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  1. That for me is a step too far toward full fat. A lot of the stuff that annoys me about the full version are vague buttons/commands/responses that don't do what they mean intuitively, or at least they do what you think they do but then they also do a couple of unexpected things that bugger up your plans.
  2. The full version is just a pile of bollocks. I always do long term games. I don't want to face the same 5 press conferences with 6 questions every week. I don't want a badly scripted player interaction to dismantle my entire team. More importantly, I want to pick a team, get the tactics sorted and get the scouting sorted. Everything else is needless depth. It's like real life in that you spend 95% of the time doing chores and 5% f the time doing what you actually want to do.
  3. Come on Miles. It's Friday, it's a lockdown weekend. Push the button on FMTouch. It must be ready by now, no point releasing it on a Tuesday anymore. Remember the last 1% of your playerbase, please.
  4. SI have had more than one game in the top 50 Steam sellers list for over a decade. If they are low on resources they are the most catastrophically mismanaged developer in history.
  5. You do feel a little like second-class citizens for playing FM Classic (why do they call it Touch, even? Surely it should be distinguished from the mobile versions?) Still can't edit databases. We know they use .edt files because in previous versions you could see that .edt files were used to apply transfer window updates. Sigh. They were purposefully vague with the pre-orders, too. When it comes bundled with the full fat version, and it says 'early access starts two weeks before lunch', it does kinda sound like it means for either version.
  6. Transfers are broken, too. Fati has left Barca 3/3 games for less than 30 million euro each time.
  7. The UI is awful, still. In fact if anything it's worse. The new teamtalk layout is a mess. The post match analysis screens are a mess. Just shooting info out at a wall and leaving it how it sticks. Why are there 4 different font sizes in the titlebar alone? If I had the time I would go through every single screen in the game and write an essay on how terrible the user interface is. I sincerely hope someone makes skins for FM Touch this time around.
  8. Is that 442 the same as the 442 Benfica tactic that is on FMBASE? Because that seems to work wonders with any team.
  9. Wow, brilliant of you. Thanks a bunch. I'll see if I have some time over the weekend to have a go myself.
  10. These are amazing. So glad to see you back making skins for these games. Any chance you could point me in the direction of getting them to work with FM Touch (PC version, not mobile). There are a ton of us that only play that game mode and barely anyone makes skins for that version, such a shame. It would be great if you or someone else started making them for future versions of the game.
  11. Heh. CDKeys haven't gone as legit as they claimed, then.
  12. Honestly it feels like SI have forgotten that managers have stats. The only thing that matters at all to the AI is reputation, which determines which jobs they end up in. Nothing else I've seen in the game bears any relation to their stats. Even preferred formations they tend not to use rather than use.
  13. https://www.footballmanagerblog.org/p/football-manager-2021-discount-fm21.html Obviously the site is well known but the partnered retailer are a known grey market reseller, or at least they used to be. Are they still?
  14. In a sensible world that ability would be linked to manager stats. So you might expect to get out maneuvered by Jose but not Pardew.
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