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  1. Superb work Mr Rosler, tactic has got the Hammers on fire, and even when we don't win, the football is still a joy to watch. I particularly like the fact that you have got an attack minded tactic working so well, I did manage to get West Ham into 4th in my first season, but the tactic I had developed was attrtitional and although successful was boring to watch as it spent too much time stopping the opposition playing and not enough attacking. Really got me enjoying the game again
  2. Welcome back Rashidi, all the best people joined in 2003!
  3. Overall Rating 3/10 Game should now be called Morale Manager. Morale takes over the game too much, either go on really long bad runs or really long unbeaten runs, to the extent that in my final save I won the Premier League in the first season with West Ham! Have now lost interest completely, this is the version of the series which I have binned most quickly. Maybe it's just me but I am just not interested in Press Conferences and Team Talks etc
  4. After a lot of struggling, I've finally got the Hammers firing using a 4-4-2 My basic set up is Gk - Sweeper Keeper RB - FB Attack LB - FB Attack CB - LD Defend CB - CD Defend RM- W Attack MCL - DLP Defend MCR - AP Support LM - W Support FCL - AF Attack FCR- DLF Support I won't name any players I've signed, but I agree you need a RM, however I've stuck with JOB and Demel as right backs and they have done fine. I have replaced Jussi in goal, particularly as I like to play a sweeper keeper, and his poor old legs are not up to the job. A few other pointers I have found it best to have one centre back on Man Marking and one on Zonal marking due to the fact that so many teams play one up top, and this stops both the centre backs chasing the striker and leaving gaping holes for the ACM. My wide men are set up to offer different threats, the right sided midfielder is set to hug touchline and get crosses in, whereas the left is set to cut inside, and quite often gets on the end of crosses. I do not have anyone set as Playmaker or Targetman, as I mentioned I ues a DLP and an AP, which gives you a player in the gaps between the defence and midfield and the midfield and the strikers. When using a 4-4-2 in the Prem, you come up against a lot of 4-2-3-1 type formations, I believe that is essential to use OI's on the AML/AMC and AMR otherwise they will cause you great problems. Good Luck
  5. What makes my critique wonderfully insightful? The fact that I am someone with experience as a manager, not at any massively high level, but nonetheless I have a better than average grasp of the game/ I am not a glory seeking Fm player, on this version I started out with a Portuguese team Mirandela and with my "no effort" 4-4-2 (in fact a 4-4-2 created using the TC and not messing around with the sliders) and managed to finish second and then first in the Portuguese 2nd division north. Then took the job at Stalybridge in the Conference and ticked over OK until the patch arrived. I gues you are assuming that then I started to lose, but in fact i didn;t but instead was horrified by the unrealistically high scoring games, such as 8-1 6-2 6-1 (all wins) and then 4-4 draws etc etc As I mentioned in a post above I ended up scoring 114 and conceding 72, which would have been worse if I had played with the new patch all season. So my point is that I don't rate the ME at all, because I cannot accept that a 4-4-2 tactic created with the TC should lead to such ridiculously high scoring games with schoolboy defending in evidence from both computer and human controlled teams
  6. From the Mr Hough tactic for FM12, oh yes you forgot to mention that! Do you know what tactic I am using for FM 13, is 4-4-2 likely to exploit the match engine?
  7. And there we have it, stop playing the game the way you used to enjoy playing it, and instead play it the way I enjoy it using the Tactics Creator that I created
  8. Don't take it personally, wwfan is notorious for trotting out this company line in defence of a fatally flawed match engine whilst not acknowledging glaring faults, such as the fact that any team AI or human controlled with half decent wingers will score utterly unrealistic amounts of goals due to the the inabilty of defenders to prevent crosses or for the centre backs to think that it might be a good idea to actually mark the strikers looking to get on the end of the crosses. So a vanilla 4-4-2 is now a super tactic designed to exploit flaws in the match engine! THe things you learn on here!
  9. Well I've given the latest patch a season, but frankly SI should be ashamed, playing in the lower leagues with a vanilla 4-4-2, over 46 games, I've scored 114 goals and conceded 72, utterly unrealistic. It's a complete lottery! Paul C, time to reach for the pipe and slippers and hand the reins to the next generation.
  10. Latest effort gets an E minus from me. Seems to have completely broken defending for my team and the CPU teams, played 8 games now since the patch, 41 goals! Like watching an under 11's game over the local rec. Does not even seem to be down to a particular type of goal, just all of a sudden nobody can defend anymore. Poor SI very very poor
  11. Yes it does, and that's just the start, expect to be bundled into the back of a van and taken away for "re-education" any day soon. I miss my fingers
  12. Just a quick update of my unbelievable first season with this tactic as Chester in the Blue Square North. Still unbeaten after 36 league games, title already in the bag. In the final of the FA Trophy. Best of all, got to the 5th round of the FA Cup, beating Everton 5-3 at Goodison in the 4th round 5th round, drawn away at the Emirates, man sent off early in the 1st half, lost 7-0! Couldn't care less though, as financial future of the club now secure as we have 1.5 million in the bank having started with about 10 grand. All this done with the original tactic, and nothing other than free transfers. Thanks Mr H for another great tactic
  13. Stunningly good tactic, playing as Chester in the Blue Square North, into January of my first season and I'm still unbeaten in all competitions, including the FA Cup where we have progressed to the 4th round, beating 3 League 2 teams along the way. This has all been done with a zero transfer budget! Think the unbeaten record might be going tonight though, we've got a little trip to Goodison in the 4th round of the FA Cup to look forward to. Great work as ever Mr H
  14. Evening Mr Hough Some early feedback from the depths of the Blue Square North. Tactic is working wonderfully, currently unbeaten and top of the league after 10 games with Chester. If there was one area which I think might and I say might as it may just be the relatively poor players available to me, require attention, it is the fullbacks as most goals I concede seem to come from crosses. Thanks for another excellent tactic
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