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    Just to pass the time

    Country you're based in: England Club you are currently at: Brighton What season are you in: 2031/32 How well are you currently doing: 1st Are you enjoying fm 2011: Yes. I have found it a lot more addictive in the past couple of years due to the 3d engine. Will you be starting a new game when the patch come out: Yes, after waiting long enough to ask for a new stadium to be built (due to falmer being built in 2011) I discovered I would have to wait 3 years for planning along with however many years to build, which left me a bit demotivated as I was hoping to manage in Spain or Italy after spending so long managing in England. If yes, then please say why:
  2. From my save game which I have managed in England, Italy and Spain, ive only seen these non-footballing costs increase by so much in England. I didn't keep track of the numbers for each year, but from the older versions of the save I have kept, my final years in both Juventus and Valencia came to around £12m , compared to my final season with Brighton totalling £48m. Before leaving, I had enjoyed a lot of success with each club over a 10-17 year period.
  3. On my game in 2040, Laporta is still at Barcelona.
  4. I decided to take over Valencia in 2034 and currently in 2039, and have only noticed one or two presidential elections at clubs. At Valencia during my time in charge there has been a promotion from within. Looking at Madrid's history, they had a new takeover in 2038 from elections, and previously only one other election in 2026. From the news article I saw about their 2038 election, it did seem a bit underwhelming.
  5. Excolo

    Can I learn Italian?

    Moroccan second nationality
  6. Excolo

    Can I learn Italian?

    Im currently in 2029 and along with managing clubs in England and Italy, I have been having short stints with various national teams with the aim of learning new languages with most of them. So far I have managed; Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Cameroon, Mexico, England, Spain, Czech Republic, South Korea.So now my manager is fluent in: English, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish and currently waiting to for a new national job to become available. Moving around the various national teams has added some longevity to my game (as did changing clubs), It seems that you can become fluent in the language after around 1 year of a managing a national team.