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  1. I usually scour the forums for an effective tactic that was made by another user that fits what I am looking for. I don't have the knowledge yet to create my own. Someday. Maybe this year. Who knows. But, I can definitely see the gratification of making your own tactic. But, I still enjoy finding a tactic that I enjoy and building a club around that.
  2. Just because something hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it can never happen. Is it probable that Watford would beat Arsenal 5-0? No! Is it impossible? Not by a long shot. Crazy things happened in sports. Look what Leicester City did last year. I bet if somehow they would have managed to win the Premier league in your save before the real thing happened, you'd be crying "Scripted" "fake" "unrealistic". Just because something hasn't happened, doesn't mean it can never happen. In the future of real life sports, whether it is tomorrow or 10 years from now, there are going to be things happening
  3. It has no adverse effects. And who cares if it mentions in the game status that in-game editor is activate. This is your save, not anyone else's. You don't need to prove anything. Every year I have legit saves where I do everything by the books and then I have fantasy saves where I create different scenarios or have the in-game editor active. It is fun.
  4. I've had issues similar to these for a few FM versions now. I have my game windowed mode, a particular day is taking a while to advance, or I holiday for a week, so I just simply click on the google chrome icon on the bottom app dock and my browser then expands over the game. The game is not minimize. I just simply have my browser over it, or another program like spotify or excel/word and it will completely pause my game. It will not advance until I go back into the game by bringing FM over the browser and other programs. Now, this only happens certain times. But once it does start, I have to
  5. A bit misleading. Yes, those are the largest stadiums in the database, but those 2 united states stadiums are never used by clubs in the game, or even real life. I think OP was going for stadiums that are used by clubs for their home games.
  6. Are you running Google Chrome on your Windows 10? Chrome defaults all downloads to the Download folder. It will not ask you where you want to place file. You can keep it like that or what you can do is if you are running google chrome, go to the tool bar drop down on the far right, which is the 3 stacked horizontal lines, then go to settings down at the bottom, then at the bottom click on Show Advanced settings. Once it has opened up, look at the "Downloads" section. It will show that it is defaulting to the downloads section: C:\Users\your name\Downloads. And then below that you will see a bo
  7. If a screen doesn't pop up asking you where do you want this file to be downloaded to, then the system is defaulting it to the system's Download folder. Locate that folder and your file will be there. Then just move that file over the the tactics folder. To locate the systems download folder on windows 10 click on the Windows symbol at the very bottom left corner. The side menu will pop up. Then click on File Explorer which is a few rows up from the bottom. Once you clicked that, you should see the download folder on the left.
  8. What exactly are you talking about? Downloading them from a site? Place them in your tactics folder and then when you are in your save, go to the tactic screen, then to manage tactics and then to upload. It will then take you that tactics folder and you select the tactic(s).
  9. All you have to do is just create him. If he isn't in the game, go into the editor, create new Non-player and then fill out his information. He will then he issued an ID, and that can be used for picture of him in the game.
  10. I don't know how the game is programmed and if they are already doing this, but say after current years youth intake of all countries in the save adds 1,000 regens, is that just added ontop of the existing loaded amount and then each year it just stack more and more? Can't they overwrite useless players? Like, 1,000 regens are added to the game and those 1,000 "data files" are written over/replace player files that aren't used, like the 1,000 lowest rated players "retire" and then have the regens file take over that place. So, if you started a save with 50,000 players, say it increased for a f
  11. I run 100K+ on my 2014 Mac Air and it works just fine. Hasn't given me any issues.
  12. Why can't staff be rated like the players? I am in search of an Assistant manager and this guy (real person) has a JP of 19 and JA of 18, solid man management and training attributes. So, all around he would do the job pretty damn well. I then came across another candidate that has nearly identical attributes. So, out of curiosity, I wanted to find their CA/PA through pre game editor. The first guy has a rating of a pathetic 80 with a PA of 95. and the 2nd guy had a rating of 130 and PA of 155. Why can't staff be programed similar to players? For example, in pre game editor, if you put 20 at
  13. You can't sign him. He is under contract as a player. You have to put a transfer bid in for him, and then when it is accepted and you move to the contract talks, you will then have the options to sign him as a player, non-player or a player/non-player.
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