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  1. Yep,i just treat CL the same as a cup match, if there is complacency before a cup match I go for Expect a Win
  2. Yeah sorry mate, stitched you up a bit there, shouldn't really have said I don't use individual team talks as Have Faith has to be selected individually, doh! What I meant is that I don't give any different individual team talks. You should definitely stick with have faith in the game you mention, I never ever use you can win, wish luck or anything like that. Have a look at the team talk feedback after the game, you will hopefully see some positive responses
  3. I don't use any individual team talks, I prefer just to address the team as a whole and it seems to work extremely well. I nearly managed an unbeaten season with West Ham using these team talks and the Classic version of your tactic, lost game 37 away at Old Trafford 2-1 Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
  4. There is a link to an excel spreadsheet within the thread which summarises things quite nicely for those with a short attention span like me. For anyone looking for a far more simple system, there was a thread on here by Zero Sea which strongly advocated using Have Faith on all your players both before the game and at half time, and I have to say having tried it that the results have been very impressive. I have evolved that idea somewhat now and in tandem with Mr H's tactics have had plenty of success. Basically now before a game I do this Any complacency reported - I expect a win Local
  5. Mazza There is a thread about three quarters of the way down the first page
  6. Mr Hough, I hope your latest tactic is an improvement, I only managed a paltry 51 game unbeaten run in the league with West Ham with the Classic version!
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to play against a Liverpool style 4-2-3-1 formation (2 DM's AML/AMC/AMR)? I am on the verge of winning my 3rd title with West Ham but I struggle in the Champions League because I come up against this formation quite often and always lose.
  8. I thought that when you went on holiday, it only meant that your assistant had to start with your tactic as well, not that he had to stick with it for the whole game
  9. Have to agree that the patch has killed these tactics. The pre patch ones took advantage of a weakness in the match engine with regard to through balls to quick strikers which has now been addressed in the new patch
  10. Pointon, what are you doing with team talks at the moment? I usually leave mine to the assistant, but he seems fixated on "you can win this" and Wolfsong who wrote about the only guide I've ever seen about teamtalks seems to think that "you can win this" is the wrong way to go on the most recent patch. The tactic itself has been working fantastically well on my Dover save. We got promoted from the Blue Square Premier only losing 2 league games (a lot of draws mind you) and we got to the 6th round of the FA Cup knocking out West Ham and West Brom along the way. Although we've started Ok in L
  11. Beat West Ham in the 3rd round of the FA Cup with this tactic and I'm Dover in the Blue Square Premier. Only downside is that I am a West Ham supporter
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