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  1. why i sack by the club when i stay the club more than 10 seasons?
  2. is it the hidden.dat? 5.6mb?? when you see my 6 save files? what are the problems of them?
  3. for 2016 fmh, will reduce to 20 season? because after 20 season, the loading always error
  4. sorry, i still cannot receive or open the gmail. can you resent to me? what is the save file name and what is my save problems? can you mention in here ?
  5. is it you send my g-mail or sinaman.com? i can't receive any e-mail? could you post the solution in here?
  6. the reputation of the club also the player consider too
  7. finally, i achieve all the unlockable. so is it the end of the game?
  8. the problem of fm2015 handheld just allow us to play first team only. we can't play reserve team and u 18. hope fm 2016handheld will have
  9. hi, i just send my save data in your e-mail, can you help me to solve the problems? i cannot load after dec 2036. also, is it i need to reinstall the game? but i already achieve 36/38, will it be influence? did i need to pay back the money to buy the fm2015 handheld? because i already bought it before. many thanks
  10. is it i just keep the save in my computer and send the save data only to you??
  11. is it the end of fm2015 handheld? now even i use go on holiday, the game cannot processing and turn black. so what can i do???
  12. why we don't have" bus "formation in fm2015 handheld, will 2016 have?
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