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  1. Hi, coming back to this idea after a long break. The competition structures have changed from the original post but the main problem remains. I have 12 divisions that I want to combine into one league table. However, the divisions take a different percentage of points across to the combined table. The top four divisions take 100% of points across, the next four take 66% and the final four divisions take 33% of points across to the combined league table. What i have managed to do so far is to create a new competition and use "transfer standings" to take the correct percentage of points for each division into the new competition. However "transfer standings" only allows for one competition stage to be copied across to one stage of the new competition. Therefore, my new competition has 12 stages, each having all teams from one division with the correct percentage points total for the new competition. Now comes the problem. I cannot get the standings from these 12 stages into a 13th stage which combines the standings from the 12 stages. In existing league structures that have combined league tables (e.g. apertura and clausura leagues) there is a tick box on the "league settings" screen "process results into stage". In here i can set the results from each stage to be processed into stage 13. However, this does not work and stage 13 has 0 fixtures for each team. I think that this doesn't work because stages 1-12 do not actually have any fixtures and the "transfer standings" option used to get the points across effectively sets the starting points for each separate stage but with no additional fixtures there are no results to process into stage 13. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks. I really appreciate that. Anyone else still playing this? Any problems found at all? Through two seasons the only thing I have found is that the Non-conference schedule doesn't record team or player stats (it always says "this competition has not been played yet"). I think this may have something to do with the lack of ranking levels but haven't tested any fix yet. I'm planning an update soon that will completely overhaul the post season competitions. Basically I have finally figured out how to get rankings working for multi-stage competitions. Therefore, the NCAA Tournament, NIT, CIT and College World Series are all bracketed properly to ensure that the fixtures for all rounds are drawn correctly and played in the correct stadiums. I have also expanded the CWS to 12 teams and matched the format to the SEC Baseball tournament. All 12 conference champions are now entered, the DI-A teams receive a 1st round bye and DI-AA and DII champions play a single elimination 1st round, with the remaining tournament unchanged from before (double elimination). I have also condensed the NCAA Tournament, NIT and CIT into less time (2 ties per week rather than 1 previously for the NCAA Tournament). This aligns the schedule more closely to real life and ensures less of a wait until the College Football Playoff for teams that are knocked out early in the NCAA Tournament. Finally, I have figured out how to add all of the remaining bowl games into a single competition (will actually be split into 3 competitions to make it more easy to navigate on screen). The New Years Six bowl games will remain but will no longer be "conference championship games" or added to the main conference page. Qualifying teams for each bowl game is also changed to be closer to real life (although 100% accuracy is impossible) e.g. the Rose Bowl will feature PAC-12 and Big Ten champions. I also wanted to completely rewrite the qualification rules for the CFP. Ideally this would combine all 12 conferences into 1 table and include non-conference schedule and would pick all 24 qualified teams from this table. Each conference would be weighted in order of importance i.e. DI-A teams would take 100% of points, DI-AA would take 66% and DII would take 33% of points across to the combined league standings. This would mean that a DI-AA team could qualify for the CFP but that it would favour DI-A teams. I'm able to use "transfer standings" to take the weighted conference points across but using the method to take stage results into a new stage (i.e. the way the game works apertura and clausura leagues) does not work because I have to create 12 new stages to move the weighted points across before combining them into one table and the new stages that I have made do not actually have any results to process into the combined table (basically "transfer standings" allows leagues to set up "starting points totals" before a new round of fixtures is played. Sadly therefore, I am 99% certain that what I wanted to achieve is impossible to do in FM.
  3. samba23

    Group Champion History - Youth Level

    I have a youth rating of 150 for USA on my database and by 2024 USA is ranked 5-10 in the world.
  4. samba23

    [FM 18] 8-Tier US Pyramid Issues

    Not sure if this will help but on the "competition" tab of the competition there is an option "last day of season stage index" maybe you can use this to tell the database that the final is the last stage of the competition. Hope this helps.
  5. samba23

    Group Champion History - Youth Level

    I don't think this is possible. Why do you have the league split into groups? Does it have to be one league split into groups? If you change your league from one league with groups to several regional leagues then you can have the champions as part of the league history for each. Then you would make the playoffs into a separate competition that the league teams would qualify for.
  6. samba23

    Increasing Number of registered players

    It's inside the "Norway" tab on the left side of the screen list
  7. Also fixed is the U19 competition. Competition now runs from September to December (mirrors real life College Football season). Groups remain the same but teams now play 14 fixtures (1 round, home or away). Matches are all played on Friday at 8:30. Each team now has 1 bye week. Also fixed is the propensity for teams to arrange friendlies, teams now only arrange friendlies before the season, none during the season and none after the season ends in December. Players who have played 15 matches for the first team are still ineligible for the Varsity Team. In reality this has little effect due to the short Varsity season.
  8. NCAA.CollegeFootball.v1.1 is out now. Check the link on the opening post for the download. New Features; U19 "Junior Varsity" teams added for all teams U19 league added Awards added - includes team of the year, player of the year and coach of the year for all conferences, NCAA Tournament and College World Series Training grounds created for all teams, used as home venue for varsity teams Squad registration and squad numbers for all conferences - teams can have maximum of 85 players Fixes/Improvements Seeding for National Invitation Tournament fixed Fixed draws improved for NIT and College Invitation Tournament Kick-off times and TV fixtures for some competitions corrected Youth intake now comes as "youth candidates" managers can choose to sign or release youth intake players Hashtags added for all teams - many featuring a famous team slogan/fight song/alternate nickname etc Reputations altered for invitational competitions - highest now 120, lowest now 90 History added for Coach of the Year Expansion capacities removed for most stadiums - this was not working and was stopping teams from building new stadiums Recently announced sponsorship deals added - e.g. Washington to Addidas Some sponsorship deals changed to future dates - e.g USC stadium sponsor to come into effect in 2019 New California Director of Football added Various name changes - e.g. American Athletic Conference short name now AAC (previously American Athletic) Bob Stoops and Les Miles changed from out of contract managers (would never get jobs) to retired
  9. Junior Varsity Teams By popular demand all 120 teams now feature a reserve team in the form of an U19's. Teams are known as [full team name] Junior Varsity Team, shortened down to [short team name] JV. These teams are for U19 players only and are designed primarily to reduce the squad numbers for the first team. It is for U19's to try and mimic real-life where Freshmen often do not play at all in their first year of college. The 120 teams are split into 8 groups of 15 teams by region. Each team plays every in-state opposing team and teams from nearby states. The groups are; Group 1 - Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota & Idaho Group 2 - California, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico Group 3 - Texas, Oklahoma Group 4 - Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Wyoming Group 5 - Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Wisconsin Group 6 - Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina Group 7 - Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana Group 8 - Florida, Georgia, North Carolina Teams play each team in their group twice and no teams from other groups (28 in total). I would have preferred for teams to play opponents only once and to play some matches against teams from other groups. Sadly, there is less flexibility in rules when making reserve competitions so this was not possible. Also, if there was no U19 competition then teams would hardly arrange any friendlies but when a 1-round competition (14 matches) was added teams would arrange friendlies all the time. This means that the Varsity teams could play 40+ games per year, whereas the first team might play only 27 competitive matches. Obviously this was far from ideal, therefore all teams now play 2 rounds for each competition (so that teams at least play more local games). There is nothing in the editor to control the number of friendlies arranged so teams can often play several friendlies before and after the U19 competition matches. There is a setting in game to set how frequently reserve matches can be arranged so I would recommend using this option to limit the number of friendlies played by your team. In real-life Freshmen are allowed to not play in their first year, without losing a year of eligibility to play (standard eligibility is 4 years). This is known as being "redshirted" and is very common for all but the best Freshmen, who are ready to play right away. A freshman can be unofficially red-shirted at the start of their first year and this redshirt can be "burned" if the player is needed for the first team due to injuries or because they have performed well in practice. If a player's redshirt is burned then they lose their extra year of eligibility. To try and mimic this in-game all U19 players are eligible to play for the Varsity Team at the start of each season but once they have played more than 15 games (the smallest number allowed by the editor) for the first-team then they are no longer eligible for the Varsity team for that season.
  10. Update is very nearly ready. But in the meantime here's something that I've wanted to add for ages but hadn't been able to get working until now. Awards There are many awards in College Football. The most prestigious is the Heisman Trophy, given to the best player in College Football. There are also awards given for the best player in every position, named after great former-players. The team of the year is also chosen, known as the "All-America Team". There are also several different awards for coach of the year. Each conference also picks its own best player, team of the year, coach of the year and some conferences also award best players in each position. In this database I have end of year awards given for best player (Heisman), top goalscorer (Maxwell), coach of the year and awards for every position (GK, RB, LB, CB, DM, LM, RM, CM, AMC, ST). I have tried to match awards as best I can e.g. defensive awards in real life are given to defensive players in game. Also, there are teams of the year for each division. 1st XI for DI-A, 2nd XI for DI-AA, 3rd XI for DII. These are chosen from players across all conferences in each division. Each conference also gives out player of the year, coach of the year and All-Conference team of the year. These awards are given out at the end of conference play. The NCAA Tournament also selects All-Tournament teams at the end of each regional bracket and after the Final Four. Finally, I have All-Tournament team and Most Outstanding Player for the College World Series.
  11. Theoretically yes. But it would require 16 separate regional tournaments of 4 teams to get it exactly right, so wouldn't be very user friendly having to scroll through 16 different competitions.
  12. Varsity teams update; All reserve teams are now created, with first-team training grounds created and used as home-venues for reserve teams. Teams now add more U19 players at the start of the first season to help fill out the reserve teams. This means that each team will have more than the 16-18 players previously at the start of the fist season, making the game more playable from the start of the first season. I can create a reserve league structure that copies the conference structure. This would mean that the varsity teams would play 16 "competitive" matches per season, during the regular conference season of Oct-Feb. That's easy to do. However, I want to try and create a regional reserve structure. This would mean that the divisions do not copy the main conferences. I.e. no promotion and relegation and the divisions would always stay the same. I feel like this would be more realistic, e.g. Texas teams would play all other Texas teams plus Oklahoma teams but no "competitive" games against teams from other states. I feel like this would be more realistic as a varsity competition as teams would only play local games and the travel would be far less.
  13. Yes. In real-life the College World Series is the final 8 teams of the larger 64-team NCAA baseball tournament. I already have a 68-team NCAA tournament (March Madness) and the calendar is already full so it's better just to have an 8-team tournament but it's just frustrating that I couldn't figure out a way to make a 64-team double elimination tournament that would work properly.
  14. Not yet. Update likely tomorrow.