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  1. Greetings, I would love if we could see national team v club team friendlies in a future Football Manager game. It's been occurring in the footballing world for a while in different scale. The link below is the most recent I saw which is the reason for the suggestion. Thank you,
  2. December waiver draft - Scouting option given the same day the draft occurs instead of a few days before to allow for scouts to properly scout players
  3. Depending on who it is, I'm not sure the Canadian player thing is a bug as they did adjust that rule last year.
  4. Possible issatwue with the AI? Rooney never got registered and even with a future transfer he never got registered?
  5. Minor issue. Asked my assistant to provide advise and it worked then went through all options and now his recommendation wont show. this happened with the march waiver draft 27fef87617c1e9b94994c4e998d5c575.mp4
  6. I would love if TAM, which is already confusing in real life, in FM was more flushed out. There's not a simple manner to understand when it's applicable to use and it'd help to flush that out to help it be easier to use!
  7. In the spirit of how many features have come from this area - Delaying my insanity waiting on FM 20 by playing some MLS in FM 19. I'd love if with MLS, when your scouts show you a player on another MLS team instead of saying "can be bought for _________" that it converts it to the currency of the league? Example: Bill Smith could be available for a 1st round pick and up to 300K general allocation money or an international DM I know we will see a big shift with the league but would LOVE to see this down the line! Thanks,
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