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  1. Conte's (or more accurately, the transfer committee) certainly got a lot of work to do before next year. Could be one of our busiest summers for ages. GK - fully expect all the Courtois rumours to be wrong, but will probably need new back up as Begovic likely to be looking for first team chances elsewhere. CB - Terry off, Cahill and Ivanovic shouldn't be first team players, Zouma still learning and coming off a bad injury so lots of work to do here. FB - Azpi should stay at right back but need cover as Ivanovic is not an option, Baba probably too defensively naive for the big games so need a starter here. Ake? CM - If Matic is really done we need a new CDM as Mikel doesn't do enough to screen, Fabregas can be amazing but been a passenger most of the season. AM - Hazard may be going, and if not needs to buck up, Willian obviously golden, not convinced by Pedro, also not sure RLC has the skill needed to play this far forward. Always liked him more further back. S- Remy and Pato probably not around next year, if Costa can play rather than all the dicking around then he's worth keeping but will need cover and Traore as third probably. Was so jealous watching De Bruyne today, how I wish we'd have given him a chance.
  2. Why was Remy missing yesterday? Didn't see anything about an injury beforehand.
  3. Well that was pretty much everything about the Jose style I was hoping to see the back of.
  4. According to physioroom, it's a hip/thigh injury and he should be back for the Sunderland game on Saturday. Basically looks like Hazard just didn't fancy it. Pretty terrible attitude if so, but goes a long way to showing where the team spirit is. Not defending him, but I honestly believe if it was anyone but Jose in the dugout he would have carried on. I wonder if Jose will learn from the way things have gone here when he goes somewhere else. He goes so far to induce the "us vs them" mentality and it doesn't seem sustainable, and in this case he has become the them. Can he learn a different way of working, or will he do it all over again exactly the same at PSG or wherever he is next year?
  5. Are you saying you would rather have Avram Grant managing your club than Louis Van Gaal?
  6. Over two spells though, after he left first time it took a few years for us to be anywhere near challenging for the league again. Avram Grant Rafa Benitez AVB Felipe Scolari Although to be fair, three of those have had success elsewhere but so has Van Gaal.
  7. Wonder if Jose has a clause in his contract like the one Moyes had at Man U (I may be making this up, but pretty sure he did) where if the club is mathematically out of the running for top four it greatly decreases the money owed if we sack him.
  8. Guessing it's a slightly tongue in cheek reference to the possibility of Djilibodji leaving without having played a single minute for the first team as far as I know.
  9. Unfortunately, considering apparently Ivanovic is back tomorrow, I don't share your optimism. Considering Jose's propensity for "mind games" hopefully he isn't though. With regards to Traore and the picking names out of a hat thing, made me laugh when Kenedy and Traore both came on in the Stoke game, Kenedy was basically anonomous but Traore who came on 10 minutes later was a livewire and created a couple of good chances. Then in our next game Kenedy is the first sub on while Traore doesn't even make the squad (though I'm sure Phil is about to enlighten me that it was due to him being involved in a youth game).
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting any of these things will change under Jose. Was just continuing the discussion about what would improve our defence. To be fair, I've actually been surprised by how often Jose has made changes during this slump, given how utterly one eyed and inflexible I expect him to be. It just means once in a while I look at a line up and think we have a chance. I'm pretty sure if I could be bothered to go through every game then the ones where I thought we would get a result we have, and the ones where I've sighed and thought "Really? Again?" we haven't.
  11. Agree that Remy should be getting more chances, not sure what Falcao has done to warrant more game time as has shown no signs of life when he has had (albeit limited) chances in the team. With the defence, the situation is more complicated as you say, but there are some basic things that could help a lot, mainly stop playing people out of position! Luckily Ivanovic got injured otherwise I'm pretty confident he would still be waving attackers past him every league game, but playing Zouma there is nearly as bad. He constantly seems to be about 10 yards to far infield, which is understandable, and offers nothing going forward. Baba has been looking better every game and if he plays it means we can play Azpilecueta in his natural position too. Begovic has been pretty good standing in, but think when Courtois comes back it will help too, not only with better shot stopping but in communication and confidence for those in front of him. Also the sad coincidence of Terry, Cahill and Zouma when he has playing at CB making too many individual errors, but we have left ourselves so limited in choices we're not really able to do too much about that. Another big thing is how easily opposition are getting to our defensive line as Matic and Fabregas who were plaing as the shielding two for much of the season haven't been doing enough. Mikel has been slightly better than Matic since coming in, but Ramires has been played there as according to Jose he is better at getting the ball back but I've not really seen it so much and his distribution has been suspect at times. I would like to see Loftus-Cheek being given more game time as he runs and tries as hard as Ramires but actually moves the ball forward and creates attacks which takes the pressure off us. Jose seems to have gone in to full siege mode where his preferred tactic seems to be to actively try to have as little possession as possible so the opposition bring more players forward, soak up pressure and score on the break. That tactic doesn't work as well as it used to when your defence looks like conceding a goal at any moment and your only attacking player who has looked good at any point of the season is Willian who is basically carrying the team.
  12. I'm hoping for the opposite. Having Ivanovic in the team this season has been like playing a concrete post at right back, opposition just run past him without even having to think about it. Baba has looked pretty iffy and made a few **** ups, but nowhere near as bad as Ivanovic has been so far. Also means we get to play Azpilecueta at right back as he has made a few mistakes on the left but looked more solid in his natural position on the right when played there. Agree about Zouma though, definitely not a full back though unfortunately doubt it's the last time we see him there.
  13. Really cringeworthy stuff from Jose, blaming the ref. Yes, it probably was a pen, but the ref also bottled giving them one in the first half so no bias, he was just evening it up I reckon. He was just rambling on about moments and his ego. Another terrible performance, confidence is low, the same players getting selected no matter how badly they play in some cases while others like Matic are scapegoated, players like Baba and Loftus Cheek come in and play well then never see the light of day again, despicable treatment of the medical staff, utter shambles so far this season.
  14. Actually feel sorry for Ivanovic now, every team we play at the moment seems to have direct instructions to channel all their play down our right as they know he is a liability currently. Every time he sees his name on the team sheet he must feel a mix of embarrassment and fear as he knows he's going to get a good pumping for another 90 minutes. Not the end of the world, should still get through the group without too much bother. Just hoping we work out what the big issue that is causing over half the squad to have regressed massively over the summer is and sort it. Hazard, Costa and Fabregas have at least shown some flashes of mediocrity here and there, Pedro still has the excuse of being new, but Loftus Cheek and Rahman really couldn't to any worse than Matic and Ivanovic at the moment so may as well give them a spin. Nothing to lose really.
  15. Big decision for the weekend has to be, which risky full back does Jose plump for? Baba looked quick and useful going forward last night, but out of position a few times defensively and against top opposition he could have been punished, or Ivanovic who has been a shadow of himself so far this season and has been targeted by teams with a lot of success. Would love to see Baba get another chance, as well as Loftus Cheek but fully expecting Matic and Ivanovic to be back and stinking up the place. Think they both need a bit of a break, hopefully results and performances improve and they can both rotate back in when the pressure is off a bit.