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  1. Thank you, that helps. It is as I feared! I'll need to tighten up my procedures re scouting youth intakes. Cheers for your input.
  2. Thanks puffascruffowitz, that is useful advice. It is not the number of reports, I realise that this is inevitable. It is the time it takes for my scouts to file the initial scout report itself; if my 15 scouts can only file 50 reports every 2-3 days between them, the 18'000+ players I have in my scouting queue will never be cleared and month-on-month, year-on-year my scouting queue will grow exponentially instead of being cleared and me unearthing young talent. And that is before I have even further scouted any prospects that look interesting from the initial scouting report. I'm worried that I will miss excellent prospects and they will be snapped up by other clubs because I can't scout the queued players fast enough. Does that make sense?
  3. Anyone? I feel like I am missing something obvious here, any help much appreciated.
  4. To clarify, does cancelling all scouting assignments have any affect on the processing of youth intake scout reports? Or is it unrelated? Thanks once again for your time.
  5. ... i.e. Youth intakes with a massive database? I receive about 50 scout reports every 2-3 days. I've currently got over 18'000 youth intake players in my queue. At that rate, my queue will grow exponentially. Any suggestions for shifting lots of scout reports quickly? Many thanks for your suggestions.
  6. What? This makes no sense. Are you suggesting that SI should 'cap' the ability of future players so that they can never be better than Messi/ Ronaldo etc...? Clearly, he is just an exceptional regen and I'm excited!
  7. Helpful. Idiot. It may be a graphics driver problem- sometimes a driver update is needed even when 3D displays well. Only suggestion I can think of but there are loads of tech-savvy people on the forums who may know more.
  8. I've seen Ghana win 3 World Cups in a row on an old FM 2009 save. Something like 2026, 2030 & 2034.
  9. Suttface

    Gerrard gone bonkers!

    Hear, hear NelsonsClaret! Reading this thread makes one feel that a sense of humour bypass is essential before posting on the forum... I don't understand why some people can't exercise diplomacy i.e. if the topic of the thread doesn't appeal/ make you laugh, just don't post, move on.... Some people like to be rude instead of simply not posting. Oh well, I suppose 'post count' is more important to some...
  10. Suttface

    Gerrard gone bonkers!

    Random...? To what are you referring, the original post or some of the subsequent comments? I'd like the Undertaker to warm up on the pitch before the game right in front of the opposition... Should give my team an edge...
  11. Suttface

    Gerrard gone bonkers!

    Everyone is a critic! Blimey, any light-hearted post gets immediately flamed by weirdos! The feeling on this forum can be intensely negative. OP, as you are clearly JOKING (for definition see dictionary) I don't think people need to review your post as if writing for the Times book review... Thought it was funny myself but hey-ho...
  12. FM 2009, Spurs and now Napoli, October 2036.
  13. Suttface

    Hardest choice in my career...

    You've got to stay with Newcastle, it sounds like the job isn't remotely finished. Stick with your own club, continue to build and I promise that you will reap the rewards...
  14. Suttface

    [Release] Kaskara, Skin for FM2010

    Cheers for that. I was under the impression that backgrounds would not change with default skins, certainly not after 10.2...? I'm sure I read posts about this. Did SI update this with 10.3? Background changes are a critical part of the game experience for me.
  15. Suttface

    [Release] Kaskara, Skin for FM2010

    Hi. Do backgrounds now change with this skin?