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  1. Hi, I agree with rypiso. I really want to buy the game and I missed the weekend by 1 day!!!!!!! Please can you extend the discount? Or else I must buy FM11 as I'm a bit tight on money :/
  2. I play FM14, so don't know if this works in FM16: Each season the scout tries to scout all players in England. You can save so much money each season by cancelling this. Scouting costs are huge for a little team, set it to only find players that are at least 3/4 stars ability, or 5 stars potential, and realistic transfers who are available for loan. And only when u need to.
  3. Yeah. Go to fixture list, click the fixture and then click cancel.
  4. I imagine programming for a winter world cup would be difficult, thus, the move was necessary in this game
  5. And your great great great grandson... is in the game.
  6. (Not TC) ... Yeah but for example if West ham had 1 point after 1 game, Sky wouldn't say before the next game "West Ham would lead the premiership should they win and other results go their way" when theres like 9 other matches
  7. This should help http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423647-Where-should-I-position-my-strikers
  8. Should be Superb and then say "8/10" Then excellent will be "excellent, 9/10" Makes it clearer
  9. Oooh. I didn't know this! Does it depend which FM version your playing? In FM14 I usually see they are given a 6.6/6.5 even if only played 1 min unless they do something crucial to affect the match score.
  10. Generally, I usually keep my last sub til 80th+ min . If they're tired then tough!
  11. I don't need any advice, but I always like to conclude topics. I created some test saves and t seems I'm a mid-table team whatever small changes I make (which is good), as long as I'm sticking to cautious mentalities (contain, counter, defensive). trajano080 advice followed the same pattern, I reckon my team needed more aggression and strength to be better than mid-table; but it did make for some exciting games. I am waiting for season 2 to upgrade my squad. Thanks.
  12. Heres a post I found from another topic: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/383974-Tactical-familiarity-in-LLM? Also consider not changing your tactics too much
  13. Allows my team to contribute to all phases of play. With high work rate, I figured they are more willing to cover every area of the pitch; making fluid more effective. That's the idea anyway.
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