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  1. Quick mini update whilst I’m at work. First “season” with Preston was an a bit of a nightmare. After managing teams like Juve Lyon and Dortmund it’s safe to say I didn’t adapt very well to the mid table championship battle, and mid table would’ve been great! We only managed to confirm safety on the final day of the season, after a torrid run of form in the second part of the season. Couldn’t decide on a tactical shape or XI which didn’t help things out. A little surge at the end of the season kept us up (and kept me my job). The summer rebuild has been going great, and will do a full report
  2. So as mentioned a before, I took some time away from posting due to a different save. Over the previous 4 FM's I always do the same save, try build a small team to glory but often lose enjoyment along the way. To counter this I went the opposite end, and managed the biggest teams out there. I randomly picked a team (ended up being Wolfsburg) and set myself the target to win each top flight league from Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Portugal (ended up bailing on Portugal as I wanted to get back to England). Once all these were achieved I wanted to take over a team in England and do what
  3. Hey all, been a while since I’ve posted in here. Been keeping up to date with everyone’s saves and have seemed to be going great. I lost interest in my FGR Dave way back when, but since have found a very enjoyable save. Not technically EFL related (yet), but hopefully will be back to posting with my new team within the next few days!
  4. He was potential wise the best of my 3 regens that I had last season (hint, lots more now ) but I actually played him the least. Couldn't decide whether to have him as a CB or FB, so I jumped at the price I got really. Invested it in some facilities and a lot of signings. Will do an update later just before the season starts, a lot of exciting players!
  5. Well that didn't take long to happen. Ended up being like 20 odd clubs interested, but Brighton being the only ones to pay big money. Great 50% next fee too. Sad to see him go, but this massively helps the club build, plus I get a decent chunk straight into the transfer budget to reinvest!
  6. Well, that was tense.. Just finished my second regular season with Forest Green Rovers, and we've done it again! With a mixed bag of results in the final few months, we found ourselves in 2nd going into the final game. An early 1-0 setback vs mid table Bolton caused a bit of pressure as both Rotherham and Chesterfield took early leads. We managed to turn it around and ended with a 5-2 victory! Seen as though the board weren't expecting us to reach the Championship for another few years, they have been very generous with our finances. We have around £1 million to spend, and
  7. Completely forgot to do a mid season update, so I'll do a brief one and concentrate more on the end of season review hopefully later this evening. Currently in a bit of a bad patch of form, typical around the winter time. Somehow still top of the league! Was concerned I wouldn't even hit the boards aim of top half so this is a nice surprise. Little concerned if I get promoted though as my squad, budget and reputation would struggle big time in the Championship. But we will deal with that if and when we get there. Performances overall have been good, been a little weak in defenc
  8. Love that form! Mine has picked up recently, just had this game... 6 goals from 72 mins onward! Lovely blunder from my keeper to end the game But I'm glad the goals have started to come (sadly at both ends)
  9. I have played 5 games so far on it over two different files, 5 0-0's!
  10. So, how is everyone finding the new public beta patch...
  11. Don't think I've ever seen such strong odds for a league top goalscorer... very encouraging
  12. Thanks for the feedback on the first post, not sure why I waited almost 6 years to do it but we've finally crossed that bridge! It's been one of those evenings where I've lost track of time and suddenly find myself in the third tier of some random country looking for future talent All signings are now done. Sadly, even though he said he was interested to come on loan, Tommy Doyle does not make his return to Forest Green Rovers for a second season. He will be extremely missed but I feel we have done well overall in recruitment. The two Spurs rejects are on some hefty wages compared to
  13. Right, work done with for the day, now to try and do one of these post things. Starting with what team I am, after many a failed save I have ended up at Forest Green Rovers. I wanted a club with minimal "history" in the higher leagues, and a small infrastructure to build upon. I went on holiday for the first season and noticed that they hadn't got promoted so took over from the second season onward. I often fail with a file as I tend to get a bit meticulous with the details a little too early, whether that be tactical plans, recruitment philosophy, whatever. The board expecte
  14. After struggling to get into any save this year (and last), I read this post from first page to last, and finally found my file. After all the reading I’ve felt like I might give some posting of the file a go, mainly to give me some accountability to keep it going! Will post the end of my first season later one, once I figure out how to make a readable post with pictures 😂
  15. Plymouth Argyle So after struggling to find a file I’ve wanted to stick with for more than 2 seasons for a long time I’ve ended up at Plymouth Argyle. I went on holiday for the first season to see what happened to teams as I find the first season is very repetitive (especially when you attempt as many saves as I have). Plymouth sparked my interest as I haven’t done a League 2 file since around FM14, and they missed out on promotion due to goal difference. First job was to sort out the squad, to my surprise they had a fairly big budget of around £2 million, and the
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