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  1. I don't have him set as a Defensive Forward, but at Charlton, one of my strikers (playing as an Advanced Forward) contributes a hell of a lot by chasing down defenders. He doesn't score as many goals or get as many assists as my other striker, but he forces a lot of bad passes, a lot of clearances, and his strength, workrate and tackling (19, 17 and 12 respectively) mean that when he does fully close down an opposition defender, he regularly manages to win the ball off them, often forcing the opposing player to the ground as well, which regularly leads to a goal one way or the other. To give an idea of how good a job he does, he's the only attacker in the league's player stats for tackling, with 3.41 tackles a game. His strength means he holds off a lot of weak tackles, too. Maybe I'll try him out as a defensive forward, see how he does? I'll post with an update if I do, but we might not be playing for another couple of days (it's a network game).
  2. Thanks for the explanations about the ban - you can tell I haven't been here in a while. Anyway, like Rikulec, my brother in our network game sometimes forgets to set his proper formation as the "starting" formation, leaving him to have multiple players out of position for the formation he wants, so he often ends up using one or two of his subs right at the start of the game. I feel kinda bad for him, but it's his own fault.
  3. User's been banned and this was his last post?
  4. I'm surprised how common the 4-1-2-1-2 has been on here. I'm managing Charlton in a (slow-paced) network game, and the 4-4-2 (as I call it, with a narrow diamond midfield*) has won me two successive first-placed promotions, with almost noone bought in at the start of the second season, as well as somehow winning me the league cup, and getting me (so far, this season is still ongoing) to the final of the FA Cup, both in the second season. I use the same formation every game, although depending on the players I've got I'll sometimes change the player role and duty to what I feel works best for them, and during the game I will change the formation if the situation calls for it, or if I'm making a substitution and don't want to (or aren't able to) make a straight swap. I've got a few games left (including the FA Cup final!) this season, and I've got a future transfer coming in on a free from Europe who is seriously one of the best regens I've ever seen. Only problem is, he's a left midfielder. However, he's so good that I've been experimenting, these last few games, with a very unique formation, which includes one left midfielder, and either an off-centre (on the right) attacking midfielder, or a right winger. Haven't decided yet, as I don't actually have an wide players at all, other than my full-backs and this left midfielder coming in. Here's the new formation (don't worry, players have been removed, so it's spoiler-free - this isn't the Good Player Guide) I'm experimenting with, for next season. That off-centre AMC may be changed into an AMR, depending on if I can bring anyone in or not. It has a COMPLETELY different feel to my current formation, often overwhelming opponents in the opposition box, though obviously it's nowhere near as solid defensively as my previous formation (which has led me to concede the least goals in the league for the first two seasons so far). I'll probably need to overhaul a lot of my team next season, as a lot of them are still players from the first window of the first season, and I don't have a guy who can head the ball anywhere other than my centre-backs, and this new tactic results in a LOT of crosses coming in. I also need to change my AMC. In the past, the attacking midfielder has been a stationary, long-shots-and-through-balls type advanced playmaker, picking up multiple goal of the month awards, as well as bunches of team of the week appearances (even though team of the week uses a flat 4-4-2), and basically being the lynchpin of the entire team, dictating everything. But in this formation, that same AMC doesn't get much time on the ball, and I'd be much better suited getting in someone who's comfortable rushing into the box to provide options for my other players. Basically, a Tim Cahill type. Oh, and here's that regen that's coming in on a free that's so good he's causing me to reconsider my entire tactical approach to the game... (I have no idea why they let his contract run out) And yes, he can play CM, so technically I could slot him into my existing tactics, but I've found my current tactic doesn't really work unless my two CMs are ball-winning midfielders who are great at putting in a tackle. And as a result of this, my two CMs usually just feed the ball off to my AMC, or one of my fullbacks. So I don't think I'd be getting the best out of this new guy, just putting him in as a BWM, especially as the stats that I can see (got a scout on him currently) suggest he's so, so much more than that. Oh, and sorry for the wall-of-text. I don't post here often these days. *Basically, for me, my current tactic goes like this: GK FB-CB-CB-FB DM CM-CM AM ST-ST
  5. So I'm playing as Hitchin against Hemel Hempstead, and in the 76th minute they decide to make a substitution. Liam Mullan comes off...
  6. I remember looking into this about a year ago, on FM09. The three posts linked below show my findings. They're names you might want to look into, but I haven't checked to see if they still exist in the DB, or if there's others. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=2356105#post2356105 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=2356190#post2356190 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=2356226#post2356226 If you want to find some for yourself, just do a search in the data editor for people in the role you would like that have the female tag on.
  7. Club page -> History -> Competitions -> View: Domestic Leagues Example (Luton Town)
  8. Do you have any other ideas for career game improvements that have came to you recently, Captain?
  9. Considering he went 18 years in the sport before his first match, I doubt even that would discourage him! Unfortunately, it appears that this is a case of a person HAVING real-life appearances, but them just not being added to the FM database. See Wikipedia, for example.
  10. He's 46! He's not the oldest person in my save though (I'm right on the very first day of the game; I just have a lot of people added). There's a 55 year-old Player/Assman at Hanover in N. Ireland. There's a 55 year-old Player/Manager at Club Albion in Hong Kong. And there's a 50 year-old straight player at HKFC in Hong Kong. Profile History (bottom of scrollbar) History (top of scrollbar) In fact, historically on FM I've noticed there's a lot of old people playing in Hong Kong.
  11. Is this the most depressing journeyman biography ever? 18 clubs. 30 years. 32 club appearances. He's actually made more international appearances than he has club appearances.
  12. Yes, but with two underscores either side. __NOTOC__ rather than _NOTOC_ One underscore either side won't work.
  13. Done. http://www.footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=FMW:Featured_articles&diff=6542&oldid=6538
  14. Well it's all about how you program it. For example, on WP there is a bot which checks the text of any new article to see if it is likely to be a copyright violation of an existing page somewhere else on the net, and tags it for speedy deletion if so with a link to the page it is likely to be a copy of. Then an admin can check if it's copied (and if the text it's copied from is copyrighted or released as free content) and either delete it or remove the tag. It wouldn't be impossible to write a bot that runs on a powerful computer that, once a new game is released, looks for all player articles on FMwiki, then does a search for each of those players within the game (this is why it would need to be a powerful computer, to be able to load enough players to avoid having to do the task multiple times with different leagues loaded), take a screenshot of their profile, upload it to the wiki, and then add the new image to the article. It's just whether there's any programmers amongst us and anyone with the computer to run it (and the willingness to pretty much give up their computer for a couple of days around the launch of each new game). So it's not impossible, just rather impractical. You could technically write a bot to do ANY repetitive task.
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