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  1. He plays in Norway, so my guess is you dont have that loaded. I bought him in a later season from Bayern rather than straight from the start as Stambouli was a complete machine. Thanks for the tips on youth development enders. Just one thing, I play Classic Mode and I dont think I can select tutors, any advise on that? I always sell both Adebayor and Soldado as they arent very good, and bring in a good young striker that is about Soldado level. In this save I brought in Paco Alcacer who proved to be incredible as he scored 40 goals in just his second season. Kane was good backup for him. Bentaleb is a little harder to fit in because you have solid CMs in Dembele and Paulinho, so I used him as backup as well. In general, what I did was spend all my budget on a great Striker, and bring in a good young CDM to fit in my 4231, as I didnt like Capoue.
  2. Schneiderlin could never get used to the DM position. He never really shined for me there, and I got him on my 2nd season so he has had time to adapt. Hes a rotation player nowadays. Stambouli was incredible for my more recent seasons, but I got Ajer and was impressed so much by his attributes that I decided to give him a shot and he was great. Him and Stambouli are pretty similar so I rotate them a fair amount, but I definitely prefer Ajer.
  3. Current squad, currently on 5th season. Pretty good but looking for areas to improve. Got Kenedy as a sub to take Destro's spot in a few years, although Destro has been great following the departure of Alcacer (Dortmund triggered his release fee after just 1 year :/) Speaking of which, I suck at building youth players, any tips for that?
  4. We just won the EPL, Europa League and FA Cup so the money is flowing, but i'm not sure what exactly to improve as I feel comfortable with all of the players I currently have starting. I guess what I should do is try to find great regens and train them but that leads me to my next question: What attributes should I look for on regens?
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