all of my FM18 graphics over. They all appear when I open the folder in documents but do not load in game. I have tried clearing the cache and reloading skin but it still does not work. Can someone help please.
  12. Time for an update on the update. I'm currently working hard on an update for 2019. This will be available for FM19 eventually but there's still a huge amount to do and I'm currently still using the 2018 editor. The biggest update for next year is the addition of 40 new teams, taking the total to 160. This includes all 130 FBS schools and 30 leading FCS schools, meaning the service academies Army, Navy and Air Force are finally included. Most of the new teams are in the newly formed DIII, although there has been some shuffling around of teams including Wisconsin and Memphis moving across to the Central region (Big 12 conference and lower). DIII has 8 teams in the West, Central and South conferences and 16 teams in the East conference. Now every state except Alaska and Vermont is represented by at least one team. The College Football Playoff will now be an 8-team tournament, in line with the most common suggestion for a future expansion to the real life Playoff. The Quarter Finals will be played at the home site of a conference winner against another conference's second placed team and the Semi Finals will be as the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. There will also be a slight tweak to the Bowl Game order. Every conference tournament will now include every conference team, in line with how most College Basketball Conference Tournaments are played. There is also a change to the promotion and relegation for every division. Every 10th placed team will be relegated and replaced by the lower division's champion as before but now there will be a promotion-relegation playoff game between 9th-2nd at the home site of the higher division team. This has been added because I was finding that there was not enough variation in conference teams in future years, for example 10+ years into the future most DIII teams have never been promoted and most DI-A teams have never been relegated. This change will ensure greater variety in future years but will not overly change the divisions i.e. too many DI-A teams relegated to lower divisions. The NCAA Tournament, NIT and CIT are mostly unchanged. The biggest change being that every DIII conference will send one team to the NCAA tournament. One big change is that there is no longer a College Cup. This is because it was formerly for the DI-A teams that did not make the 24-team College Football Playoff and DI-AA teams but with the Playoff now being only 8 teams and the Conference tournaments being expanded I just can't fit the tournament into the calendar, nor do I know which teams would play in it. The College World Series is also mostly unchanged, except that the DIII Conference Tournament champions will qualify for the Super Regional stage rather than the runners ups of the DI-A Conference Tournaments. The DII Playoff has also been removed and is now the DIII Playoff. This will be a 28-team tournament, the same as the real life College Football DII Playoff. I think this mostly covers the changes to the competition formats. Unfortunately, to be able to make the DIII level a proper parent-child format like the other divisions and to add the DIII teams to the non-conference schedule I will need to revert back to basic rules and therefore will need to build every competition from scratch. This will take a long time to complete but the good news is that every competition format change outlined above has been created and tested and works to satisfaction.
  13. I love this, thank you so much for playing and enjoying. Please keep it going.
  14. I've been thinking about making some changes to this database lately. I'm unlikely to make it again for FM19, I don't know how it works about transferring databases to newer games, if that's even possible? Simple cosmetic things like, updating managers and coaching staff's, including salaries, a few tweaks to club reputations, stadium names, new stadiums, Bowl games etc. Also, I've been thinking about changing the DI College Football Playoff. I definitely want to have more than the four team Playoff used in real life but I think the 24 team tournament is too many for the very top competition in game. It should be the most difficult competition to qualify for and to win and I think that teams finishing 6th in their conference shouldn't have the possibility to win the National Championship. I'm considering changing it to 8 teams (e.g. SEC #1 vs Big Ten #2, Pac-12 #1 vs Big 12 #2, etc in the quarter finals and then semi and final as normal) and playing it at around the same time as the Bowl Games, and also perhaps changing it so that teams 1 & 2 only play in the Playoff and therefore the Bowl Games are for 3rd place in each DI conference downwards, but I don't know if I can fit it in that window, before the College Basketball tournaments begin. I'm also not particularly happy with how the pre-season invitational tournaments work currently. I like how to game selects local teams to their regional tournament, i.e. picking some Texas-based teams for the Texas Invitational and how this is largely random, but I don't like how some teams can be chosen for more than one tournament in the same year, messing up the calendar. I also don't like how each one is a separate tournament, it makes too many tournaments to have to scroll/search through and makes the tournaments pages look too cluttered. I'm thinking about making it so that it's just one overall tournament with each separate tournament being a separate stage (similar to how the Bowl games work). Then having 15 8-team tournaments (including all 120 teams all placed in a tournament at random) all happening at the same time, each with 8 teams and playing the same schedule. Each tournament would include consolation brackets so that every team plays three games. Meaning that as well as the usual 1/4>1/2>final pathway, having a consolation semi final round for the quarter final losing teams and then matches for 3rd place, 5th place and 7th place. Also, I have no idea if I can make this work, but making it so that all results get added to the "non-conference games" stage standings, and therefore added to the "conference standings" for the main part of the season". This would make the pre-season invitational tournaments work more closely to how they work in College Basketball, where the results from those games are included in every team's overall schedule/resume. However, all of these changes are unlikely to happen before January as I'm just too busy with other stuff right now, sorry.
  15. The tournament directly after the conferences have played all 18 games? Between the top 6 teams in each conference, the winner qualifying for the College World Series? That shouldn't be the case, there should be tournaments for all conferences, as otherwise there would only be 8 qualifiers for the College World Series, i.e. the top two in each DI Conference Tournament. I will have to take a look at that if it's wrong.
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