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  1. Thank you, that helps. It is as I feared! I'll need to tighten up my procedures re scouting youth intakes. Cheers for your input.
  2. Thanks puffascruffowitz, that is useful advice. It is not the number of reports, I realise that this is inevitable. It is the time it takes for my scouts to file the initial scout report itself; if my 15 scouts can only file 50 reports every 2-3 days between them, the 18'000+ players I have in my scouting queue will never be cleared and month-on-month, year-on-year my scouting queue will grow exponentially instead of being cleared and me unearthing young talent. And that is before I have even further scouted any prospects that look interesting from the initial scouting report. I'm worried that I will miss excellent prospects and they will be snapped up by other clubs because I can't scout the queued players fast enough. Does that make sense?
  3. Anyone? I feel like I am missing something obvious here, any help much appreciated.
  4. To clarify, does cancelling all scouting assignments have any affect on the processing of youth intake scout reports? Or is it unrelated? Thanks once again for your time.
  5. ... i.e. Youth intakes with a massive database? I receive about 50 scout reports every 2-3 days. I've currently got over 18'000 youth intake players in my queue. At that rate, my queue will grow exponentially. Any suggestions for shifting lots of scout reports quickly? Many thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Once bought a player who became a legend called Natipong Sritong-In. Great name in itself but I paid £5,000 for his services from 'Thai Farmers' Bank'. Great, great name for a football club.
  7. This is something that happens to me every season and has done for as long as I can remember. They always gain stars at the very end of the season and then lose them as they arrive back for pre-season.
  8. I'm definitely a dot man, 3D is poor at best and I'll tell you for why. 3D actually limits the imagination at the moment- good old classic 2D dots really allow you to open your mind to the raw power of the perceived pretend. Also, is it just me, or is the ball in 3D mode weightless and rubbish? I'd rather see the power required for 3D converted to processing juice. If you'll have me, I'd love to join the cult, er, I mean club.
  9. God I love this thread. It's actually taken me three months to stop crying/ laughing and compose myself enough to think of a comment. I still have a small wet patch from when I read about the guy that put on a suit for Queen's Park in the Scottish Cup Final. Absolutely tremendous. And I will have to start playing the Champions' League music from this moment on. FM addicts/ losers/ lost causes/ geeks/ freaks, I salute every blessed one of you. I cry happy tears at our beloved union.
  10. I've done many a jumping-out-of-the-seat-fist-punch-into-the-air after a particularly important result. Love it. My missus just ignores it now. I've had a few strange looks through the lounge window tho'. And it would be rude not to talk to the players after they have just put in such a monumental effort for you...
  11. I think I did about 30 seasons with Atletico Madrid back in the day. It was great because they were one of the only teams to have a 'B' team where you could breed thru' great youngsters. Had an awesome Bulgarian regen called Bonjo Illiav who scored goals for fun, approx. 60-70 every season. CM 99/00 I think. Great days, great days. You could whizz through a season.
  12. I'm not sure where I hover the mouse- I'm usually crying into a tissue when I watch my pathetic team.
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