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  1. 7-0 away to Real in the Clásico back on FM 17. Ronaldo tore us apart. Mind you, when they came to Barcelona for the next Clásico we did them 7-0 too - with Dybala scoring 6.
  2. The opposition is programmed to score the moment your partner enters the room you're playing FM in.
  3. I'm finding the difficulty greater than in the last few releases but not unduly so. Actually finding it a nice balance. Middle of my third season as Dortmund have only won a single cup. In the past I would have probably won everything barring the CL by now. Really finding young players take much longer to bed in and become consistent - even across a few seasons. This is a nice change, and an important one at a team like Dortmund where there are so many really talented prospects in and around the first team.
  4. I didn't have full detail on when he won it on my save (I'm playing a save in Germany rn.) Have actually just changed the settings for the PL and the other big European leagues so I'll see what sort of difference that makes next season.
  5. Just finished the first season. He won the league by one point over Liverpool. Chelsea third. United just got 4th. As an aside, Real and Barca both had new coaches by Christmas.
  6. Very nice so far, mostly. Certainly feels far better than last year. My keeper just got a card for handling outside the box which I don't think I ever saw in 18. Players seems particularly whiny about not playing but that's maybe just me and my management. And free kicks are back too!
  7. I won the league with Arsenal in the beta, started a new Arsenal save when the final game came out and I'm struggling with pretty much the same players and tactics. My scorers aren't scoring and my defenders aren't defending. Lacazette scored 40 in that first save, but has a grand total of 3 so far in this one. Seems to take far longer for strong tactical partnerships to form in the full game than it did in the beta and I keep wondering if that's part of the reason. Still, I'm top of my Europa League group so it could be worse.
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