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  1. Another year, another ME letting the rest of the (genuinely brilliant) game down. No variety and no realism. Clearly needs a complete overhaul but I don't see that happening any time soon. Have now got a refund thankfully
  2. Just don't understand how there can be so little goal variety again. It seems like the only ways of scoring are from mistakes, set pieces, long shots, balls over the top and crosses, just like FM19. Central play is practically non existent. Would honestly quite like a refund cause this is clearly not going to be fixed
  3. The play wider PI on strikers is still completely broken and does the opposite of what it's supposed to, makes the strikers stand on top of each other. Was introduced in FM19 but hasn't once worked. Put in a bug report for it during the beta but it was ignored unfortunately
  4. Every single goal I've scored or conceded so far has either been a set piece or an assist from out wide
  5. Players shooting from ridiculous angles doesn't seem to be fixed
  6. Praying that the full release brings more central play with it. Been too long since we've had effective through balls etc
  7. Find it very strange how powerful touchline shouts are. When was the last time you saw an entire team visibly change their body language because of what the manager shouted on the sideline?
  8. Played quite a few matches in the beta now and watched a lot more AI ones. Not sure I can remember a single goal where the build up didn't happen out wide that wasn't a set piece or a long shot
  9. The wingers are probably set to attack duty. For whatever reason SI has again decided to make wide players sit incredibly wide without the ball when they're on attack. Very unrealistic
  10. The near complete absence of central play in the ME is very frustrating. Really hope there's some improvement made for launch
  11. That's all great but really has nothing to do with what I just said so I'm not sure why you quoted me. As I said, I'm seeing exactly the same issue without selecting it and with AI teams
  12. I'm finding the same issue without selecting it and for AI teams. Genuinely not sure I've seen a goal yet where the build up play didn't come from out wide that wasn't a penalty, counter attack or set piece
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