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  1. I have just had this too. Was managing both teams so thought maybe that had caused it but maybe not. Very frustrating.
  2. I have created a league where all teams have a coloured home kit and a white away kit. I want to have it so that some teams have a second coloured kit that is used instead of the home kit for a specific competition (i.e. FA cup only). I can see on the kits and colors tab for each club that there is the option for a third kit and settings for "competition" "year" and "alternative kit number", If I set my chosen competition on the "competition" option would this make it the preferred first choice kit, preferred away kit or only used if a kit clash? (which wouldn't ever happen due to all away kits being white). Do I need to set an "alternative kit number"? Do I need to specify a year? Is what I want to do at all possible? Thanks in advance.
  3. Don't know if you need it to be done with specific groups - i.e. 1Av2B, 2Av1B etc but I've managed to do this generally i.e all 1st place v 2nd place. You need to go to Teams and select "get qualified teams from stage" select the appropriate stages, then use team index "0" and "all teams get same seeding - 0" and then copy this but with 1's instead. Then go to Valid Cup Draw Rules for the specific round and "place seedings together - 0 & 1" and this should work ok. I have a separate problem in that I want 1Av1B, 2Av2B etc. In theory on Valid Cup Draw Rules "keep teams from same group together" should fix this but it isn't working for me?
  4. I have created an American league structure with 3 divisions of 32 teams, each split into 4 groups of 8 teams (96 teams in total). Each division is regionalised, with 1 promotion and relegation spot between each group (4 in total). Separate from the main league structure I have 2 other divisions involving all 96 teams. Firstly, I have all 96 teams split into 3 groups of 32 (randomised). Each team plays one team from each group (3 matches total). Secondly, I have all 96 teams split into 24 groups of 4 (regionalised). Each team plays all opponents from their group (3 matches total). I would like to have it so that the results from both of these additional leagues are added to all of the main divisions. Will this be possible using advanced editor/basic editor/at all? I have tried using the advanced editor, using; add stages from comp, add stages to comp, transfer standings and add extra league games. By using the add stages to/from comp I have been able to link the divisions so that in game the league tables from the additional leagues are viewable on the drop-down bit of the "stages" tab on the main league pages. However, I do not know if it's possible to achieve using "transfer standings" as it appears that it is only possible to select one division to transfer to. I've also had problems where when verifying I get the error message "a team in group 0 has played more than the maximum number of games, (9 games) than the rest of the group (3 games), and it has broken the promotion/relegation so that now only 2 teams are promoted/relegated rather than 4.
  5. I have created an USA college league but am having some problems getting the champions playoff working as intended. The league is split into 4 groups (A, B, C & D) of 12 teams with the top 5 from each group qualifying for the champions playoff. I want to have it so that each group winner receives a bye to the quarter finals and the remaining 16 teams play two earlier rounds. I have included an image of how this looks in tree format. Currently the four teams receiving byes are chosen by league points rather than position (so two teams from the same group can receive a bye). How can I change this to the group winners? I also want to have it so that each separate four team bracket in the first round come from separate groups and that a 2nd placed group team plays a 5th placed group team and a 3rd placed team plays a 4th placed team. I.e A2vB5 and C3vB4 and so on. Is it possible to do this via the team indices for next stage page on advanced rules?
  6. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Rooney doesn't have the technical ability to control a football with one touch. Awful, awful midfield player.
  7. There actually are tournaments that have the same 24 team format - the U20 and U17 World Cups. Below are all the 4th ranked 3rd placed teams that qualified from each tournament U20 WC 2015 - Hungary 3 points and +1 GD 2013 - Ghana 3 points and 0 GD 2011 - Guatemala 3 points and -10 GD 2009 - Costa Rica 3 points and -3 GD 2007 - Brazil 3 points and -1 GD 2005 - Chile 3 points and -1 GD 2003 - Canada 3 points and -2 GD 2001 - Australia 4 points and -1 GD 1999 - Costa Rica 4 points and -1 GD 1997 - UAE 3 points and -8 GD U17 WC 2015 - Australia 4 points and -2 GD 2013 - Russia 3 points and +2 GD 2011 - Argentina 3 points and -4 GD 2009 - UAE 3 points and -5 GD 2007 - Tajikistan 3 points and -1 GD So only three times in 15 tournaments has 4 points been necessary to qualify
  8. England V Russia - Group B - ITV1 KO: 20:00

    With Dier in the middle of the 3? Playing more defensive than the other two? Dropping deeper when the full backs push forward? In other words a 4-4-2 diamond.
  9. Game 1 - France VS Romania (10/06/2016 8pm)

    Payet will get all of the attention for his amazing goal but Kante is just incredible. We're all aware of his defensive ability, most tackles (three) and most interceptions (five) but his passing was almost faultless (91.9% completed), most passes completed (79 compared to Matuidi and Pogba with 52 and 50 respectively). However, his passing was almost always purposeful (39 passes forwards compared to 13 backwards). I can go further to highlight this by looking at who he passed to most. Sidebar - it really annoys me when people say Rooney is good in midfield because he's good at switching play. I am much more interested in a CM who can play short vertical passes that intersect two opposing midfielders, thus breaking the lines and finding an AMC in a pocket of space. Incidentally this is exactly what Kante did perfectly to assist Payet's goal today (although I doubt most people even noticed him playing the pass). To compare the two; for Man Utd v Aston Villa Rooney's most common passing options were Valencia and Borthwick-Jackson with 16 apiece, whereas he passed to Mata 11 times and Carrick 10 times. Suggesting that Rooney plays most passes to the full backs. Kante, however, today played 15 passes to Matuidi and 14 passes each to Payet and Pogba and only 7 to Evra and 6 to Sagna. Suggesting that Kante prompted France's attacking play by passing centrally to more advanced midfielders, rather than backwards or sideways, as perfectly illustrated by his assist for Payet's goal. To sum up - Kante is an extraordinary player and so much more than just a "defensive destroyer"
  10. Portugal - Euro 2016

    Agreed. Renato Sanches, William Carvalho and Ruben Neves have all been much more hyped but for me Joao Mario is Portugal's best young midfielder
  11. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Gabriel Jesus was excellent at the U20 World Cup. I've seen him a few times for Palmeiras' first team and he's played well without excellng. Joao Pedro was very good too but I'm not sure if he regularly starts for the first team. Would be happy with both of those, providing they don't cost too much.
  12. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    It obvious isn't it? We weren't scouting Renato Sanches or Lindelof at Benfica, we were scouting Gaitan. This transfer window will be the one when we finally sign him.
  13. Germany Provisional Squad (27 Man)

    Schweinsteiger Podolski Only one recognised full back Aside from that... quality squad
  14. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    England's best player at the last World Cup
  15. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Do you watch Townsend play? He never passes, it's all cut inside and shoot from distance