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  1. Hi guys, would this laptop be a good deal for FM 2017 - or a tad overkill? Not certain what's the bare minimum for i5 or i7 as never owned a laptop before solely for FM purposes. Thanks! - 150k players - Preferably 8-10 leagues (at least till second tier) - Online play with a couple of friends URL: http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/y700-series/y700-15-inch/ It is the Lenovo Y700.
  2. Nice skin mate! However guys, I have a small question. When using the default, I have minimal or zero lagging issues when clicking a player profile (loads up picture and own customised view). However, when I use opz elite, it will take at least 2-3 second of loading before opening the next screen; regardless of whichever tabs opened. Is it due to graphics card or processor? I never had any issue with customised skins in FM 2013. Thanks!
  3. the game will be released here at 8am (singapore time), and i've got to report work at 830am.
  4. Nice work mate! A definite must have skin!
  5. thanks, looking forward to it.
  6. It works each time if we play non-network game. I tried sending him my saved game, and see if it works if he host it. Fortunately, he will be able to see the fixtures and competition details but not me (who joined). Anyways, its okay. Will try figure out slowly. Thanks for such a good database!
  7. Yeap I know that he didn't enter those 3. But what he were able to see in fixtures of his club, other clubs participating those 2 domestic and other tabs were just domestic competitions. Other than that, the panels, competition under fixtures list is just blanks. And yea, we both have same files as we tried it over at my house. Regardless, the host is able to see every detail except those who joined.
  8. Nice database. My mate and I downloaded the files and placed them accordingly. But when we launch a network game, only the host is able to see competitions played in the Fixtures as well as the Top panel. My mate who joined the game is unable to see what competition he is playing in his fixtures list other than FA Cup, League Cup and Champs League. Anyway to resolve this?
  9. It started out damn well. Conceding 1 in 10 games, winning all of them. All of a sudden, I draw 4 games in a row. All of which I was leading by 2-0 end up 2-2 or 3-0 to 3-3
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