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  1. Disappointing to see the issue of incredibly distracting ads in 2D still hasn't been addressed. I wouldn't even go on a website with such annoying, flashing ads. You were able to delete a few things to get rid of the ads last year but you really shouldn't have to in a game that costs more than 30 quid
  2. Has anyone seen whether teams playing with 2 strikers have them sit any deeper than they have previously? It didn't seem realistic how they'd basically just sit on top of the opposition centre backs when their team didn't have the ball
  3. Does the team width setting affect shape with the ball, without the ball or both?
  4. That's worked now. I did try reinstalling the game before so it must have been the anti-virus screwing things up. Thank you for your help Neil.
  5. I had it installed but just uninstalled it there as well as deleting everything in the graphics folder and the problem continues. I have AVG anti-virus but I've temporarily disabled it and again, the problem continues.
  6. I've deleted all save games bar my current one and I've no tactics or set pieces saved at all.
  7. I was using them but I've just tried doing what you said and still, the same problem continues.
  8. Yeah I've tried that. Didn't seem to change anything sadly.
  9. Yes I have. I followed all the steps on the 'The game is stuck on the loading screen' post but still no luck unfortunately.
  10. So despite making no changes to my fm since yesterday today it is simply refusing to work. Attempting to start it results in an infinite loading screen and an error message of 'XML parsing error'. I've had a look around the internet for people with a similar problem and I've tried just about every solution I've seen suggested including deleting cache, deleting preferences, reverifying cache etc but still the problem continues. Anyone have any more ideas?