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  1. Hi, Any news on the new start date for Wales 2021 FMM? Cheers, Sam
  2. Hi Guys, Same issue with FM2021 by the time the game starts your team have already played competitive fixtures on the 1st day of the season start so you can already be knocked out of a cup before even start! This is on Football Manager Mobile.
  3. Just reposting since the Feb 2020 transfer update this to see if anyone can recommend any Welsh league based players or any tips for decent players to sign/clubs to manage? I love the inclusion of the Cymru North and South in this one.
  4. I play as Ammanford as they start off as Amateur with a 250 capacity stadium and poor training and youth so its a real challenge to build them up as a club, + you get the mighty Lee Trundle and Andy Robinson to play with from the start! Players worth signing are Noah Daley and Sameron Dool!
  5. Hi, Just thought I would start a thread to see if anyone is playing the Welsh League (Welsh Prem, Cymru North/South). I love playing these leagues and was over the moon when S.I included Cymru North and South for the first time! Just wondered if anyone: -Has done well in Europe? -Can recommend any clubs to play as? -And most importantly any gems to sign from the Welsh Leagues?
  6. Hi, Is that is now for FM2020 for transfer updates? I am not complaining its more just to see if I should hold off starting a new game if there will be more planned? Cheers.
  7. Does it actually start on the 22nd of July on the main game as well? In past seasons it has always been around the 1st July as well for the main game. (I have not played this years main game)
  8. Sounds like a good career, I always find the performance of all my players drop the more the team achieve ie.. I start to sign better and better players and regens of top players but the team never score as many goals as they do in the first few seasons when the players where worse on paper.
  9. Thank you Louie, I was hoping it would be in the update released last night, I appreciate you coming back to me, I can't think it takes anymore than a 2 second change on the master program or whatever it is to change the date of the season start.
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