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  1. Name: George Hartley Nickname(If any): Position: ST Date of Birth: 13th Feb Nationality: English Weight/Height: 75kg / 1.8m Preferred foot: Right
  2. Voted. Glad LVG has noticed George and he got a few games. Hopefully MUFC go on a good cup run and he gets few more games
  3. Player Name: George Smith Position: M/AMC Club: Manchester United Date Of Birth: 13/02/1998 Height: 1.8m Weight: 75kg Nationality: English Arsenal: Aston Villa: Burnley: Chelsea: Crystal Palace: Everton: Hull City: Leicester City: Liverpool: Manchester City: Manchester United: George Smith Newcastle United: Christopher Hatton QPR: David Silver Southampton: Stoke City: Sunderland: Swansea City: Spurs: West Bromwich Albion: West Ham:
  4. C.E. Europa - just won the league after 5 seasons there. Built a new stadium, will be the biggest team in barcelona soon! Start unemployed but got attached a little bit
  5. Phil Jagielka is managing Man City on my game, got them relegated to the championship and somehow his job was still 'stable'. He's brought them back up to the prem but not hard when you have Koke and Aguero
  6. Do this every version, just started with 15. Sacked from El Palo in the spanish second div, now at europa for the last 3 seasons and just got promotion to the Liga BBVA Looking for the united job eventually, they havn't won the league since 12-13.
  7. Rodgers won league twice with Liverpool on my save and now left to real madrid
  8. I had the same, a left back at max PA of 170 by the time he was 18. Not got a save from when i signed him around 5 seasons back though.
  9. Thanks for the update! Seems my guy is doing ok - glad he stayed injury free and played all the games. Great stuff Maribor could be a good move if he gets games, possible champions league debut? lol
  10. Been away on hols, looking forward to the update today
  11. Name: Luka Antunović Day/Month of Birth: 13/02 Nation: Croatia City of birth: Zagreb Favoured club: Manchester United Primary position: AMC Secondary position (optional, affects CA): CM Main foot: Right Other foot (choose bad, decent or good, affects CA): Decent Height (in cm, you may grow slightly): 176 Weight (in kg, you may put on weight): 75 Good personal attribute: Professionalism Bad personal attribute: Controversy Three good player attributes: Vision, Passing, Technique Three bad player attributes: Long Throws, Jumping, Injury Proneness (Assume this means id be less injury prone?? If not then, influence)
  12. Got Neymar on my save at 31 years old is still worth £30m+
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