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  1. Not an expert so willing to be proven wrong, but I think the training ground listed for its given team is in its actual-self entirely irrelevant, which is to say that the relevant database entries that determine "training" are under the "stadium" tab in the editor. Specifically, the "training", "youth training" etc attributes. I think the only times having a training ground actually listed for a team is actually necessary is if a reserve/youth team has its home matches played there.
  2. I have conflicting feelings on this. One one hand it was patently obvious that there was never going to be a senate majority to convict. And yet... I feel like the prosecution made a big mistake in focusing mainly on Trump's "speech to incite insurrection" even though they broadened their scope to include all of Trump's rhetoric in promoting the "big lie" pre and post election, and all his previous words approving of violent actions. It was easy for the defense to argue against this, even if most of their arguments were ridiculous "fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight" by simpl
  3. To be fair to him he is a QB coach for his son's High School team
  4. True. Although him throwing a couple of absolute ducks straight to Oklahoma DB's had little to do with Florida playing 2nd string WR's
  5. Haven't seen any talk of Ridder for the draft. He's only a Junior and I would expect him to return for his Senior year. Trask had a shocker in Florida's Bowl Game (3 int's, 2 in 1st quarter iirc) which will likely affect his draft stock. Will be interesting to see what Mac Jones does tonight vs Notre Dame. Wasn't even expected to be Alabama's starter after Tua but has been really impressive this year. Fields has had a couple of iffy games vs decent opposition but if he does well tonight vs Clemson I would expect him to be favourite to be #2 overall after Lawrence,
  6. If you were desperate for Spring football FCS College Football is playing a Spring schedule after cancelling the Fall season. Will be fun watching North Dakota State win their 9th title in 10 years, or whatever it is
  7. Interesting. I work at an airport and the only regular international flights we've had have been to Dublin, Amsterdam, Canaries, Dubai and Turkey. I wonder how many other countries will be considering banning UK flights
  8. You might want to test this with just a few cities first. I tried doing the same thing in FM19 but found that there were no regens ever from the newly created cities. I posted it into the bugs forum but I don't know if it was ever fixed.
  9. Hi I'm not sure if my database linked above is exactly what you're looking for. What I have set up is multiple divisions, for simplicities sake lets say 16 leagues with 10 teams each. Then I have a separate competition with every team included, with 16 groups of 10 teams, with it set up so that each group has one team from each division, i.e. no team plays another team from their league in this competition. The results from this competition are then added to each league, to end up with a combined league table, i.e. 18 league games (9x2), plus 9 extra "non-divisional" games for a comb
  10. But on the opposite side of the argument you have the recent examples of Herbert, Murray and Burrow, who all started very early and have looked very good so far. I was surprised to see Miami decide to go with Tua so early but they've obviously comfortable enough with his fitness following his hip injury that he doesn't need a medical red-shirt and his upside is far higher than Fitzpatrick's.
  11. Notre Dame's home games are all on NBC, who now owns Sky, ergo Notre Dame's home games are on Sky NFL now.
  12. I don't understand how Trump could get the China virus, he banned China in February even though the Democrats didn't want him to
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