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  1. Oh my god, I love you. Had no idea that was hidden there. Thank you very much.
  2. I really want to choose the competitions that my game "stops". Like: If I am playing the Bundesliga, the game stops for every match, then I need to play continue. As I like to follow another competitions (like the World Cup), I really would like to set it for the World Cup, for example. As manager of French National Team, I want to set it for the U-21 Euro, Ligue 1, etc. The option to "follow" the competitions, currently available, only allows me to see the news about them, but not to "be forced" to go to the scores screen automatically.
  3. Yes, I think that's correct (and how I always thought it is), but as the game said to me that the nEU player could play if I "open a slot", I thought that there's a way to do it.
  4. I tried to sell an nEU to an italian club and another to a foreign club, to test but and I am still unable to register him.
  5. Hello. I've already spent the 2 non-EU slots per season in the Serie A, but as I have now the opportunity of signing Leon Bailey for a reasonable price, I want to know how do I get one additional slot for non-EU players, as the game says that the player can only be registered the next season or if a new slot is open.
  6. I dont know why my CM's and FB's are so much violent. Every game they get yellow cards. I'm playing with Milan and Kessie has 2 red cards and Biglia 3. Abate and Ricardo Rodrigues have 2 red cards each. I'm afraid to start with "ease off tackles" and they don't tackle properly. But I definetly don't use "tackle harder" or even the "mark tigher" button (individually - I use it as a team instruction). Maybe is the "close down more"'s instruction fault? Thanks.
  7. i need an offensive AMC, preferably fast and with good finish.
  8. Finished S3! After winning the league cup and Europa League in S2, I won everything in France in 18/19: Supercup 2-0 against PSG Coupe de la Ligue 1-0 against Saint-Etienne (beat PSG 1-0 in semis) French Cup 5-0 against Grenoble Ligue 1 with 98 points (31W 5D 2L), I lost to PSG and Monaco away. In Europe, I lost the Supercup to Barcelona in the penalties after 1-1 in regular time, and lost again to Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals (lost 3-0 in Barcelona and won 1-0 in Marseille) With Dolberg out for 8 months, Max Romero was the great striker. To S3 I also brought Ferreira Carrasco and Coutinho, so I could rotate them with Thauvin and Pulisic. To the DMC position I had Wanyama and M'Vila. My four defenders are Mbemba, Doria, Issa Diop and Kostas Manolas, and I rotate them according to the game, as the four are fantastic. Lafont was the goalkeeper of the season for the 2nd consecutive year. Klaassen and Lemina also rotated in the Box-to-Box midfielder position. Sanson was absolutely amazing as Playmaker, with Koziello providing great support. As fullbacks, i had Jorge and Amavi for the left, and Corchia and Pedro Pereira for the right.
  9. Papa Ndiaye is being fantastic here. As success went to his head and he's asking more and more wages, I'll sell him in the end of season and bring klaassen. I also have Lemina.
  10. I changed some stuff in the new year's pause and the result is fantastic until now. Also, Pulisic is in great form now, and so is Dolberg again: Finished the S2: 2nd in the Ligue 1. After I knew that PSG will be the champion and I had a huge advantage against the 3rd, I just rotated the team in the rest of the Ch'ship. League Cup - Won against PSG in the final (2-1). Europa League - As I finished 3rd in my CL group, I went to the EL and defeated: Sparta Prague, Roma, Nancy, Tottenham and Napoli (5-3 in the final) and won another title! French Cup - 3 days after the Europa League Final, lost 3-2 to PSG at extra time after starting with 2-0. -------------------- In general, a good season, despite the tough first half. After I changed some stuff in the tactic the team had a great response. Dolberg was the favorite player of the supporters for the 2nd consecutive year. He again scored 28 goals in the season, 16 of them in European competitions (10 in EL, top scorer, and 8 in CL) Pulisic, Corchia, Sanson, Lafont, Thauvin, Doria, Mbemba.. all of them were great. In the S3, let's focus in stopping PSG in the Ligue 1.
  11. Thanks! He didn't played very well in the start of the season, but now (midseason) he's performing very decently. Despite that, it seems that my tactic is out to date. I had an spectacular end of S1, with only 1 loss in the last 15 games. In the midseason of S2, I'm in second, 9 points behind PSG (my campaign 11W, 3D, 5L). I was 3rd in the CL group, behind Chelsea and Juventus (the another team was PSV: won 0-6 in Eindhoven and lost 1-2 in Marseille....) The team is not playing very well, specially the wingers (that I use as IF). Pulisic didn't show why he came yet, and juanpi is very irregular (sometimes plays fantastically, like scoring 3 goals in a game that we won 3-0 against Chelsea). Dolberg is also not playing like the first season: 9 goals in 16 games, but he scored 4 against PSV. So, I think I'll try to change everything for the 2nd half of the season, try to focus in being in 2nd in the Ligue 1, and won at least one title (Europa League or French Cup) EDIT: I'm having a problem with the board - I have 40M euros for transfers, but I'm above the wages budget limit, and I can't adjust it..
  12. Thanks! I'll play against Benfica in the playoff stage. I'm using dolberg upfront, as complete forward, support. In the start of the season I was struggling, always between 8-10. After the midseason (short) break I get to play very well (last 19 games: 14W 2D 3L). To the 2nd season, i brought: Diego Llorente, Carrasso (to help in the Champions League inscription), Chancel Mbemba, Morgan Sanson, Juanpi, Corchia, M'vila, Lemina and Pulisic. My team is: GK: Lafont (Carrasso) RB: Corchia (Pedro Pereira) LB: Jorge (Pedro Pereira or Akieme) DC: Issa Diop and Doria (Diego Llorente/Chancel Mbemba).. actually, I'll use who is playing better. DMC: M'vila (Simao/Marc Roca) MC (Playmaker): Morgan Sanson (Koziello) MC (Box to Box): Lemina (Papa Ndiaye) IF/R: Juanpi (Thauvin) IF/L: Pulisic (Cabella) ST: Dolberg (Max Romero)
  13. Finished the 1st season in 3rd. Lost the 2nd place to Monaco in the last game, as I had a draw at home against Bastia Dolberg was the top scorer in Ligue 1, 25 goals.
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