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  1. Smart thinking from Southgate to rest Sancho and Rashford for the knockout rounds. That is what he's doing, right? Right?!
  2. I have always used Steam to buy Football Manager ever since it was required rather than just buying the CD instore. However, I am having problems with my Steam account and find the customer service with Steam absolutely appalling so I was considering buying FM21 via Epic Games instead. Is the pre-game editor available to download with Epic Games? And to a lesser importance is the Resource Archiver available too? I can see the in-game editor is available to buy but I cannot see anything about the pre-game editor
  3. It's at about 250,000 changes but like I said Editor 2019 works fine with an almost identically sized editor file
  4. I have tried deleting the caches and uninstalling the editor but it has made no noticeable difference. Changing a setting on the advanced rules, which takes minutes to execute is using an average of 3.5% CPU and 588.8MB/8GB memory. Overall use is constant at 67% memory and peaked at 20% CPU use but averages at 9-11% use. For comparison, performing the same action on the 2019 editor on a slightly older version of the same editor file takes far less time <10 seconds, used an average of 3.5% CPU and 315.5MB memory.
  5. I am having real issues with using the 2021 editor. It is running really slowly for me and everything is taking far too long for me to edit, making this year's version practically unusable. For example, when I tried to add a new stadium, when I clicked on the button to add the city it took 2 minutes 52 seconds for the search box to open and 2 minutes 12 seconds for the editor to add the city to the stadium after I clicked on the required city. It is running this slowly for almost everything I try to edit and verifying the nation rules takes approximately 30 minutes when it should take less than 5. I have tried performing the same actions on the 2019 editor to see if it is an issue with my computer rather than the 2021 editor. The stadium edits that took so long on the 2021 version took less than 5 seconds to perform on the 2019 version. Is there some setting that I can change on the 2021 editor, or anything else I can do to make it run faster? I am seriously considering loading my 2021 editor file back into the 2019 editor and just edit everything in that version, although I am not sure if this would cause some issues, coming from a newer database to an older version.
  6. Not an expert so willing to be proven wrong, but I think the training ground listed for its given team is in its actual-self entirely irrelevant, which is to say that the relevant database entries that determine "training" are under the "stadium" tab in the editor. Specifically, the "training", "youth training" etc attributes. I think the only times having a training ground actually listed for a team is actually necessary is if a reserve/youth team has its home matches played there.
  7. You might want to test this with just a few cities first. I tried doing the same thing in FM19 but found that there were no regens ever from the newly created cities. I posted it into the bugs forum but I don't know if it was ever fixed.
  8. Hi I'm not sure if my database linked above is exactly what you're looking for. What I have set up is multiple divisions, for simplicities sake lets say 16 leagues with 10 teams each. Then I have a separate competition with every team included, with 16 groups of 10 teams, with it set up so that each group has one team from each division, i.e. no team plays another team from their league in this competition. The results from this competition are then added to each league, to end up with a combined league table, i.e. 18 league games (9x2), plus 9 extra "non-divisional" games for a combined 27 games.
  9. Thanks for taking a look but I had already figured out that it was some competition new to FM20. I didn't find it before as it didn't come up when I searched for USA competitions as it's a North American one but when I searched for "leagues cup" it was easy to fix. And thanks for finding that last setting. I probably wouldn't have ever noticed that.
  10. Having recently bought FM20 I have been trying to update my custom database in the 2020 editor but I'm having some serious problems and finding it impossible to verify anything. The database's advanced rules worked fine in the 18 & 19 editors so in theory there should be no reason that they don't work in FM20. However, when I tried to verify the nation rules in the 20 editor I got the error message "new stage 0 for leagues cup can't find enough teams to be created. 4 teams found, 8 needed". But I don't have a "leagues cup" so I have no idea what is causing the error or how to fix it. I tried reverting to basic rules and starting from scratch with the most basic settings. I have 3 divisions with four sub-leagues at each division level. When I tried this at the most basic level possible, no promotion/relegation, no cups etc then it verifies ok in basic rules. However, when I try to start a new save game with this editor data file then FM20 tells me that it needs to be tested and verified in the editor and is therefore unselectable. So I've tried changing back to advanced rules in the editor and verifying it this way but it comes back with the same "new stage 0 for leagues cup can't find enough teams to be created. 4 teams found, 8 needed" error. I'm at a complete loss at to how to fix this as the error seems to be coming from a ghost competition that does not exist. I have uploaded my file in the hope that someone can make some sense of this for me.
  11. All of that I think is doable except you may not be able to get the continental qualifiers to work as you want. The bolded part you can do on "group settings" via the "fixture plan rules"
  12. On the league settings tab you can change the number of points for win, draw & loss. Maybe set all three for the same number of points and then in league sorting rules have goals scored as the first option.
  13. In theory, yes something like this should be possible. Set the competitions first stage as a cup stage. Have every team play in the first round (round 0) (sort teams by reputation or random or however you want). Set the index of next round for winner to "1" for the next round. Set the index of next round for loser to "2" for the round after. Then for rounds 1 & 2 have half the number of teams from round 0. Repeat this for the next few stages. For round 1 (the winners from round 0) set the index of next round for winner to "3" and the index of loser to "4" and again have half the number of teams from rounds 1 & 2. Do the same for round 2 (the losers from round 0). By doing this you can have a competition with multiple rounds pairing teams with identical win/loss records up to that round. The total number of games a team will play will depend on the total number of teams. An 8 team tournament would see all teams playing three games but a 128 team tournament would see teams playing seven games. Basically each round a team plays halves the number of teams from their previous round until there are only two teams remaining in the round. For example the 128 team scenario would have 64 separate rounds for each team's final match. Therefore, although technically possible, this probably wouldn't be much fun to try and create in the editor. The important final step is to create a 2nd stage, this time as a league getting every team in the competition entered into it. Have this stage create no fixtures (untick "create fixtures" on the "league settings" tab. Then go back to stage 0 and on the general tab "process results into stage 1". This will mean that every result in the cup rounds will update the league table, making it possible to see every team in the competition ranked from 1st to last. Hope this helps you create something similar to what you're looking for.
  14. This is a known issue. I posted it in the FM19 bugs forum so hopefully SI will fix it for FM20.
  15. Something is very broken here. Even "get specific teams" ends in a totally random number of teams.
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