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  1. So you saying that watching full matches confuses us even more?
  2. Say for example positive mentality states that they play short ball retaining possession. But it is not accurate, they playing more direct than a cautious mentality. It would be better if they can do it like familiarity bar or intensity bar.
  3. I am watching my game in full highlight hopefully I can see what is wrong. Anyway si should do a better job in showing what each instructions actually does. Because all instructions have pros and cons. Now we just guessing. The only way to find out is watch the game full then switch to faster mode once they are playing my way.
  4. I just basically want to play a defensive tactic that is sound at the back, and efficent in attack. Thats all. So defensive sound would be restricting them to long shots or doing tricks to get past my defense.
  5. Until someone can comeup with a plug and play tactic that is mentality defensive or cautious or even better no plug and play attacking tactics at all. this game is flawed.
  6. If i play higher loe with standard defensive line, is this totally not useful in fm?
  7. Because the key thing is to make the tactic as balanced as possible. I want the tactic to tika tika with holding shape to play that way. Regrouping helps the team to be more defensively stable as compared to counter pressing. I want balance in the team. Reasons why there are counter attacking players like bpd is to mix up the passing a little make it unpredictable.
  8. So u are saying that using a higher loe than defensive has no use at all in FM 2020. Because in reality it shouldn't be the case. It has the chance of luring attackers in, then counter attack when they are out of position and all your attackers are already in an advanced positon.
  9. I agreed with most of your advise but I am trying to not do vertical compactness. I am trying to lure the attackers in by having standard loe. Anyway defensive tactics can't win u a league but offensive tactics can (MENTALITY). If you believe u can do better, please let me download your tactics and I show you the results of playing against away juventus one of the hardest game in Seria A
  10. Do you mean attacking duties? I understand "the art of counter attacking" you should be able to play 0-1 attacking duties so that they can counter together
  11. Btw thanks for all the replies, really passionate community. We just want the game to be better.
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