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  1. I have never signed players due to their mental attributes. I'm going to have to go after a cup final XI now. Can you scout by mental attributes? I resigned from Len last night and am still looking for a new club. Thanks for your help.
  2. Can anyone help me to stop my teams from bottling it. It was a constant problem on 16 and it appears that I'm going to have the issue on 17 also. On 16 I played in numerous play off finals with Ashton Utd and ALWAYS lost, I had to go up automatically or not at all. I played in two L2 and five Championship play off finals on 16 and lost them all. This year I have only played in one, the play off finals for Ligue 1 but it was the manor of the defeat which was concerning - my team bottled again. My Lens team went to Saint-Etienne with a 1-0 lead, and lost 5-0 without them making a single clear cut chance. It has to be something I'm doing - Maybe team meetings, press conferences, i don't know. I'm hoping you do! ?
  3. I have fully got Ashton Utd the prem title in season 2036/37 after unsuccessfully trying this challenge for years. ??? Can anyone shed light on how attendances work. I currently ground share at Old Trafford. I'm getting 27000-33000 in a 96000 stadium and the board are not interested in building our own stadium without a hugh increase in support. Will it be possible to sell out this stadium so I can build the 'Locky82 Stadium'?
  4. I'm continuously getting caught trying to play offside at the moment. I'm down conference north so my defenders are poor but I really want to develop a tactic that plays a high line and shuts down aggressively when off the ball. I'm hoping somebody can help when it comes to training this as my defenders are not working as a unit. Im guessing I need teamwork, positioning, concentration, maybe anticipation but I seem unable to train any of these stats.
  5. Determination was locked on the previous game. It appears to increase on 16 as its already gone up once on my save. In fact they all have except LoD, adaptability, Wwk and fitness. So looks like these will raise fast as its my first season and I'm still unemployed. :-)
  6. I'm about to undertake my first save on 16 but I was wondering if Adaptability, Determination and Level of discipline are again locked after the initial points allocation like on 15. I'm not convinced that the points have any real impact on the outcome of matches or the game in general (at least on 15) but would like to end up a Barca with higher Determination than 1 where I didn't know it wouldn't increase over time. Thanks
  7. 4 seasons at Ashton Utd with 3 mid table finishes and then... administration and a 10 deduction in my 4th season was the nail in the coffin. Will try it a again with more success hopefully!I boss possession and shots on/off target but I only wish I could play without a goalkeeper as opposition shots on target always equals my goals conceded, which is so annoying! gk's are a waste of an 11th man and wages!
  8. I have always started unemployed with sunday league experience. Far more satisfying when you get to the top! My last save I started at Luton, then Bolton, Blackburn, Blackpool, Liverpool and now in Italy with AC. Much better than starting at Milan although I cant stand Liverpool I built a team that was difficult to leave...
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